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Hi, I’m very interested in this plugin in but I have two questions before I buy: 1) Will it work with Oshine theme? 2) Is there a way to set more than a one date to a countdown, so it will automatically start counting down to the next one after the first is reached? E.g. can I set 25th of June and 14th of August, and once it reaches 25th, the same countdown now starts counting down to the 14th?

Or at least is there a way for the countdown to automatically change to another one after the first hits 0?


I’m not sure if it will work with that theme, there’s always the chance of style collisions. Should there be any I’m happy to take a look.

The counter script (at the moment) does not support chained countdowns (or schedules). There’s an option to redirect to another page when it hits zero, so technically that could be a way to chain countdowns, but it’s not ideal.

Hi, on mobile my countdown timer is not going small enough, how can i tailor/reduce size of element just for mobile?

Setting “Maximum scale” to “Fill” should do the trick. If not, can you use the support tab to contact me and sent me a test URL, happy to take a look.

Pre purchase questions: 1) Can the countdown time be set dynamically by the user. For example, if they enter 30 min in a field then click a button to start the timer countdown from 30 min. 2) Can the countdown time persist across page refreshes so it keeps counting down if they close the browser, then if they come back to the page the new remaining time is displayed. 3) Can items 1 and 2 be done per user rather than for the page.

Hi, unfortunately those options are both not possible at the moment.

Where is the evergreen functionality? and if its not here now, when is it coming? i want the timer to be the same countdown time for each new user that sees it. It should also be able to record either cookie or IP address, and make the timer be always expired if their time is up, doing whatever action its set to…like keep redirecting once they try to refresh the page.

I’m not sure what you mean with “evergreen functionality”.

Currently, there’s no functionality to bind countdowns to a user session.

Please review this link:


the functionality may not be there currently but I’m saying you can code it in for an update. The only reason I’m not using the plugin in the link vs yours is because yours is responsive and has multiple styles and theres doesn’t. After seeing all the bells and whistles your plugin had already, I wrongly assumed it had evergreen functionality before i purchased, only to see it didn’t, so i was very disappointed. Its an absolute necessary requirement you should add in.

Is this resolved?: “Is there a way to set more than a one date to a countdown, so it will automatically start counting down to the next one after the first is reached? E.g. can I set 25th of June and 14th of August, and once it reaches 25th, the same countdown now starts counting down to the 14th?”

No, unfortunately i havent had the opportunity to add this yet.

I’m having trouble with the size and other features. It does not change betwee the different sizing-options. It looks good in the preview but is amazingly small when I use it in a page. What could be the issue?

Hi! Can you contact me using the support tab, if you send me a test URL I’m happy to take a look :-)

Pre-purchased questions : is it possible to create an infinite counter? Let’s say my website is selling bread and I’d like the counter to add 1 sold bread every 30 minutes indefinitely? Other question : Will this work with Divi from Elegant Theme? Thanks for your time.


That’s not possible with Soon. If you’re looking for a Flip style counter you could take a look at Flip ( https://pqina.nl/flip/ ). This is a JavaScript plugin, but in combination with the free Snippy plugin ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/snippy/ ) you can use it on WordPress just as easily. There’s a tutorial video to be found on the Flip CodeCanyon product page.

Thanks for your reply! And would it be possible using the same technic (snippy) to do an infinite count up with your other plugin “Swap”?

That would work as well :-)

The presets available on the Flip site will probably function with Swap if the data-view attributes are changed to “swap” instead of “flip” :-)


hpdean Purchased

I am using a countdown that will hide at a specific time and show a button for our worship service live stream, so I set the Timer to “wait” but there doesn’t seem to be a way to tell it how long to wait. It would be great if the countdown could show up again after a couple of hours or something. Can you please help?

Hi, there’s two options, one loops it immediately, so it will start at 0 the moment it reaches its target time, the other is that it waits till 00:00 next day and then starts counting up again. There’s currently no way to set a amount of time that it should be invisible.


hpdean Purchased

Okay, that will work just fine. Thanks!!

Hi I installed the plugin and created + saved a countdown timer. When I access Cornerstone, it is not showing within my Elements. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, have you purchased the Cornerstone or the WordPress version of Soon? You’ve posted this comment in the WordPress product page. Have you installed the latest version of Cornerstone and the latest version of Soon? Newer versions of Cornerstone might have two sections for elements, divided in old and new elements.

Hi, may i know can this plugin working well with this two slider plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380?s_rank=3 https://codecanyon.net/item/layerslider-responsive-wordpress-slider-plugin/1362246 because currently i plan to using this two plugin or one of them to create a slider then in the middle of slider i will add in count down timer. Please double check with it either can work or not

If Visual Composer can render shortcodes then it’ll work perfectly fine.

because in visual composer there got text editor element, can it work well too? did you guys try it?

I do not own Visual Composer, but I imagine other shortcodes can be used in the text editor element so Soon should work as well.

Hello pqina, I want to realize a switch (for a time-released live-stream) from a site using the counter to another site (with a live-stream) and – after a period of time – back to the counter, but it doesn’t work. If I prepare a counter with a specific time of the day (loop it) and want to redirect to another site, it doesn’t work (only the counter starts again). If I use „wait” as option the redirection works, but on the other site I have no possibility to go back after a period of time, because the timer does not count before 0:00. Instead I get a never ending reloading-loop between the two sites. What can I do?


I’ve just updated the plugin to version 1.12.1

Ran a quick test, setting the mode to loop and redirecting when it reaches zero, it seems to work correctly now. Let me know if it does on your platform.

Hi, unfortunately it doesn’t work. The counter starts again, but the redirection does not occur.

Hmm, odd, if you send me a username and password for your test environment I’m happy to take a look. Please use support tab.

Presale Q: will the timer reset if user refreshes or closes the browser? Can the timer maintain the countdown if the user opens a NEW (different) browser and goes to the same page? Can it track user sessions by IP? Thank you!

Hi, it cannot track session by IP but can maintain the time over multiple sessions using cookies ( localStorage ).

That works for me! Thank you!

Hello, is it possible to set a recurring countdown? Example: the countdown restart every 45 minutes without setting a new expiration date. Thanks

Hi, yes that’s possible

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