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Is it possible to allow certain sellers to use split payment and certain sellers to use manual commission send which all of theirs have used.

Also if possible for buyers to ask vendors questions ?

Both are not possible as of now. Thanks.

How can i insert payumoney split payment system in it?

There is no such feature as of now. Please contact our support at with more details and we will check it out.


Hi, How are vendors manage their sale? and I cannot add new product and check my product selling. Where can I learn for how to use this plugin?

Inside the zip file downloaded from codecanyon you can find the documentation. If you need further help, please open a ticket at so that our support team can provide help.



Is your plugin is compatible with wordpress multisite?

Thank you

You should be able to activate it for each site. Please reach our support at by opening a ticket for any help.


I’m interested in this plugin, but I need to know … When I add a product is it possible to select several vendors or will I have to replicate this same product several times? Thanks

You can select only one vendor per product. Thanks.

Hi! Your plugin interests me when I see: “Multiple Vendors Can Sell the same product”.

I have an e-learning marketplace and some courses are created by 2 or 3 people.

With WooCommerce Product Vendors, I can’t pay several sellers for 1 product.

With your plugin, could I set the commission for everyone?

Exemple : Mary = 4%, Steven = 20%, Bob = 3%

Thank you! David.

This feature what you are looking for is currently not available as it needs some revamping. We will bring it in future updates.


It would be great!

Hi Why your product *Muven Multi Vendor – WooCommerce Marketplace System” isn’t available anymore? Thanks for a short feedback

It has been removed from sale as it needs lot of code revamping and currently we are held up with other work. Thanks.