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Do u have demo on Appstore or Google Play ?

Sorry, I don’t have demo at the moment. I will do that these days and notify you.

The script I understand you have a piece of code to the server, I guess php and mysql ?? and one part to create an Android apk for example ??

Yes, the php script should be placed on server. There is no mysql database. The script creates a folder(if it does not exist) on the server and save the files in that directory(each file has unique name). There is source file which when compiled creates android and ios app.

Nice looking. But can you add a googlemap link to it so that when voice is recorded and sent to server, it comes with the geotag so it can be verified latter where the voice not originated from.

Actually, the name by which the sound is saved includes the town and the country of the recorded sound if gps is enabled on the device.

oh yea i saw it on the screenshot preview you provided. I will contact you soon enough with a few customisation request on this App. Perhaps even get the extended lisence

is there a way to save sound record, direct to cloud server, without press a button??? mean record and save the file after 2 hr automatically as example

No, there is no such action. But that could be implemented.

hello, is there a domo version available? I don’t know anything about programming, but can you modify the app for me (SS) and make android, ios, windows phone and html5 vesions?

There is no demo version available. The app is already cross platform (ios and android). I haven’t think for html, since all functions might not be available.

Please demo sir…

No demo at the moment. Sorry.


How Can I see the demo?


Your sale will be increased if you provide the demo of the software

Please send me the screens, I want to see, how the application works.

if you can not do this? how will you provide the support.


No demo at the moment. Sorry. But there are screenshots if you click on the image. There are images for all the screens. What kind of support you want me to provide?

Please provide the demo apk.

I am sorry I don’t have demo apk at the moment. You can check the images for all the screens of both apps

Images are not enough to know the working of the app. Provide a demo apk. Creating a demo apk will hardly take few minutes.

It will not take few minutes. I am sorry, but I don’t have the time at the moment.

need updated version!