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Nice job, glws.

Thanks a lot.

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Is it possible to make the tabs show up at the bottom?

yes but i believe for tab design 1, tab design 5 and tab design 8 for now..i will create side tabs and bottom tabs on the next update..

It is now possible to make the tabs show at the bottom. All tab designs..

There are some problems with z-index, for instance if you have a popout navigation menu, or use a jquery dialog plugin. I had to replace all the excessively high (positive) z-index values for it to operate properly. 50000 with 11, 100000 with 12, 10000 with 10 and 1500 with 9.

Other than that, it works great, and was well worth the price and beyond.

Thank you for the information, I will work on that my friend and will track the issue on the next update to optimize the z-indexes. Thanks for purchasing and if you have a little time please rate my work. It will be much appreciated. Again, thank you.

Your z-indexes works like a charm. Definitely will be included in the next update. Thank you very much. I would like to include you to my email listing. What is your email?

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This product kinda seems all over the place? What are you selling exactly? Are you selling a tab menu like I am looking for, or are you selling a grid system, buttons, some random forms.. what is this?

After purchasing and looking at what comes in the package, it really is a nice set of gadgets that can me used independently. Its mostly just fluff to sell the product I think, but in all honesty, its good quality. Could maybe go without the grid though xD.

Thank you for purchasing. The grid will be replaced by other contents in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

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does base.css have anything to do with this product? or can we just use an existing reset/normalize.css thats in our current site?..

base.css is equivalent to normalize.css.

Might I suggest making this more independent please. All of your styles need to be lumped together to even get this to look decent out of the box. You should have a stylesheet that is solely for the purpose of a default tabs styling out of the box that a user can put into an existing page. I’ve been messing with this for 2 hours writing/rewriting all of the css just so I can put it into my page….

Thank you for the suggestions. Will be included in the next update.

Hi, these tabs look as great as your ratings. Yet I wonder, are nested tabs supported and can tabs be linked to?

Great idea!..will be doing nested tabs and linked tabs tonight. Thanks.

You’re making my day! Happy new year!

Happy New Year too.

What’s up with the preloaders?

What is your email by the way?

Or add this line

@import url('animation-preloaders.css');

at styles.css

Feel free to rate the tabs sir, It will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

are they only css and html? Would ebay allow me them to include on my item listing?

yes they are pure html and css.

I am using Tab-Design1 “Left” with Theme-1. This is on a white background so the tabs & content box blend in…how do I put a colored border around the entire tab & content box? Also for some reason my left Tabs have a lot of space in between them even with tab-marker tight…cannot figure out how to remove the spaces?

Give me a screenshot my friend and i will customize it for you.

Email it to me my friend

Send me a message. I will send a BootStrap Version.

Hi. I purchased this yesterday. That a serious amount of CSS files running some tabs. I was hoping that you would have made it a little more independent after z1haze mentioned it a month ago :-( After spending quite some time incorporating it into my existing site my tabs have black bullet points next to them. Is there any chance you can offer any advice on how to remove the points please. I’ve deleted any reference to css for radio,

  • , ul in my own stylesheets in case they clash but no luck

    The website is not available online so have attached a screenshot



  • Excellent support. Thanks for your help.

    Your welcome mate!..

    Send me a message. I will send a BootStrap Version.

    How do you add the arrow to the tab? I see it in the preview but cant figure it out with the examples on the download

    send me a screenshot on my email my friend.

    Send me a message. I will send a BootStrap Version.


    When tabs stack due to responsiveness can we have an option to keep tab label text left (not centered).

    Also is there a way to have tab arrow on right of tab box. So that the arrow is inside content area like this: [tab label]>

    Lastly can we control the style of the arrow? Is is a sprite or css shape? Either way can we control its color and size and appearance?

    I know lots a questions ;-)

    It’s way cool, begging your patience for a few more queries.

    Two sided tabs: Can we choose a different animation style for each side please, makes UI sense to have slide right for left tab and slide left for right tabs for example.

    Wheel tabs: what happens with larger content areas. Does the circle resize? so the wheel tabs move in and out to keep around a changing centre circle?

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    done, with thanks

    I just sent it. Merry Christmas. If you have time please rate the Tabs.

    Just bought this. Awesome. Is it possible to implement Tabs with Dropdown Menu?

    Thank you very much! Will wait for your email!


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    Will this work on Shopify ?

    Yes this would work but you have to integrate it. Must have HTML and CSS knowledge.

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    is this a plugin to use on a wordpress site?

    Not a WordPress Plugin.

    Nice work Man, but did you support RTL ?

    Send me a message. I will send a BootStrap Version.

    you will received a email form me. Thanks ^^

    I’ll send to your email when finished with RTL that is for sure.

    Tab Design 10 – Left isn’t working on live demo. FYI

    Thanks for informing.