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I submitted a ticked a few days back. Can you please respond #781269

We have already responded to your ticket.


I replied to your email. Not sure if you received it given you had issues receiving the first one?... Let me know. Thanks.

Hey there, any response to my emails and tickets? If you don’t have resource, just let me know and I’ll hire another developer.

I submitted a ticket yesterday (#740317). Please respond ASAP. Thank you.

We have already responded to your ticket.


Ticket #160135. I have imported quizzes from the 50 quiz pack plugin -> The home page now shows some quizzes twice. Please help ASAP.

Please build a sitemap generator. Google Search Console needs it.

Pre-sale question? Can I add any other income sources like taboola ads?

Yes, you can add Taboola ads.


please reply to my ticket. I installed it but it isn’t working properly.

Hi Author,

I have tried changing the X & Y coordinates but none of them changes as per the profile position. Is there a way to recognize X & Y coordinate? Is it something that I have to manually enter coordinates based on the position? if so, how do I recognize the coordinate numbers? Here’s screenshot where I am trying to see the profile pic:

Note: I did change the coordinates in Settings >> Quiz Settings.

You have to change the x, y and size values in the quiz editor. In the “Settings” section of the “Basic details” tab of the quiz editor.


I have changed that too but how do I position the profile pic to appear on the desired spot of result screen. Please do provide some screenshot reference on how & where to do it. I don’t see any proper documentation for that

I’m still waiting for the reply for past 25 days

Hello ! Is it possible to add custom banners ? I would also like to know if I can insert ad wherever I want ? I’m still waiting for the multiple friends update. There’s already one supporting it here, but your is more visually appealing and you seem proactive

donde puedo contactar con sporte ya que tengo este problema con el script

Pre-sale question? Can I use this on two sites?

Hi, Pre-sale question. Does it have a feature for capturing email address before seeing quiz results? Also does it have a feature for redirecting users after quiz to an affiliate page? Does this app have clickable quizzes ?

you are to long to respon #875489



Where are you dude ????

Can you please respond to these tickets? I think these are common issues for everyone.

Support Ticket Opened [#775213] Support Ticket Opened [#195994]

I have renewed support, And it’s more than 24 hours, No reply from support

It’s been more ta 48 hours, I had sent ticket. Still no update?

Does someone also have error “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” ?

i have send a ticket for changin privacy and terms of service pages, but i don’t have anser!! please resolve my problem..

Hello, I have problem about open graph properties and i has open ticket but until now i have didn’t response,Please respons my ticket #278773.Thankyou

hello i want to know for this script did i need an approved facebook APP,?if yes then kindly guide me criteria ,if not then let me know how it will integrate with facebook system?

hello i purchased this script yesterday i want to know how to make a question like make your army type and its automatically get my friends pics to make an army photo

pl, help me I can’t install plugin, problem install feil. (plugin -SocioQuiz – Viral Quiz website with Facebook login)

In Socioquiz when user tries to login this message is displayed “Facebook email ID cannot be obtained! Either you have disallowed the ‘Email’ permission or you haven’t verified your email on your Facebook account yet.” – Is there any way to solve this problem & also tell me what are the Facebook permissions required for this app to work !

Socioquiz demo is not working, Kindly sort out the problem so that it would be easier for people to buy your product ! After clicking on login with Facebook it shows like this “Facebook login error! Your email cannot be obtained. Either you have disallowed email permission or you don’t have a verified email ID on your Facebook account.”

Where can I complain about this author? They are are not giving support at all, I had just paid for the support.