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Theyre is no readme on changing the package id name ?. How to be done easiest ?

Hello ?, i mailed you some questions about the google play service 5 days ago do i get any answer ?

Full of errors on java .. Any support with this ? and says admob but does that not apply to new version

Do anyone get support from this Company ???

Nope i guess the author has leaved his projects will contact envato staff before more people buy stuff that aint work or doesnt gets updated

Good if added push notification… If needed I can add for you push notifications.. skype me salbiz@live.com

Are you planning on updating with new admob ?

Bought Kids Memory Game from him. Kind of person who will ask you for more money when you ask for help

Are sounds loaded into memory for fast playback? If so, what happens if we use large files / many files? If not, how do you provide low latency?

Watch out!! The app is outdated and Admob ads do not work, i contact this person by skype and asked me for 25 dollars for the update, after paying and say that he delivered the work in 24h not answered, after a week said that she forgot … , days later said that I definitely could not update that app … that would give me the reimbursement but I’m still waiting

¡¡Cuidado!! La aplicación está desactualizada y los anuncios de Admob no funcionan, me pongo en contacto con esta persona por skype y me pidió 25 dólares para la actualización, después de pagar y decir que entregaria el trabajo en 24h no contestó, después de una semana dijo que se olvidó .. ., Días después dijo que definitivamente no podría actualizar esa aplicación … que me daría el reembolso, pero todavía estoy esperando

Have Demo Apk?