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What are the new version modifications or additions (July 7th 2016) ?? Thanks


mannyGo Purchased

Thank you! Keep up the good work!


mannyGo Purchased

Some things don’t work at the live demo. See video http://screencast.com/t/xdB76gGfG

The link to my products are broken..thanks my friend for reporting the issue..

Hi there

I bought the menu which looks great on the samples. I have a problem making the code work when I transfer it to another page. I have included the CSS files in the output folder (I am using WYSIWYG Web Builder).

The menu comes up like a single list of all the menu text items, with zero graphics.

Could you pleas advise what is the easiest way to copy the menu into my page so I can have it edited on that page?


Can you give me a link or a screen shot of the issue. I will be glad to help.

Hello my friend..i have not heard from you..did you get the menu to work?

Hello, Is this menu CSS only? Or does it require JQuery also?

It uses the bootstrap framework so it has jQuery.

Ok, thanks

Sir, I have purchased SolidMenu but now only i saw an upgraded version SolidMenu+ and i wish to purchase that. will it be possible to upgrade or i have to purchase extra. Moreover , since i am new to this would you please tell me how to install this to my site as i have downloaded the file

I think it is not possible for an upgrade. This is not a wordpress plugin my friend. It is just HTML and CSS..but there are instructions in the documentation on how to set it up. Send me your email address my friend. Maybe we can work something out.

please help sir – shailgenie143@gmail.com

hi I just buy solid menu, and ı love it. But I need a help for menu.

I need menu like this https://s30.postimg.org/7tx58i3kh/needthis.png

But Im stuck here https://s30.postimg.org/lovfqyxzl/whatIhave.png

Text are so long Need to be wrapped. You have a code for this ? or short way ?

Thank you.

Send me your project files. Will love to help.

Looks great. Is there an option to make the second and third and etc drop downs on click and not just the initial drop down?

Not yet my friend. Thanks for the nice suggestions..Will work on it on the next update. Thanks.

Hi, how to make solid menu displayed on click? your demo on hover, i want to display solid menu on click to display

<nav class="navbar navbar-default navbar-click-strict navbar-default-dark no-border-radius no-margin navbar-click">

add a ‘navbar-click-strict’ class to <nav> tag my friend.

Well done! Thank you _

Welcome..If you have time my friend..Please rate the menu..Thanks..