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The Soon countdown is very small, is not showing at all or there’s a weird background color behind it.

It’s possible that WordPress has added some <pre> tags around the Soon shortcode. In the WordPress page editor click the Text (or HTML) tab instead of the view tab and remove the <pre> tags.

The Soon countdown has too much white space around it.

Copy past the CSS snippet below to the “CSS Overrides” section in the Visual Builder. It will remove all the outer white-space.

#my-soon-counter { padding:0; }

The Soon button is not showing in the text editor.

You have to duplicate a preset first before you can use it (and before the buttons shows up). You have t oselect a preset and click the ‘duplicate’ button, after entering a name for your counter you’re good to go.

Can the labels be set to a different language?

Yes all text can be set to a different language using the Visual Builder.

Why is Soon not working correctly on Safari for Windows?

Safari on Windows is no longer being maintained by Apple, it lacks vital features and therefor is currently not supported.

Soon is thoroughly tested on Safari for OSX and works perfectly on Mac.

How do I update Soon to a new version?

If you’ve previously installed the Soon plugin and want to update, you first have to delete the current plugin and install the new one via the manual upload button. The Soon visual builder settings are stored in the database and will not be lost.

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