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You state that both single songs and Playlists can be shared on the app. How are playlists shared with others? Is each song linked back to this app and / or iTunes store ?

hi, you can only share the current song you’re listening, as the features list explains.

we’ve just seen where you’ve read it, it was missing “current song”, anyway the Features list mentions only the current son you’re listening.

Is it possible with this to build an app that only plays audio files it contains? In other words not referencing music library or any other library, instead, including all the audio files in the project itself as a standalone?

Ho, no it’s not possible, we’re sorry, you would need an app that handles AVAudioplayer instead and loads music from a specific URL path.

Hi i have a question , where is the music playlist streaming from is that from the phone storage or is this from a music server?

Hi, music comes from the music library stored in your iPhone, physical songs you’ve loaded into the device with iTunes. Cheers!

Thank you , i am looking to purchase and make some code mod. great work by the way!

Hi, great template. Is there any way to test the app in the simulator (i.e. by temporally loading some remote music files)? It is very important to me, thank you!

Hi, we’re sorry but it’s not possible since the app picks sings from the iPod music library, which Simulator doesn’t have.

Thank you for your response. One more thing: the music doesn’t stop after exiting the app, how can I solve it?

music won’t stop because it Sonora plays music from iPod library, so you can control it even in lock screen. Cheers!

What’s new in the latest update? There is no changelog.

Hi, we’ve written the changelog below the template’s title this morning.
Anyway, we’ve added iAd+AdMob banners.

Can this app support playing songs from the web server? Thanks!

Hi, no, this app only gets songs from the native music library in iPhone. Cheers!

Will you add this function to the new version? Thanks!

No, this will remain a cool Music Player based on iPod music library as it is, maybe we’ll build a brand new app template that will load music from a web server in the future.

I have tried to launch the app on the device and the app crash , no indication on the errors? is there sometime you can look into and fix the crash?


Check if you have at least one song in the Music app of your iPhone, if not, load a few sings using iTunes and run the app again, that may be the issue.
Hope this helps!

Hello sir can i play music only from specific folder inside project i thank your app read all file inside iphone


Hi, no, Sonora plays only misic from the native music library. Cheers!

Hi apple reject my app and say my app crashed when review on iPad 4 running iOS 8.1 i am not sure if i have made some mistake in the submission process , this is iPhone only app is this suppose to be compatible to iPads? what is your advice before i re-sumitting the app .Thanks! “From Apple 2.10 – iPhone Apps must also run on iPad without modification, at iPhone resolution, and at 2X iPhone 3GS resolution” 1.0 Binary Rejected April 4, 2015 2.10 Details Your app crashed when reviewed on: – iPad 4 Wifi running iOS 8.1 Please note that all iPhone apps must also run on iPad

Hi, have you added a Launch Screen xib file to your code? That causes an issue since it sets the app as Universal, while Sonora is fir iPhone only. Have you published iPad screenshots too, or set the app as Universal in the General Tab in XCode? Default Launch screen xib file must be deleted and app must be set for iPhone only. Hope this helps!

I just getting really confused here, i did added 4-inch, 4.7” and 5.5” screenshots to iTunes Connect didn’t added a Launch Screen xib file, i can’t see it, no i didn’t published iPad screenshots , it is set to ipohon to. I was wondering if this is validation error by iTunes Connect. maybe it needs bug report to apple developer technical support? Thanks.

Yes, there’s a bug in XCode for iOS 8.1, Apple should fix it, meanwhile try to resubmit the app the way you did, upload a new binary with XCode.

Hi i did resubmit withe new binary “1.1 Binary Rejected April 6, 2015 2.10 Details Your app crashed when reviewed on: – iPad Mini Wifi running iOS 8.1 Please note that all iPhone apps must also run on” i think you are right there’s a bug in XCode for iOS 8.1

Yes, we’ve read here and there on stackoverflow.com that thay’s an issue, here’s its link, hope this helps: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26280652/iphone-app-compiled-with-xcode-6-on-runs-as-universal-on-ipad

Hi Dear fvimagination Whats new on the new update? Thanks!

Hi, it has been updated to XCode 6.3

Nice, Thanks!

You’re welcome! Don’t forget to rate it on your Downloads section :)

Hi , I just downloaded the new update codes, run it it got 20 errors? any suggestion to get fix , I’m using Xcode 6.2 thanks

Hi, as its change log on its description says, this is an updated version to Xcode 6.3, so you must run this app with it, not 6.2

I need to create an app that works similar to audible.com’s app, which means, a registered user logs in (previously signed up at my website, authenticated through a webservice), and (s)he’s served with the list of his/her subscribed audios’ URLs (also through a webservice), which are stored at and served from a cloud. No local files, no local playlists and no file downloads. App would be a free download for my registered users, without ads and without in-app purchases. Can your code be adapted to work as something like that? Thanks

Hi, that would require a networking implementation in the code and a php backend to communicate with your database, something pretty complex to do, you’ll need a php developer for the backend part. Cheers!


I have a Presale question . Is it possible to add a crossfading function. This feature would make your music player app really unique.

Here i a interesting library that should support this feature, but i am shooting dark here because i am no coder so,... maybe as a amateur input form me.


Thank you for your time

Best Regards

Hi, we can’t add this feature at the present, we’re sorry, maybe someday when we will, we have to get urgent jobs done this time. Cheers!

Hi, Can i use youtube for search and can download as mp4 or mp3 to the devise and i can lisitng to the song or wacthing video without internet ?? as same i can share it

and i want to create folder and invite my frinds by email and they can join the folder as i will select songs and put it on the folder and for sure same your idea while you adding songs or video but throw the app ???

Please advise me more about it regards Ali

Hi, Sonora works with built-in iPod music player, so it loads songs from the music files you’ve sync or download via iTunes on your device, but it doesn’t play videos.
Your second question is not so clear to us, anyway if you want friends to share a folder of your songs then you need to rewrite Sonora completely since it loads local songs, so you would need a backend and a complex code to make it work.

Any plan to upgrade to add features like to support iPhone & iPad it have to be universal app to be approved this days.Thanks!

Hi, no plans for it yet, we’re also going on vacation on next week so it may be something we may do this winter, if we’ll also get free from all the urgent jobs we have to get done.

Is it possible to customize this such that it plays only mp3s downloaded into the app?

Hi, in that case we would have to rewrite almost the entire code because it uses the iPod music library, and a CoreData database. anyway; if you download music or put mp3 files into music library via a sync with iTunes, it works

that exception occurred when click on next or previous button

What exception? may you please be more descriptive? thanks.

Hi, that happens because that U2 album is not really stored into the iPod music library, it gets songs like in streaming so the app cannot create an array of selected sings. Try removing that album, put some mp3 into your device via iTunes sync and the app will work.

Poor user interface and code quality. Why would you put it up there for sale?

because this app has been requested by Envato staff and your comment is unfair, all our clients and Envato staff gave us congratulations for this app. It has a nice UI design and code ;)

Nice author back to back support Thanks

thanks for your feedback!