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Hi solid_designs, Thanks for Created a amazing Effects. But before buy i checked with Firebug and I got a issue , there are problem with Image size. When you add different size image then markup showing different size. See Screenshot: it should show same size even i add different size images. After Fix issue i will buy your product , Thanks For make nice effects

Thanks, i think the issue arises with the the size of the images, it has a property of max-width: 100% and a height of auto in order to provide responsiveness on different screen sizes but I will check on the issues. Thank you.

OK after Fix please let me know. i really like your effects and want to buy. Thanks you

I have tried your suggestion but it will require to have a fix width and height of the images and it will make the design not responsive which is a core feature of my product. Maybe in the future i will provide what you have ask. Thank you.

It’s an amazing job. You are very talented. I liked the last update.

There are a couple of questions. Some of the effects are different in different browsers. Example:

Disintegrate Effects (Vertical) Hover Effect 1 (IE10-11 and Firefox faster animation rather than in the browser chrome and opera) why? When the other effects are the same(all browser), but it is not critical, just wondering. it can be fixed?

Even in some browsers, under certain permissions appear dividing strips.on image or on hover’ve seen it? – opera and chrome -firefox

Not at all, and only at certain resolutions, are not at all

Thank you for raising the issue. Browsers have different implementation sometimes on the rendering of their animations. The line appears because of the size of clip-path set on percentage values to be able to support responsiveness. Anyway, i will check on the issue and update the product once again. Thank you again for the information.

Ok. thanks for the support. I wish you success in sales.I would like to see more of your products :)

First of all thank you for this Image Hover Effects, is a very good work!

Only it has not function properly with mobile like: iphone 6 or 6 + or new iphone 6S

When you load the page is your 6S it is getting refreshed automatically and A Few Times After That It Is showing blank page and mistake messages ??

Possible the problem coming by the media.css

Which is the correct script css for mobile new iPhone ?

Exemple: @media (max-width: 960px) {

Thanks, and i wait your answer

Thanks for the info..i’ll will check on the issues.

I have found the mistake and now working very well in new iPhone

I change only this: @media (max-width: 550px) {

And i put this for display portrait:

@media screen and (min-width : 414px) and (max-width : 736px) and (orientation : portrait) and (-webkit-min-pixel-ratio : 3) {

I don’t found yet for display Landscape ??

Thank you!

That is great to hear.

Hi! Just want to know if this includes social share buttons where someone can click a photo and share it? Thanks!

Nope, this is just purely designs. No JavaScript for sharing buttons. Maraming Salamat po sa tanong. :-)

I see.. salamat din :)

Wala pong anuman! :-)

hi will this work on prestashop? if yes how?

I am not familiar with prestashop but it will work, just to have to know a little CSS and HTML.

hi, With your flip effects, is it possible to toggle each one so one click flips it and second click flips it back rather than having to tap another tile to get the frist one to flip back again? on mobile i mean.

That will require a javascript. I will take note your suggestions. It is possible on the next update probably.