SONORA | iOS iPhone Music Player App Template (Swift)

SONORA | iOS iPhone Music Player App Template (Swift)

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10 April 208
• Updated to Xcode 9.3
27 September 2017
• Updated to Xcode 9, Swift 4, iOS 11
• Set Swift 3 @objc Inference as Default in Build Settings
• Added a 1125x2436px png image (iPhone X launch image) into Assets.xcassets -> Brand Assets image set
• Adjusted some views in the Storyboard, because of iPhone X layout 
• Edited the 'func showBanner()' methods in order to display banner ads properly in iPhone X
• Unchecked the Runtime API Checking | Main Thread Checker in Edit Scheme -> Diagnostics, accordingly to this post:

SONORA is a nice vintage Music Player template that users will love to use instead of the iOS native music player app. It’s written in Swift, flexible and well-commented code, nice UI design, background selection.

IMPORTANT: I can offer free support for bugs encountered in the original code. Instead, if you’ve edited the code and messed something up with it, I may apply some fee to fix it either via TeamViewer or by checking your app project files directly on my computer.

SONORA allows you to create a playlist and play it anywhere, also you can share the current song with your friends by Mail, iMessage, Facebook, and Twitter!

  • XCode 9.x project – Swift – 64bit
  • iPhone/iPod – iOS 8.0+ – Storyboard
  • Shuffle mode – Repeat ALL or 1 song included
  • Build a playlist by picking your favorite songs from your iPod music library (it must contain at least 1 song)
  • Music player controls, song meter animation
  • Song Progress Slider, it shows the song progress and you can also drag it left or right to skip seconds of the current song
  • AdMob banners
  • Share the song you’re listening on Twitter, Facebook, Mail and iMessage
  • Documentation included
  • PSD and PNG graphics included
  • Easy to customize, well commented code

    • Apple Mac with its latest OS version installed
    • The latest version of Xcode and some knowledge about its UI interface
    • Photoshop or any other image editor software
    • An Apple Developer account to submit apps to the App Store
    • An AdMob account to generate your own banner UNIT ID