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Hi there,

I purchased the item hoping for a solution to implement autoload to newspaper theme.

Even though I have read the documentation I have problems implementing it.

Could you help me set it up? https://www.morethanandroid.de

I will need a temporary access to WP Admin in order to check the theme files. If the theme files meet requirements ( for instance usage of the_post_navigation() WordPress function ), I’ll be able to set it up. Otherwise feel free to send refund request.
In order to send login credentials use PM; click on my avatar and use contact form in the sidebar of my profile page.

sent required admin credentials through contact form. Thanks for your support!

Will take a look and let you know! Thanks!

Hi, great job. I want to buy this plugin, but I want to know if it works with this theme: https://themeforest.net/item/ever-clean-and-simple-wordpress-theme/19387166

Sorry mate I don’t have this theme and can’t test. You can try on your own if you like and in case it doesn’t work I’ll either try by myself or provide refund. I guess that should be OK for both of us.

Fine!!! If I buy it, can you make it work on my site for me?

I can not promise anything since I don’t know nor haven’t seen your theme files. But I can promise to refund you in case the things don’t work properly.


ipfy Purchased

Hi There,

Just bought the Endless Post Single for the website/

It just says post navigation and then the post title but not loading the entire post.

I am not sure where it is wrong? Could you please help?

I just replied to your email!

Hey author,

So I just purchased your plugin but didn’t realised that flex mag theme has custom built auto load function which means I don’t need this plugin anymore. Can I get a refund of it?

I usually approve refund in case the plugin doesn’t cooperate with the theme properly or users don’t like it in general but you bought it by mistake :) OK, send refund request and please be so kind to delete the plugin file from your computer. I guess that would be a fair trade, right? Best regards!


Just a presales question here. Is it possible to limit the number of posts that it scrolls to, or just posts in certain categories or tags?

It’ll auto-load until the last (more precisely – the very first) post found. If you are in certain category then posts from that category are auto-loaded. The same rule is applied to tags – unless, of course, the theme itself uses different template to display tagged posts. But in general, tags are nothing else but no-hierarchy categories and should use “archive.php” template.

this is a pre-sale question

I saw someone who is like me wanted to implement this plugin with Newspaper theme, but couldn’t work it out.

Is this problem solved?

This is not a plugin related problem but rather how the theme’s single.php template is coded. I don’t claim that something’s wrong with Newspaper theme’s single template regarding the code, however, it doesn’t use standard structure. As far as I recall, article header is not a part of the template itself and which prevents it from being replicated. SEPS plugin replicates “single.php” and if no article title in there you’ll end up with the list of posts missing the title. Hope it makes sense!

Hi! I have a genesis child theme installed on my site. Can this work on my site? I contacted my web designer and she is certain it won’t work, but I figured i’d check with you before purchasing your installation package.

My purchase code is: 80b29938-ca9d-47e6-b6ce-bb2ae4b34989

I can’t check on that one because I don’t have Genesis theme. Sorry!

So can I receive a refund then? if it’s not compatible and you can’t tell me if it is, I can’t use it.

Sure you can, just send refund request from your account.

Hi, I sent you a message. Would you help during the installation? Thank you.

I just have replied to your email!

Hello, I have two issues:

1) When the user scrolls to the bottom of my page, we get an ajax error that the post failed to load (404) – However, it seems that it is looking for the wrong url, it is appending ”/scrolled” to the url, which is 404ing

2) I get an error that history.js is already loaded

Screenshot of errors: http://prntscr.com/hn2mnf

I’ve manually added the the_post_navigation(); function to post-template.php, and single.php

I will need an access to your WP Admin in order to check whether everything is setup properly. You can use PM to send login credentials along with the problem brief description. How to send PM? Click on my avatar and then use contact form in the sidebar of my profile page.
Otherwise feel free to raise refund issue from your Codecayon account.


Hello, I’m using NEWSPAPER Theme by tagdiv. I saw someone else giving you admin credentials to a website with that theme. Were you able to implement this with that theme?

Also: This is not updated in a long long time. Is there something that can go wrong with newer wp versions?

There are zillions of themes out there and it’s literally impossible to know the way they are coded and recommend some. I’m sure it’LL work with my own theme :)

Are you up for a paid job to make it work with Newspaper theme?

If there is a way to make it work with that theme, I would have already done it for the user asking help before you, free of any charge :) Thanks anyway!

Hello, the plugin can be adjusted to just load posts within the same category?

Yes, it should.

Can you make that adjustment o provide a guide of how to?

I don’t see you bought a copy of this plugin, if you got it please take a look into carousel/slider options ( https://imgur.com/a/tn1Co1G ).

hi wanna ask..this plugin can show auto post by category?

what do you mean by “auto post by category”? Please elaborate a little bit so I can answer properly.

i mean…the auto load post on single post by category…..example…post with category sport …on single postwill show post auto scroll category sport only and last its support with this theme? https://www.semisena.com/

No, I’m afraid it will not show posts from the same category, it’ll rather load older posts by date of publish.


Am using Newspaper – version: 8.7.2 and having challenges with implementations of the plugin could you kindly advise how to go about it.

Is it working with thesis theme ( diythemes.com) ?

Sorry but I don’t know, I didn’t give it a try. It’s literally impossible to test the plugin against all themes and frameworks.


mcarillo Purchased

Hi im using the composer theme and i still cant get it to work. it says that its loading next post but nothing happens.

Does the them you have use WP’s “the_post_navigation()” function ( https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/the_post_navigation/ )? In case it doesn’t, the plugin can’t figure out what’s the URL of the previous post and thus gets stuck with the loader. Please check your theme’s “single.php”, look for “the_post_navigation()” function in code.


mcarillo Purchased

It didn’t have one so I added one to the loop in single.php using the one from the template. It looks like its taking it since it removes the links but nothing loads.

Replied to your email.