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I could not activate the plugin, because of this error:

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/beroozit/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sorting-woocommerce-pro/sorting-woocommerce-pro.php on line 82”

How can I fix it?!


Please send me a message through my profile with an account that has admin privileges so that we can debug this.

Probably it has something to do with the encoding but I have to check.

Regarding the featured, you will need to sort DESC to get the featured products to appear first.



I send you a message with what you want.

Regarding the featured, I sort in DESC but sorting by date!

Also, I sort by Sale Status, but not show any product! Although I have many On Sale Products!

Just sort with Popularity works well.


I fixed the Featured Sort error: The Type of Data should be on “Text”.

Now I see 2 errors that not fixed:

1. I create a sort by Sale Status, but not show any product! Although I have several On Sale Products!

2. In “Sorting Options” I added 2 new sorts. In my shop page, one of them is default sort and works well; but, when I click on the second sort, the shop page refreshed and product sorting is well (as what I want) but the Label (name) of the second sort is not show (again show the first sort name option). You can see what I said here by click on another sort option, you can see changing products but not change the name of sort:

seems to conflict with JC WooCommerce Advanced Product Attributes when Im using this plugin i get an error thrown by the sorting plugin

Ok then, can you please send me a message through my profile providing an account with admin privileges on your (developing/staging) server to replicate and debug the get_attributes error thing and make sure it’s fixed ?

Will do, and thank you for your swift response

Hi did you get the details I sent yesterday as I have not had a response from you

Is it possible to sort ‘Random’ on shop page?

ok, I have purchased the plugin. Very good product. Please let me know the correct meta key to enter for ‘Random’. Thanks.


Looks like I missed something. I apologize for that.

I have submitted an upgrade to CodeCanyon. You can wait for it to be approved and reinstall the update. If you want it faster, Can you please send me a message through my profile? The update address the random option not appearing in the options.


I try to sort using the Product Meta, and I get the meta key from postmeta table. It seems never sort accordingly, it still follow the “Default Product Sorting” under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Product tab.

regards, vic

Hi, to explain more the bug, If the sort option appear as 1st item in the sort dropdown, the product sort will not work, untill I select other sort option, and then go back to 1st option.

Please help on this bug.


Please let me know if I understand correctly - You have only one sorting option in the shop - The sorting option is NOT default - You can not use the sorting option

In this case, you will need to set the default sorting to the one sorting option that appears in the list.

In case of the following - You have more than one sorting option in the shop - The custom sorting option is NOT default - The custom sorting option is the FIRST one in the list

This means that the default sorting option is not in the list I think. So it’s best always to set the default sorting to one of the options in the list on the shop page.

Do I understand correctly?


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I have 1 sorting option, created using the plugin.

However, this sorting option I can’t set as default under WooCommerce – Settings – Products – Display – Default Product Sorting

The sorting option created by the plugin is not display here. Let me know how shall I send the login credential to you.

regards, vic

What is the current Plugin Version?

We have the problem, that the products of a special category were not displayed in the product overview of the category. The direct link to the product works correct. We use the Version 3.1 and the current version of Woocommerce and Wordpress. Do you have an idea?

Thank you for your quick reply. I have bought a new licence and then updated the plugin. The problem seems to be fixed.

But now it is not possible, to set the default sort order for the shop start page. I want, that the featured products are shown at first.


I have submitted a version for review that fixes the default thing.

I am not sure how much time will it take but if you’re interested, send me an admin account through my profile and I will install the updated version for you till it’s approved.


Thank you very much! I have send you the admin account through your profile.

i cannot activate as the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING or ‘(’ in /home/SITE/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sorting-woocommerce-pro/sorting-woocommerce-pro.php on line 16


Can you please tell me your PHP version, WordPress version, and WooCommerce version?

Also if you can please send me an admin account via my profile contact form to debug this faster.


If I have x number of attributes per prod, so lets say 3 Age, Sex, Location. Will this allow me create a 3 dropdown filter or does this just allow me filter within one dropdown?


Nope, you are probably looking for WooCommerce product filter (it’s available on CodeCanyon).

This plugin edits the dropdown menu (selectbox) that’s available in the shop page (sort by price, popularity ..etc.).

Hi there, pre-purchase question here! Can i sort products by “edited date”? i want to show first the products i made changes (price for example). i hope it is clear, sorry for my bad English.

sorry but my client is really demanding… he wants sorting with 1. New products 2. Latest edited (like the example before) . thanks


This is not feasible with the plugin. Will try adding it in the future

installed, activated and can’t find a catalog tab – not displaying. how do I get to the plugin settings and where is the documentation posted? Thanks!


the documentation is available with the zip file you download from code canyon.

for settings, check woocommerce->settings->integration

Hi, the plugin not work with woocommerce 3. Please fix it as soon as possible!


The current version has been tested with WC 2.6 and not yet 3.0 as mentioned in the description.

For support please use the form in my profile.


Hello Galalaly,

Supose I have two different categories with exactly the same products inside. With you plugin ¿Can I show to my customers the same products ordered in the way I decide, depending of what category they are watching?

Thank you very much Francisco

13 days without an answer?

Sorry I thought I replied to this.

What you described can be achievable but it will be kind of a hassle for the administrator.

You will need to create an attribute for each category order. For example, you need to create an attribute: Category_X_order and Category_Y_order.

Then you will enter the order you want per product per category.

Then you will create sorting options using custom attribute and denote whether you want them sorted ASC or DESC.

You can set sorting options to appear per categories.

I hope this answers your question, if not let me know.

Thank you for your reply :-)