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Hi There – with the build box games, what else do I need to do ? Do I need a build box account ? will it cost me extra ?


Hi, if you go to www.buildbox.com you can try buildbox for 30 days totally free.

Thanks – Free for 30 days, then $99 per month. That’s crazy

No worrie, If you require some work we are here to help send us a email to: support@xellentpro.co.uk with your requirments :)

video preview? apk demo? i`d like to see more about the game..

Hi, video preview will follow shortly:)

good work, all the best for your sales ! ;)

Thanks Eric ;)

Hi, if i buy this does it include files to edit in xcode for ios and a seperate files for android?

Hi, You will receive a Xcode and Buildbox file to make the necessary changes. If you need any assistance after your purchase send us a email: support@xellentpro.co.uk :)

do have a demo of your app like .apk file or link on app store or video preview

Yes we do send us an email to support@xellentpro.co.uk

I have some question regarding your game.
1. Is this use Android Studio or Eclipse or Buildbox, or maybe use both?
2. In this game you include buildbox, how about buildbox licence? can use it freely or I still need the licence monthly like stated on their website?

Hi, This version will be incl. the Buildboxfile and the iOs file. you can download buildbox as a trial version for 30 days, however if you need any help please contact us support@xellentpro.co.uk

Can i have demo apk file?

Hi, please could you send a request to support@xellentpro.co.uk

hi Can i have demo apk file?

Hi, could you send a request to support@gmail.com. Thanks

i have sent to support@xellentpro.co.uk yet no response please?

Hi Germa, We have send you an response :)

I bought this game as the 5th buyer, but no android apk, if there is no android apk why did you put android in title. i bought it in doubt because no demo or video preview? if there is no android version please remove android from the title and i would need to ask for refund!

Hi, We have sent you the necessary Android files from our support desk to your email you have also sent to our support ;).

please i want apk. not eclipse,

congratulations GLWS

thanks, GLWS

admob not working

Hello I am buy this game. But In this game No Admob and No documents Replay