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Does this plugin allow me to set a weight based upon Brand? I have Brand set up as an attribute. And I would like for products to display with certain brands by default ahead of others… And where would the setting be done? In attributes..

Hey there,

Just purchased the Sorting WooCommerce Pro plug-in, and was hoping to use it to sort products by categories.

However, when we installed the plug-in and activated it, when going to WooCommerce > Products > Categories, we just see a “Please wait” message appear in a modal window and whatever is going on never completes.

Did you happen to have any ideas as to why this might be happening?

I will very much look forward to hearing from you.



I haven’t mentioned deactivating other plugins. I requested admin access to fix the conflict in my plugin :)

Hi Gal,

Thanks for the message, and done! I have set you up with an admin account and messaged you the details via the support form on – hope that will be OK, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information from me!

With best wishes,



AlexS6 Purchased

Hi Gal, just wondering if you received the login details I sent you alright? It’s just that it doesn’t appear you’ve logged in to the site as yet! Perhaps you could let me know?

Hello galalaly,

with your plugin can I have sorting such first with custom ordering using menu_order and second by newness?


frisser Purchased

I have added with ACF a extra custom field called ‘sort’ The value could be like ‘44.544’ or ‘45.00’. I use Meta Data, and meta key is ‘sort’. Type of data is Numeric data. Think this is ok, but it won’t work. Is the problem that I use ACF for the extra custom fields or something else?


Can you please email me through the form in my profile for support? There should not be any problems with ACF unless there are other query overrides.

Hi, presale cuestion : not clear about the plugin allow. I’m just looking a way to sort products on shop page by category, without displaying category name. Did it works for that ? Thanks by advance. Regards.

The category order is as follows: 1. You go to categories page 2. You drag and drop them 3. When these are dragged and dropped, make sure you save them via clicking the bulk actions button. 4. Then sorting by category works by checking the order that you dragged and dropped.

Hope this is clear.