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I installed the plugin but its not able to activate since the error message appears. “Error on line 17” can you help me ?! Thanks

Are you sure that you are writing this comment on the right plugin? If you purchased this plugin with this username it would have been displayed in the comments.

If you purchased one of the addons of Sortable, and didn’t previously installed this plugin than an error will occur. If you send us more information we can help you, here or at support@wpicode.com

Hello, A few pre-purchase questions about your plugin

-Will it work on Wordpress Multi-site? - Can posts and pages be used? - Can images be videos? - Can sort menu be post/page categories? -Can List or Grid selection be fixed for homepage? - If no image, will post/page text be displayed?

Thanks…appreciate you time

Please read the entire description and view the demo pages before purchasing the plugin.


zOrg Purchased


How can I use it on a multilanguage (WPML) site with multilanguage content?

You can only set the titles of the Sort dropdown items but cannot have multiple translations for each language unless you edit the code.

Hi! I have 2 questions for you:

1- When i put the shortcode it give me this error : ’ Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted’ What I need to do ?

2- Possible to include the most popular posts on the dropdown ?

Thanks you so much

This could be something with your own server issues. Although memory size shouldn’t be exhausted. What did you try to do when it shows this error? How many posts do you have?

At this time approx 1200 and I post approx 20 daily posts

Actually the script that updates post links is called every time that someone visits the site, but there is probably a solution. Can you send us an email to support@wpicode.com with a link to your website so we can take a look?


the plugin works fine, but why can I hide “newest/oldest” in sort menu. I use the plugin with custom post types and a page template. So I don’t need it.

Another point: After embedding the shortcode the headline is not displayed anymore and the margins/paddings are gone. Maybe you have a statement about that.

Thanks a lot, Chris

Can you send us a link to your website at support@wpicode.com so we can take a better look at it?


cmenani Purchased


we are using your plugin for one of our website and we have two issues : 1) When we try to make a request, we have to refresh the cache of the browser. 2) when we want to switch the grid (from list to mosaic) we need to refresh the cache too.

Could you help us please? Thank you

What type of caching plugin are you using? What do you mean to make a request? Can you send us a link at support@wpicode.com to investigate it further?

Hi, I would like to know if I would be able to create a Custom sort option of ordering posts according by a day of week value. For example if I have an events listing site and today is Tuesday I would like to for Tuesday events to show first followed by Wednesday events, Thursdays and so forth.

Thank you, Ron

No this plugin doesn’t allow this. However checkout our new plugin Advanced filters http://wpicode.com/sortable-filters – do you think that it would be helpful to have the days on the side as filters?

That would almost work but not quite what I was hoping. Imagine I had 30 recurring events on Tuesday. My preference would be that only those 30 events would display on Tuesday and then use something like Sortable Filters to further filer the events by categories/tags. The solution doesn’t seem to hard to code. I wish I could. When will sortable filters be available to purchase?

It should be approved soon, we will notify you.

I would like exclude pages from the search. How is this possible? Thanks.

Can you please explain your query further? Do you mean exclude posts? Can you send us an email with this query at support@wpicode.com

Will sortable work with a secondary custom loop

What do you mean secondary custom loop? Do you want to edit the WP query that is inside the plugin? Or you mean custom post type like portfolio or products?

Hi I was wondering if you think it would be possible to have a all the images attached to the post in the gallery instead of just the one?

So if you have a 3 post (profiles) with say 5 images each the gallery would display 15 images.

I understand this is not a normal function of this plugin but would happily pay more to get this feature.

Sure can you send us a detailed explanation at support@wpicode.com and we’ll take a look at it.

Hi. If this possible sorting by date, month, year?

Currently no, it sorts only by date – oldes/newest. Do you mean filters like month or year? If you wish you can add those filters with the Advanced Filters addon – http://wpicode.com/sortable-filters/

I mean, when i can choose date of post/taxonomies or month/year when it was published.

You can’t choose that, there is no functionality for this. It doesn’t sound like a good fit for your requirements.


TFanatic Purchased

Hi, your plugin is fantastic. I have question if is possible to hide autor of post and date of post? I dont want if users or visitors see who write it and date. Thanks

The easiest way will hide both the username and date, just add this css to your template css or the sortable.css
.sortable-post-meta {display:none;}

TFanatic Purchased

Thanks, works well


Am planning to buy this plugin. My only reason of buying this is to use on a custom made pages. Will this surely works with custom made shop pages rather than the default archive shop page?????

Please do let me know.

Thanks in advance. Rahul

Yes this works with a shortcode, which you can include on any page. You need however to select the post type. For example post, page, product, portfolio etc. You can see the name of the postcode in the URL in the admin area, on the post editor page.

Can be sort posts by ID (only inside a category?) for example: Events > 1,2,3,4,5?

No sorry.


trioen Purchased


Is it possible to have the sorting not on the side but above the posts?

Best regards Nina

Yes but additional modifications are needed. Can you explain further your design with mockups at support@wpicode.com ?


trioen Purchased


Is it possible to have the sorting not on the side but above the posts?

Best regards Nina

Yes but additional modifications are needed. Can you explain further your design with mockups at support@wpicode.com ?

Hi, I’ve purchased this plugin and it works amazingly as per our requirements, but I’m facing two issues as follows: 1. It is showing by default post feed in the area over the product’s listing, how to remove that as I want plain area over the product.

2. I want to swap the position of sorting menu from top left to top right of the page.

Please help with the above mentioned issues.

1. Are you talking about hover over text? That is the excerpt of the product, you can change it in the backend. If not please send me a screenshot at support@wpicode.com

2. This will push the menu to the right
.sortable-dropdown {
    float: right;
But you may need to push the view icons to left:
.sortable-views{ float:left !important;}

You can include those in your theme CSS or the sortable.css file.