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Congratulations! Great idea! , it may be useful to many users ! Ciaooooo

Thank you nicdark!

interesting! Can it support WPML?

Yes raymondcf

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you Lakose

Good looking plugin.

Instead of a video, image, etc for the solution can a collection of posts be displayed as well?

Will it except a php function?..or short code?

Directly from visual generator or shortcode

you can insert src of iframe

Very interested plugin. I would like to see an example in your demo with some code syntax in iframe. And in the next update it will be very useful to save the solver, so we can use it in many places in the site with a shortcode. And please give the ability to re-edit the questions in visual interface. Because if i make a mistake i have to regenerate the solver from start.

Thank you George! You give me very interesting ideas, now I analyze your good ideas. For support please contact me in iartusi87@gmail.com

Please can you tell me how many solutions and steps are possible in the plugin? I like to use it as a selection helper for ebikes. So with about 5 questions i present a solution (selection of bikes) . is this possible with your plugin?

Hello leon1974 you can create infinite questions and in the end their solution


How can I include a link into an answer? When I try to add a link using it tells me not to use “

Waiting for your reply Thanks

Hi website2create, you can insert an iframe with inside your link for now. I’d like to add this function for the next version.

You mean create HTML file with a href for every link I want to add into the answer? Can you give an example? When do you think the next version will be released? Thank you

With the current version, the answer can be a text, an iframe, an image, a text + iframe or a text + image. Text is not html so you can’t insert html, if you want to create an answer with html now you can insert iframe. If the link is the same (example not found? and when you click you enter in contact page) you can insert the link (in the visual editor), if you want different link for every answer you should only for now create iframe with the page (link or directly the page). But I’d like to implement this function because is very important but It’s very difficult to define a date

For me its not clear. Can i add an image which link to a webpage?

I like to use it for make choice bases on questions. The answer would be an image where users can click on.

Is this possible? What is an iframe exactly?

This is a trick, for now is not possible natively

But can i add text links native?

You can insert general link (for example contact page if customer not found solution), but if you want a link for every solution no because now accepts text, in future I’d like to implement It


Any update on the text links? It’s not usable without this feature because the final answer after all the questions is to point to a specific link…

Can you please update and fix this?

Thank you

This system is create to help user to give the solution, but I’d like to implement it in the future

The plugin is very useful but I find it EXTREMELY challenging to have to sift through the complete text version of the code after it has been inserted. My suggestion would be to allow the user to edit the question/solutions in the same exact manner (pop up visual forms) instead of having to read throughout the whole shortcode.

Other than that, this created the exact output that I’m looking for. I’m looking forward to the updates.

You’re right, of course

Regarding the question above this:

Is it yet possible to edit the questions/answers in a form, after it has been created once? I plan to have very long/complex serieses, and don’t want to purchase if I have to edit a complex text version.

Hi zenkamal, after you create Solver you can edit only with text. The visual system is to help to create shortcode

Can you paste what a medium-length number of questions looks like (the text that is)? I just want to see what it would be like to edit 10-100 questions worth of decision trees.

10 questions is very easy to manage, but 100 is very difficult

How to insert iframe ? I googled and it says that wordpress kill the iframe code : https://wordpress.org/support/topic/can-i-put-an-iframe-on-a-wp-page

Can you give an example if I would like to link the answer to this : http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PT11LEup-e (Just an example) ? What do I write in iframe block ? Thanks

Sorry, just check the documentation, and it’s answered there. Thanks

Agreed with GEORGEPAPANASTASIOU…As I make a long Q & A, when something broke the Q & A, I have to start over. Editing the code in built-in editor is not options because my Q & A is very long :( Please make this in your next update, thanks

Hope this plugin get updated…it’s very potential but not now…I bet you have more sales if user can edit easily thanks

Hi, I noticed that Q & A button is only available in Page editor. Is there any solution to make it in Post editor ? Or is there any shortcode ? Thanks

Sorry, as soon as I finished writing this post, the Q & A button appear…so disregard or delete this post. Thanks

No problem agushardiman ;)

Thanks ! Still waiting the update to make it possible to edit the solver without restarting again !

Was this plugin updated to patch the XSS cross-script vulnerability from earlier this year?

1. Can we add HTML now? (URL links)

2. Can this be positioned like Google help does, in the lower right of a page?

3. Easy to edit already created “solvers” using interface when creating them?

4. If these features were there I’d pay than the price you are asking now.

Why it does not show breadcrumbs in your demo? How will someone know what path is the solution selected?