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Any word on when update to materiel design or a update to android studio and update for APIs?

I want this app but before buy please tell me how can i install this app on my opencart based online store. I’m using payumoney payment gateway, how can i use it on your app?

I recommend that if you are upgrading, make a big. (material design, compatibility to Android 6.0, Support for sending notifications and more).

But ideally upload it as a new project. So you can raise money, to give good support and provide improvements and corrections.

woocommerce integration? available?

Presale question? Is there any support to this? I downloaded the apk and it is stuck on “Setting up shop”?

are you providing any support for this app? My issue is that the php side does not configure properly. There is no sql definition for the DB. Can you email it to me ASAP?

Poor f**king support. I regret ever buying this crap. Total waste of money.

Back end demo link not working. Please assist.

We will be abonding this project in like a weeks time, as we have built a better version of this.

Please update when the version is available. Need to check the preview

_gilo I not say what there is to install a library in php for functions well and modify some code so that functions to perfection because lower gocartpv to modify and that work perfectly and the app page

I did not understand what you mean. Please come again

1- the code of the website has errors 2- the app does not sync well with the website 3- not installed on a server hosting only localhost is installed 4- and I had to download the gocart page and modify the correct code to synchronize me

Hello, Does it support (left to right) and Arabic language?

This script is old and nit supported

Pre-purchase question: is it possible to add push notification? how much?

how much cost to add push notification? please reply.