SolidTabs+ | Ultra-Responsive BootStrap Tabs

SolidTabs+ | Ultra-Responsive BootStrap Tabs

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This is also available in SolidMenu+ & Web Elements Bundle

“Well Crafted and Ultra-Responsive Tabs”

>> The Most Comprehensive Tab Designs Collections in One Package

>> In BootStrap and Non-BootStrap Versions

>> 1,000+ Hours of Design and Programming!

>> Save precious time implementing Tabs in your Project

>> Ultra-Responsive with 3 Modes

>> Tab to Stacked, Tab to Icons and Tab to Accordions

>> FREE 100+ Web Elements and ShortCodes

>> 100% Made of BootStrap’s Nav-Tab Framework

* This is not a Wordpress Plugin my friends

What are you getting from this product?

Fed up with the old tab designs that you have?

Have your website a totally tab-licious makeover with this distinctive and eye catching tab designs.

Furthermore, it also includes a lot (I mean a lot!) of useful web elements.


  1. 50+ Tab Designs (Classic Tabs, Curvy Tabs, Circular, Feed Tabs, Step Tabs, Nested Tabs, Wheel Tabs, Both Side Tabs)
  2. 3 Modes of Responsiveness
  3. Flexible Designs
  4. Fully Responsive including its contents
  5. Typographical Elements (Headings, Text Callout, Blockquote)
  6. Responsive Tables
  7. Responsive Bar Graph
  8. Responsive Column Graph
  9. Responsive Bubble Graph
  10. Responsive Lists
  11. Responsive Text Boxes
  12. Responsive Buttons
  13. Responsive Panels
  14. Responsive Pricing Tables
  15. Unique Image Hover Effects
  16. Pure CSS3 Sliders
  17. Responsive Forms
  18. FontAwesome Icons
  19. Custom Radio Buttons, Checkboxes and Toggle Switches
  20. Custom Tooltips
  21. Profile Cards
  22. Pure CSS3 Preloaders
  23. Responsive Accordions
  24. Custom Blockquote Designs

This is not a wordpress plugin my friends

Change Logs

December 31, 2016
- added Non-BootStrap Versions

December 16, 2016
- Fixed some inconsistent spacing and unusual appearance for some tab designs on mobile devices.
- Updated the documentation
- Added 13 pre-designed tabs (Off-Canvas Tabs)
- Improved Tab to Accordion Appearance
- It is recommended for the users to download the Update.

December 15, 2016 
- initial release