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very nice

Hello. Do you need to know anything more about SocioQuiz?

Looking forward to your purchase. Thank you

yep, waiting your bug fixes and will open a support ticket after I will get it


Wanted to let you know that the new update (v1.1.1) is out with new “Categories” feature and many bug fixes and improvements. Please try the demo here:

Well, regarding the customizations for API, we are currently working on some other cusutomizations we have already committed. So we wont be able to work on yours anytime soon.


Pre-buy question! Does your script coming with some premade quiz? :)

Hello. Do you need to know anything more about SocioQuiz?

Looking forward to your purchase. Thank you

At the moment I’m very intersted, I’m just waiting for the first update to see if there will be the pool feature! :)

Pool? I didn’t get that.. Can you explain.

Same question as above? do you have more than 7 quizes?

Hi, 4 quizzes are built-in. And you could use them right away when you purchase. :) Thank You.

Hello. Do you need to know anything more about SocioQuiz?

Looking forward to your purchase. Thank you

Do you provide also PSDs of banners and other graphics? ^^

Hi Orobi,

I believe the PSDs you asked for are for the preview images(Graph images) for the builtin quizzes. If you want I could provide them.

Yes! It could be useful to have PSDs of banners/hero into the complete package! :)

Even though its not included in the package, I could send them to you once you purchase SocioQuiz.

Thank you

I like the script but i’m very bad at design own quizes. Cant i import playbuzz?

There is no ‘import’ functionality built in. But you could get ideas from quizzes in playbuzz and create similar quizzes with even more functionalities in admin panel.

Hello. Do you need to know anything more about SocioQuiz?

Looking forward to your purchase.

Thank you..

Hi there,

I love this script and I really want to buy. I’ve been looking for this type of app.

Before I pay $ 45 :) , I’ve been testing your demo and noticed there’s NO POLLS?

I noticed when login to demo there’s No options?

When sharing to facebook does it shows graph and photo results to FB wall? Example Does this script support animated gif files?

My requests:

1) Polls

2) FaceBook comments above “You may also like” etc.

3) When users login they can create their own quizzes and polls.

4) At quiz area please add-on to right side more quizzes to choose from maybe “Latest or Popular” example

5) Results in percentage in graphs like pie & bars etc.


Thanks! u answer all my questions for now lol :)

Hello Pinki,

Do you want to know anything more about SocioQuiz? Looking forward to your purchase.

Thank you..


What kind of benefits can I have with this script? Types of monetization.

I can not install the script. I just sent an email from your profile. Please check your inbox.

I just created a support ticket on your behalf and replied to your mail too. Please use the ticket for support queries..

Thank you

Pre-sales questions:

1 Can it support multiple users to submit their quizzes? if not, can it be a custom work?

2. Does it support users took the quiz with scores? (such as who has highest scores)

3. Can it use other type of login beside facebook such as Google acct?

I can not login since I don’t have the new ticket number. It seems your support portal is not issuing any ticket # after a case is created. I also tried to setup an account but couldn’t sign in since I have not received any email confirmation (checked spam folder and nothing is there).

Can you provide an email address so I can communicate the requirement?

Sorry for the inconvenience again.. Seems like mails are not getting delivered to Hotmail. Checked with one of my IDs too. :( Sure.. I’ll mail you directly from my email ID.

I’ve just mailed you.

Really good product Bro, you can make this product for wordpress?


uppsss sorry Bro I ready send the message via your profile.

I just buy right now your script, I cant whait :) please check your email, I send a message.


Great! :)

I didn’t get any email now. Please check if you have sent it to the right email ID. I request you to use the support ticket I created for you for further communication.

Thank you

Excellent job, hopefully you keep updating it
I am also interested for a wordpress version, but i will not wait i will buy this one .
was about to buy it i want to tranlsate it to rtl langugae , ( i will convert it to rtl design wise), then i noitced the url end has numbers.
can you tell me about seo of it :
1- Does each test or quiz has its title , description , keywords etc…
2- Why you have numbers after the link url
3- Do you do custom work on it
waiting for your answer

as you can see i bought it ;)

Hi, Thank you for appreciation and interest in our work. :) RTL language support is built in and I don’t think you’ll have to do any design customisation for that. Just add the language in our language editor interface and choose “Right to left” as the language type.. Thats all! :)

Now the answers to your queries:
  1. Yes every quiz has its own title and description meta tag. Open this link and ‘view source’ in your browser to see them: But it doesn’t have keywords meta tag as many reliable sources say its not being used by search engines nowadays.
  2. The numbers are the quiz Id used to identify the quizzes. It doesn’t affect your SEO as the url as a whole is search engine friendly with the quiz title as the slug.
  3. Yes, we do custom work for SocioQuiz. We are getting a lot of customisation requests which will be served on a first come first serve basis. :)

Thank you! Looking forward to your purchase.

Wow, great! You purchased it when I was typing the reply. :D

Thank you!

I sent you a message, please reply asap.

I have just replied you on email. Please check it.

Thank you! :)

Will you maintain this script and offer updates and service long

Yes, we will be releasing updates and bug fixes and updates when necessary.

Thank you :)

Hello. Do you want to know anything more about SocioQuiz?

Looking forward to your purchase. Thank you..

Hello Sir

Congratulations for the script. I have a small problem. When i try to run check.php I have this error:

Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, no array or string given in /home/presabg/public_html/check.php on line 40

Hi PakoRossich, Thank you for purchasing. Well, please create a support ticket at with your site link and info about your PHP version. Seems like the PHP version on your server is below 5.4

Please look into it and create a support ticket, as its hard(and not right) to give support in this comments section. Its meant for pre-sales questions.

Thank you!

Thanks. I was running older version of PHP. After update it was very easy installation.

I am installing and not to be placed in the locker host.

does not allow me the installation

I get this message

Check Database connection DB connection unsuccessful! Please check your database details

Did you run the builtin installer? If so did you give the DB details in the interface?

Please create a support ticket at with your site link. We’ll look into it ASAP.

All support is provided on the ticket system. This comments section is for pre-sales questions.

Waiting for your ticket.

Thank you.


I was going to buy then I read there’s No poll feature? You advertised it’s like playbuzz and buzzfeed. They both have poll feature! This “socioquiz” script is one the most expensive ($$ 45 $$) script on codecanyon? Why no poll? Don’t hold back on poll because you’re going lose a lot sale. I agree, need graph poll and quiz results and share to fb with graph image.

When your next update? Because I’m not going pay $45 no future no poll updates

Hi tomst,

Thank you for your interest in SocioQuiz. I’m sorry that we haven’t thought of adding a poll yet, as the main purpose of SocioQuiz is to provide a complete platform for creating viral Quizzes. And thats why SocioQuiz is named so. We advertised “SocioQuiz lets you create viral Quizzes like Playbuzz and Buzzfeed”.

I’m sorry that you interpreted it as SocioQuiz being a complete clone of Playbuzz or Buzzfeed.

  1. Polls may or may not be added in a future update. We gotta think of it when we plan the next major update.
  2. Graph view of result is one of the main features we are planning for the next update. Cheers!
  3. Sharing on Facebook with graph image is already there You could even use different images for different results. You may try sharing a quiz on our demo to see that.
    1. Thank You :)

Excellent Concept :) GLWS

Thanks -DigitalVidhya

Love to hear this! Thanks a lot!

Hi, this is a pre-purchase question. Do you have any multilingual capabilities? or is there any language file for translating to spanish? Thanks

Hi, Spanish is one of the languages that are builtin with SocioQuiz. Also there is a simple interface to add any languages, even Right to left(RTL) languages can be added.

Note: Only one language can be enabled at a time.(The user cannot choose language on his own)

Hello I read up on the language, you think of perhaps allow the user to choose their own language in a perhaps menu.

Hi, Multiple languages at the same time is not possible as it wouldn’t be of much use because the Quizzes you create will be in only one language, right? :) So even if the website language is changed by the user, the quiz contents will remain in their original language.

Thank you

Hello. Do you want to know anything more about SocioQuiz?

Looking forward to your purchase. Thank you..

Hi. Great script here.


1) Can we add more ads below the image quiz? maybe for 728×90 or 300×250?

2) Maybe u can add a user rating or maybe points for complete quiz and share.. after that the points will show at sidebar area like this ..

It just like the user will try to completed others quiz to be the top most “Expert Quiz” :)

3) Any plan to add more social sharing platform?

4) Will this script support for video? Like the quiz is about content of the video.. they need to watch and complete the quiz..

and for the prize $45, i expect it will be more and more features.. if the price $45 for wordpress, it will be reasonable.. but for script, a lot features need to added.. just my opinion.. and i think others will be agree with me..:)

Hi, Thank you for your interest in SocioQuiz. :) Here are the answers for your queries:

  1. Yes, You can add any number of ads of any size(that fits in there) below the quiz.
  2. Currently, there is no such feature in SocioQuiz. If you need, we could do it as a custom work for a fee. Create a support ticket at to discuss this.
  3. For sharing or for login? What other social platform are you looking for?
  4. Yes it supports video, you could make a quiz with questions based on a video. :) You could even add different videos for different questions.

Lol. I can understand that you love to have a lot of features. :) Everybody does. But, please have a look at the vast list of features SocioQuiz currently has in the item description. As you know its more work to make a completely separate script(which is a complete code to run a fully functional site) than a plugin for wordpress. And Yeah, it depends on the functionalities. Its not just a single file ‘script’ to be that cheap. :) And by the way, we’ll be adding some most requested features which are feasible for this price in future. So don’t worry about that. :)

Thank you

Hello. Do you want to know anything more about SocioQuiz?

Looking forward to your purchase. Thank you..

Interested to buy. Two questions: Is there currently (or planed in the future) an option for users to create their own quizzes?

If not, what is the purpose of the facebook login? I have not seen any further settings or options after using the facebook login. Could you explain?

Thank you

Hi, Thank you for your interest in SocioQuiz. :)

Here are the answers for your queries:

  1. No, Its not possible with SocioQuiz as of now. We have not planned the features for next update yet. We’ll think of it when we plan a major update. But it wont be in the next few updates atleast.
  2. The facebook login is to keep a list of your users to build your userbase. When a user logs in, his name, email and some other details are collected which could be used to communicate to them in future. For example, email them when new quizzes are added. Thats a great way to grow your site and bring your visitors back to your site. You could even create “member only” quizzes to force users to login to boost user registrations.

Thank You :)

Hello. Do you want to know anything more about SocioQuiz?

Looking forward to your purchase. Thank you..