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Hi, i wanted to know please if this timer can be set to restart automaticly? I mean, to set it to 24 hours and than when the 24 hours are over it’s starts the timer again?

Hi Sharoni, Yes this is possible. You can set it to loop to a certain time of day and have it repeat each day.

Hi, how to use Soon in full background image? see this http://www.paketaudiomobil.asia/

Hi. Can you be specific,where to set transparent background color & set position to absolute?

See my web http://www.paketaudiomobil.asia/ I want the image in fullscreen and without whitespace around it.

now i am using this CSS code? please fix it

my-soon-counter { padding:0; }

div.absolute { position: absolute; top: 0px; right: 0; width: 1500px; height: 937px; } div { background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.0) }

Hi! I cannot verify that you have purchased Soon, could you login with the account the product was purchased with? Thanks!


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Hi, i wanted to know please how can i make it loop every to 24 hours to start again? (so it will always start counting from 24 hours every day) Thanks

Hi, Using the visual builder under the Moment category set Type to “Count down to time of day” then set Count Towards to the time you wish and pick “Loop” from the last dropdown. The Counter now loops around.


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I did this as in the print screen here: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2pt5wm9&s=9#.WCriAC0rKUk But when i do save it it keeps getting back to: wait It’s like it dosn’t let me save it Why is that?

Hm that’s odd, it could be that there’s an error somewhere (sometimes this happens when an invalid custom font has been set).

If that is not the problem, can you send me a username and password and url to login via the support tab? Happy to take a look. :)

Pre sale question. I need a plugin that counts down to the 1st day of each month – and then resets – and starts again. Is that possible? It looks like you can count down to the same time each day… I just need it to go a step further and count down to a specific date each month. Will Soon do this? :-)

Hi! Thanks for your interest in Soon! :)

Soon does not have a monthly loop mode, it’s day or weekday only at the moment.

Is there a way to create the timer as usual then copy HTML code to paste it in an email newsletter?

Email clients don’t allow JavaScript therefor it’s impossible to update the Soon timer.

There are some companies out there that offer this service and they generate an animated gif which then counts down a fixed amount of seconds before repeating.

Is there a way to align the countdown timer to the left or right or up or down, etc.? At the moment, my countdown timer is directly center of my home slider, but I would rather it be left aligned.

Hi! I think the following CSS should align the counter to the left:
.soon {
  text-align: left;

.soon>.soon-group {
  text-align: center;

Topic: Visual Composer: I know that it can be used indirectly in the VC. But it would be nice to simply make it available as fully supported drag n drop option in Visual Composer.

Otherwise congratulations to a very slick and beautiful plugin!

Hi! Thanks! Visual Composer support is definitely on the list :-)

Is it any news about Revolution Slider?..

VC it is only one thing that stops me out of buying it. Do you have any specific date of the next update with VC support?..

No news. I will see if I get around to testing it again in the near future. VC support is on the list.

There’s no save button in the settings for me, can’t create custom themes :/

Hi, can you send me the URL + temp login and pass for your admin environment using the support button? https://codecanyon.net/item/soon-countdown-builder-responsive-wordpress-plugin/10201472/support

Thanks for the quick reply! Realized I had to duplicate a theme to edit and save changes, all good now! Awesome plugin!

Fantastic, glad to hear it’s working :-)


I wondered how I could add a label above/below the actual countdown? Like you did on the demo page with the counters stating “New site launching soon…”, “Stay tuned” & “Only … Days Till Grand Opening”. Can’t find the option for this.


Oh, I understood incorrectly. :-)

Those labels are content outside of the counter, so that’s mostly handled by theme or custom styling. I’ve added it on the demo page to give an idea about what is possible.

Oh, I thought so because in the demo those labels were wrapped within the class=”soon” wrapper (that had background-image) so I guessed they were a part of it.

I added them so I did not have to duplicate the different styles. I’m very sorry for the confusion.

Amazing plugin – thank you for creating this! Is there a way to have the color of the main font be different than the label font?

Also, is there code I can add to make the size of the counter bigger than “small” but smaller than “medium”? thank you!

For more customisation you’d have to write custom CSS. You can add this in the CSS overrides section.

For example, this should make the labels red.
.soon-label {

Scaling the counter can be done similarly but does impact responsiveness, so please be careful.

thank you!

Hi – Why is the counter working on Firefox but not on Chrome? url: http://orah.studio613graphicdesign.com/ this is what I see on Firefox: http://prntscr.com/dzoxmv and this is what I see on Chrome: http://prntscr.com/dzoxuh

Hi! it seems that somehow the date format is malformed. Can you take a look at the visual editor and make sure the 8 in 2017-06-30T8:00:00 is preceded by a zero: 2017-06-30T08:00:00, that should fix the issue.

that did the trick – thank you! it looks different in chrome, not as smooth, but there’s probably nothing we can do about that, right?

Hi! There will be small differences in browsers, some renders smoother then others, depends on a lot of factors. Not really a lot we can do about that.

Does your Plugin stores the users IP?

I would like to create a countdown that counts down to a specific amount of time and then redirects the user to a other URL. However this countdown should not restart after refreshing the page. If the user refreshes the Page it should continue counting down.

Is that already possible or do you plan to add such a functionality?

Hi! Soon currently does not have the option to track a user and run a countdown over multiple sessions. I plan to add it but at the moment am working on a rebuild of Soon which will among other things be more flexible and will allow easier adding of these sorts of features.


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Do you still support this plugin and is it compatible with the latest wordpress version?

Yeah I do, it should be compatible, I’ll update settings.

Hi thanks for the plugin which I am very pleased with. I’ll be displaying a count up in minutes and wonder if there is a way to format the value with a thousand separator?

Hi! Glad to hear that :-) There currently is no way to do that. In the future I’m planning to bring functionality from Flip Countdown back into Soon but that’s still some time away.

Not working is stuck in 0:00:00:00

Hi! Please contact me using the support form, send purchase code plus temp login and password to your WordPress install, happy to take a look!