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Infinity scroll many time are froize in and not load next quizzes..

How i can develop plugins or themes if i needed you can give me any documentation?

Hi, I’ve been testing this for some days now. I like it. I have a question before buying, can you remove the “Like Us On Facebook” on the popup. I’ve liked and unliked your page many times thinking it was a new like. But it’s actually the fb page like. Won’t other people get confused and if there’s lots of players the page could get thousands of unlikes and relikes per day.

OR Can you make it greyed out if they already liked it? So they can’t accidentally unlike it?

Also I see the mindscan logo on the new quiz, are you working on an importer from there? That would be awesome.

Thank you

Before buying one question , Do i need to hire facebook developer to create app for this script? because if i hire that may cost me…


florentV Purchased

Hi! I have a 404 error on the “install-it” page. How can i resolved it please? Thank you.


khornelka Purchased

HI, I have a problem with the script, always need to login with facebook, if i disable the force login or change to anything, always need to login before start quiz. Why??


florentV Purchased

Hi! Please give me an answer to my ticket #453251. It is my third ticket… Thank you


putrahdht Purchased

Please reply my ticket

Hi, is this already working with PHP7 ?


Is it possible to give users the ability to publish their quizzes? It would be a spectacular feature

Hello Admin, It would really be nice If you create a new theme for the script. a bimber style theme, would do very well. let the homepage be more customizable.

I created a ticket support on 21/07. Don’t gotten any answers so far. The caller ID is #381856. People who try to sign in SocioQuiz to facebook through a mobile device get an error message. I need a solution. It’s urgent. I’m losing money because of your lack of support. If there is no workaround, I demand a refund of my purchase.