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When can I expect new release ?

I submited the complete solution with a php backend this morning. It takes not more than 5 days for envato reviewers to approve it. In the meantime, I am adding more features and should expect a wooCommerce version of it maybe a week after this version is approved.

New update release?

Its being reviewed by Codecanyon reviewers. I submitted it yesterday morning. It will be set as a different app from this. I want to provide the two options.

It’s possible you implement an option to disable the button add to cart through the backend?

Hi gilokimu,

I saw the updated one in the following link:

However, it looks like you make it as a new one but not the updated version.

Could you let me know what’s going on? Do I need to buy that one as well?

Yes I built the backend and configured the app to connect to the backend. I listed it as a different app. Coz I felt like it is. And also, for that app to be featured. Yes, you will need to purchase that version if you want the php backend. The will be other backends as well. Like one that supports woocommerce. And it will be as a different app.

Hi, Can product list (displayed in mobile) be linked with my online website database just to avoid re-entering products from mobile app’s admin panel

Not at this point.

can be added if payment method using a bank transfer or manual

so that we as sellers will confirm Selanjutanya either via email or directly contacting purchasers of pembayaranya.

so that the seller only accepts direct reports and follow up purchase

can be added if payment method using a bank transfer or manual

so that we as sellers will confirm his next either via email or purchasers of Payments Directly contacting her.

so that the seller only accepts direct reports and follow-up purchase

I’m currently using SamCart (http://www.samcart.com) via Stripe (https://stripe.com/docs/mobile/android) as my credit card processor. Any plans to add support for this? My mobile Android app is in urgent need of something to process credit card information so that I can link in-app purchases with order IDs on my processor’s back-end. I’m definitely downloading this for PayPal in the meantime!

Go ahead make the purchase then email me for a custom payment development.

Hey great app,

Small questions. 1. I see you have only cod payment as non automatic. Is it possible to add bank transfer to it? 2. Is it possible to be the quantity as an input box and not a select box ( because usually my order contains 50+ items ). 3. The contact box has a small bug, it shows message sent even if I didn’t entered something. Can you add validations to it so it looks if the message has min 10chars, name has min 3 chars and the email is a real email? 4. Where are the favorites? 5. Does it support other currencies like euro?

I really liked it and my girlfriend thinks about starting an online shop, so she can use this easily :-)

This will be one of the best android apps on codecanyon if you keep maintaning it.

Thanks again

hi, Can you it read json API ?

Hi, i am currently running ecommerce store with oscommerce. can i use this android app template to build mobile app integrated with backend?

You will have to find out if it has an API and match up the end points to the one provided here. It should work

where the php backend to add product?

i want soko app with php admin. when i downloeded the code no php admin available,

i want mobile application with php admin.

I have an opencart store, do your application works fine with my openCart store ?