SolidForms | CSS3 Responsive Forms

SolidForms | CSS3 Responsive Forms

This is also available in SolidMenu+ & Web Elements Bundle

“Great Form Designs down to the Details”

Stacked with 500+ Functional Form Templates.
With Client-Side Form Validation!

What are you getting from this product?

Multitude of Form Templates from Registration Forms, Subscription Forms, Tabbed Forms, Rating Forms and a lots More!

Well this product might be the answer if you want a customized and well crafted form elements.

Each sets of radio buttons, checkboxes and toggle switches are completely made of pure CSS3 , yes you heard it right.

Aside from getting 30+ (That is a lot!) well designed customized form elements, you will also be getting 500+ Form Templates (Yes! 500+) that is great if you wish to intend or integrate custom forms on your site.

It comes with a free update too.

And if you happen to buy the product. Please give some stars. Your ratings will be very much appreciated.

This is not a WordPress plugin my friends

Features (All of these in 8 Functional Form Designs)

Registration/Application Form Template

  1. Quick Sign Up
  2. Detailed Sign Up
  3. Sign Up with Alternative 1
  4. Sign Up with Alternative 2
  5. Simple Registration Form
  6. Event Registration Form
  7. Student Registration Form
  8. Booking Form
  9. Loan Application Form
  10. Employment Application Form

Login Form Template

  1. Simple Login
  2. Login with Alternative 1
  3. Login with Alternative 2
  4. Login with Captcha

Account Recovery Form Template

  1. Simple Recovery
  2. Simple Recovery with Alternative

Contact Form Template

  1. Simple Contact
  2. Simple Contact with Attachment
  3. Simple Contact with Details

Review/Rating/Feedback Form Template

  1. Simple Review 1 (ICON)
  2. Simple Review 2 (SQUARE)
  3. Simple Review 3 (CIRCLE)

Subscription Form Template

  1. Simple Subscription
  2. Subscription with Listings

Checkout Form Template

  1. Simple Checkout

Tabbed/Multi-Step Form Template

  1. Tabbed Form Template 1
  2. Step by Step Form Template 1

Search Form Template

  1. Simple Search
  2. Detailed Search

Survey Form Template (Custom Radio Buttons)

  1. Web Visitor Survey
  2. Cancellation Survey
  3. Consumer Demographic Survey
  4. Support Satisfaction Survey
  5. Job Satisfaction Survey
  6. Myers – Briggs Survey
  7. Health Survey
  8. Hotel Feedback
  9. Voting (All Stars)
  10. Software Survey
  11. Opinion Poll
  12. School Safety Survey
  13. Exit Poll Survey
  14. Parental Support Survey
  15. Physician Evaluation
  16. School Climate Survey
  17. Diversity Survey

Survey Form Template (Custom Check Boxes)

  1. Makeup Products Survey
  2. Apps Survey
  3. Computer Survey
  4. Rubber Shoe Survey
  5. Television Unit Survey
  6. Mobile Phone Survey
  7. Game Console Survey
  8. Web Browser Survey
  9. Cable & Satellite Survey
  10. Voice Over IP (VoIP) Survey
  11. Smoking Survey
  12. School Library Survey
  13. Hair Care Product Survey
  14. Commuting Survey
  15. Insurance Survey

Survey Form Template (Toggle Switches)

  1. Event Feedback
  2. Music Survey
  3. Personality Survey
  4. Disaster Preparedness Survey
  5. Advertising Survey
  6. Social Network Survey


Verison 4.0 (October 24, 2016)
- added form logic and validation in all forms

Version 3.0 (June 1, 2016)
- added 5 form styles
- major product overhaul

Version 2.1 (May 6, 2016)
- added 3 more form templates
- popup form option

Version 2.0 (February 12, 2016)
- change product name to "SOLID - CSS3 Responsive Forms" 
- added different form templates

Version 1.2 (October 25, 2015)
- optimized some css

Version 1.0 (October 23, 2015)     
- Initial Release