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Nice plugin! How does this plugin affects AdSense in between the post content?

Thanks! There’s actually no in between. You have a template (and the editor built-in) for the auto-loaded posts. So I suppose you gonna place your AdSanse in that very template.

Good Work, wish you best sales

Thanks mate!

Wow nice plugin. İ m using tagdiv newspaper theme. And i have mobile theme. Can i use? And adsense ads will show? İ have ad in the post and bottom post

And i don t know. Can i get ban AdSense? İ dont know good AdSense program policies

Not sure about AdSense policy when auto-load posts but I’m sure the information is to be found at Google :)
As for how to include AdSense to auto-loaded posts, it should be pretty straightforward…
Auto-loaded posts use its own template (editable via plugin’s built-in editor) which is essentially nothing but a post-single loop. It looks like this:

while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();

    get_template_part( 'template-parts/content', get_post_format() );

endwhile; // End of the loop.
That’s the minimum of code it should have. No matter what, you can put whatever code you like in between while and endwhile and I suppose your AdSense code should find its place there.

Thanks i will try your plugin.

Hi, nice plugin.one request.
I want to load older same category posts. Is it technically difficult?

As the Item Details page says: “Works with WP’s function the_post_navigation()”. Otherwise, whichever “older post” is served by that very WordPress function, it’ll be auto-loaded next. See more about here: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/the_post_navigation/


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I install the plugin Sofa Endless Post Single but not working

please can you code

<?php get_header(); ?>

<?php get_template_part(‘sections/cover-area’); ?>

<?php get_template_part( ‘sections/ads/below-header’ ); ?>

<?php if ( function_exists(‘yoast_breadcrumb’) ) : ?> <?php yoast_breadcrumb(‘


‘); ?> <?php endif; ?> <?php global $vce_sidebar_opts; ?> <?php if ( $vce_sidebar_opts[‘use_sidebar’] == ‘left’ ) { get_sidebar(); } ?> <main id=”main” class=”main-box main-box-single”> <?php // Start the loop. while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); /* * Include the post format-specific template for the content. If you want to * use this in a child theme, then include a file called called content-_.php * (where _ is the post format) and that will be used instead. */ get_template_part( ‘sections/content’, get_post_format() ); // Previous/next post navigation. the_post_navigation( array( ‘next_text’ => ‘ ’ . __( ‘Next’, ‘twentyfifteen’ ) . ‘ ’ . ‘ ’ . __( ‘Next post:’, ‘twentyfifteen’ ) . ‘ ’ . ‘ %title ’, ‘prev_text’ => ‘ ’ . __( ‘Previous’, ‘twentyfifteen’ ) . ‘ ’ . ‘ ’ . __( ‘Previous post:’, ‘twentyfifteen’ ) . ‘ ’ . ‘ %title ’, ) ); // End the loop. endwhile; ?> <?php if(vce_get_post_display(‘show_prev_next’)) : ?> <?php get_template_part(‘sections/prev-next’); ?> <?php endif; ?> </main> <?php if(vce_get_post_display(‘show_author_box’) && vce_get_option(‘author_box_position’) 'up') : ?> <?php get_template_part('sections/author-box'); ?> <?php endif; ?> <?php if(vce_get_post_display('show_related')) : ?> <?php get_template_part('sections/related-box'); ?> <?php endif; ?> <?php if(vce_get_post_display('show_author_box') && vce_get_option('author_box_position') ‘down’) : ?> <?php get_template_part(‘sections/author-box’); ?> <?php endif; ?> <?php comments_template(); ?> <?php if ( $vce_sidebar_opts[‘use_sidebar’] == ‘right’ ) { get_sidebar(); } ?>

<?php get_footer(); ?>

What is that code above? Are you trying to use it for auto-load older post template? If true, it ain’t gonna work. PLEASE READ PLUGIN MANUALS, it says that loop part includes while : ... endwhile; and ALL THE CODE BETWEEN these.
I can see get_header() and get_footer() which are causing some really bad errors.
Just open your “single.php” template, find

while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); // loop start


endwhile; // loop end 
Copy-paste into plugin’s template editor then save.
Don’t forget to remove ‘comments_template()’ if found in code !!!

hi i have problem:


what is this? i dont understand your manuel doc.

Can you look my settings? i can give authority FTP and Admin

OK, no problem, create a temporary admin account for me, send credentials via PM and I’ll take a look :)

i sent :) and i dont want show comment.

fantastic work, very nice ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thanks mate, I appreciate it!

I notice that when you scroll through the posts the URLs don’t physically change? A nice part about having infinitely scrolling posts is that you get more pageviews. Is there support for having the actual URL change when you get to the new article? Similar to how espn does it

But in Chrome everything works right. I’m not sure what you meant by saying “Is there support for having the actual URL change when you get to the new article?”. URLs change as you scroll, here’s video capture I made ( pay attention on address bar ): https://vid.me/fOBF

You’re right. I for some reason wasn’t seeing it the first time. A much needed plugin for people who want to implement infinite scrolling. Great job!


I use newspaper theme, and i have difficulty ini setting your plugin.

Can you help me, ill send username and password to access my site.

Just replied to your email!

oke, ill already sent my credential

hi admin, i read in comments before bit im not shore, your plugin works with newspaper theme?? if yes i buy:)

It should work for each and every WordPress theme that is coded by standards. Plugin requirements:
a) the usage of standard WP loop on “single.php”, like so:

while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();

    …any code here


    if( comments_open() ) comments_template();

endwhile; // End of the loop.
b) …your “single.php” must use standard WP function to create previous and next post links, like so:

c) …and – if possible, use standard WP comments – not a plugin such as DISQUS, like so:

Once again, all these are WordPress’ standard “elements” – you can take a look into any WordPress default theme and many of the WP themes repository.

If your own theme meets WP coding standards then you can be safe that the plugin can do its job without any issues.

I just bought the plugin and been trying to install it but I’m having a problem with changing the classes and ID in the general settings because the textbox values always return to its default value every time I save it. I can’t move on to the next step.

There must be some backend error. I’d like to take a look if you don’t mind so please use PM to send temporary login credentials with admin privileges. Lemme know!

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Feel free to send login credentials via PM and I’ll take a look( be sure my temp account role is administrator). It’s hard to say what’s wrong by looking at the front-end. Thanks!

Is this plugin is compatible with the most selling news theme in themeforest “tagdiv newspaper”, looking forward to it. https://themeforest.net/item/newspaper/5489609

If the theme uses “single.php” template and “the_post_navigation()” WP’s function on single post template then all should be fine.
This plugin is compliant with any WP theme coded by standards.


Do Visits are calculated in the case of the movement of an article to another ( google analysis ) and are this work good with SEO ?

Not sure mate. As for the SEO, it shouldn’t have any impact.

Very nice, glws

Thanks :)


secretk Purchased


MY wordpress theme is premium and every time I replace the template code not working

can I pay to you and help me to install it ?

Create temporary admin account for me and send credentials via PM. I’ll take a look and let you know what’s wrong. No need to pay for it, you already paid 6 months support fee at the time of item purchase.


I would really like to use the functionality of your plugin, but hesitate to buy it as I’ve spend a lot of time (and money) on other plugins with similar functionality (Ajax Load More and Auto Load Next Post) that never worked. I’ve read your description but I’m not sure if your plugin would work for us or not. It would be really great if you could check, as I would love to get multiple licenses for the different websites I build using the same theme. The theme is Alice Agency & Freelance Portfolio Theme (on Themeforest here: https://themeforest.net/item/alice-agency-freelance-portfolio-theme/11302841 )

I can provide you with the single.php if that’s necessary.

Thanks a lot!

You could mail me the theme and then I give it a shot on my localhost. I’ll tell you whether it works or not. If you agree please drop me a note via PM (click on my avatar and use contact from in the sidebar of my profile page).
As a side note, you need to know that most of the similar plugins require certain degree of coding standards with regards to WordPress. Theme coding is somewhat individual and depends on author. There’s no wrong or right coding but rather the one that meets standards, otherwise plugins – which are actually made to extend WordPress functionality, won’t work as expected.

Hello, I Installed this plugin and I am not able to configure it correctly. I have successfully finished General setting and stuck on template Editor. When I open a post its keep showing “Loading Next Post” but not loading. Can you please help me?? I am using SimpleMag theme by Themesindep. If you want I can give you access to my site or shere here Single.php file. Thanks

Sure I can help. Please create temporary admin account for me, I’ll login and try to set it up. But still, I have to tell that not all the WP themes can work with SEPS plugin, especially those not coded according to standards.
Feel free to test the plugin with one of WordPress’ default themes, like TwentyFifteen or any other one. These themes are 100% coded by standards and that’s why SEPS plugin fits perfectly.
No matter what, feel free to send credentials via PM (click on my avatar and use the contact form in sidebar of my profile page). Include a brief description of the problem as well.

I have sent to login credentials via PM. Please check it and help me. Thanks

is this plugin really working or we need to change our template as well

OK, I’ve got the message. Will let you know as soon as I’m done. Currently there’s 5 other user requests in queue, I’ll give my best to respond as soon as possible. Cheers!

This is not supporting MOBILE ,I have tested in mobile also its not working there

I’ve sent an email… mate, what’s your website URL, where do I login?

Does this affect SEO?

As far as I know there shouldn’t be any impact on SEO. The only thing you need to take care of is the valid HTML. I’ve seen many themes use element IDs instead of classes on post single page (loop part, title, etc.) which leads to invalid HTML. I can’t do much about.