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Apk file or link to google store, please… :-)

same as @bondagester please provide link to apk or link to app on google store

eclipse? where is the reload stage button in case we get stucked? how about levels? how many of them?

you can use Back button to return previous step. Please get the game on the Store and try it.

The use eclipse?

Yes sir!

AdMob ready?? banner or interistal?

admob interistal integrated!

Might give you more information about the game? that is programmed (eclipse, etc) is very poor the information you give!...

Yes, Eclipe tool, like every app made for Android devices.

Awesome game, keep going :)

Thank you!

1. Is this native Java or is there any html5 inside? 2. Are you using a GameEngine? 3. Is the App Admob ready?

It’s java code sir!

Hi. how many lever in game? Can i make new lever?

1000 levels sir!

Apk file or link to google store, please.

I just buy this product…I had the impression that I can use it for PC windows…but looks is not the case…what I can do now? do you have the version for PC? I had it years ago…but lost it…