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Love the idea of the plugin! I first started using it and it worked like a charm. However, for some reason, now it doesn’t load the articles when I change the sort view. I can toggle between list and grid, but if I try to modify based on what category, it shows the loading simple but does not resolve. I have deactivated all plugins and this still happens. Is this a common issue you have seen? How can this be resolved?

Not sure can you send us a link at support@wpicode.com and we will take a look?


I bought this plugin few months back when i started building my ecommerce website. Today am trying to use it but not able to use it the way i need it. Am a novice person more of a plug and play type. please help me out. Want to use your plugin for the basic sorting option of my products on the product pages. You can visit my website # www.rcobserver.shop

I want to use this plugin in my different product categories. I also want to send you some pics for better understanding as to how i want to use this plugin but there is no option in this message box to add a picture. My mail id # rahulchaudhary90@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance, Rahul

Hi Rehul, you can send us screenshots at support@wpicode.com I think it is possible to add the this shortcode to your new category page:

[sortable post_type="product-category"][/sortable]

Just create a new page with this shortcode as content of the page. For further assistance please read our docs or send us an email.

Hi, A developer has used the Sortable plugin on my site, but I am unsure if it has been setup right as the items aren’t showing in any logical order, and I have to remove some of the list, when I want to add one item in. Does this sound right? I am really stuck with a site ready to launch, apart from the way the items are showing order-wise!

PS – A developer bought this for my site, but I can repurchase if I can sort out the support!

Sure in what order do you want it to show? Can you send us screenshots? If you want a custom order you can use a custom meta. We can set this up for you, just send us an email at support@wpicode.com


Does this plugin support filtering by Tags? Also it looks like your demo is down. Not sure if it’s a problem with Envato, but is there a demo I can look at?


Sorry about that try again now http://wpicode.com/sortable-filters/

Hi, I’ve got two questions (bought the plugin):

1) is it possible to filter within? Like: I’ve got a filter for ‘State’ and a filter for ‘City’. When filtering ‘State’ the filter for ‘City’ should only show the cities within this state. Is that possible? Or is there an additional code that can be inserted within the function.php?

2) when filtered and go to the article you need to go back to the filtered page again. Right now I’ve need to set the filter manualy again.

Hope to hear from you.

Only the features that you can see in the demo are available, and in both cases you are talking about enhancements that are nice to have. They will take time to develop and it is not one line of code that we can send it to you. But if you wish to get them, we will develop them much cheaper than hiring a developer – contact us at support@wpicode.com

Hi since two days i get this Errors by using your Plugin, Can you help me to sove this Problem?

Notice: Undefined variable: dropSocialStatus in /web/1/000/102/276/406901/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/sortable/inc/classes.php on line 208

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 89 bytes) in /web/1/000/102/276/406901/htdocs/wp-includes/meta.php on line 837

Regards Jürgen

The first thing is a Notice, which does almost nothing, and that one is related to sortable, but that is not the error that stops all processes. The second error is the issue (Fatal error). Did you install something else in the last couple of days? You should contact your server admin as well.

hi thanks for your quick response, the second problem I have solved, can you tell me how I can remove the first error message regards jürgen

Yes the reason is because in your shortocde you choose to have the social status sort by option disabled, if you enable it it will not show any error. You can use it like that but if you want it disabled email us because as you remember there were custom modifications

can sort this by category??? and show random posts?

try the http://wpicode.com/sortable-categories sortable categories plugin.

that is an addon so you still need Sortable or Sortable Lite (free)

Hi We need that the options that appear in each filter be sorted alphabetically. How can we do this? In the filters we cannot drag & drop the existing options to placed them in the order we pretend and we’ve already tried to recreate the options with the order that we want them to have but they are placed at random, or so it seems to us. Can you please help. Thanks

We can send you some code to achieve this, can you send us an email at support@wpicode.com with a link to your website?