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Styles are too hungry, couldn’t realistically use this on a project. Great as a standalone.

Thanks for buying. Your comments are well noted for the improvement of the product.

I have updated the graphs. What do you think about it Sir?..If you like it..feel free to rate it. Thank you very much.

thank you very much. :-)

How can I render a chart without using AJAX? The documentation PDF does not address this and the comment in the code itself “bar graph designs will be loaded here dynamically thru AJAX, or you can copy paste the bar graph design structures here” is not very clear.

Pasting the ‘bar graph design’ html does not change the output because by default the script loads data from ‘bar-graph-h-1.html’. I want the graph to read the data that is on the main index.html between lines 90 and 166.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks, not sure how I missed that folder!

Welcome sir, please rate the bar graphs if you like it. Will be highly appreciated.

Thank you Sir..

Please email me my friend if you still have problems.

Do you have any more problems with the graphs?..I would like to know?..If not, if you have time please rate the graphs if you like it. It will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much my friend for purchasing.

Just a quick comment on my review. I ment “to get the graph to look good” and it’s only in vertical graphs. Todays update seems nice btw, going to take a closer look now :) Thank you!

Thank you and welcome my friend.