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Your demo doesn’t seem to be working


You will have to click the Remove Frame button on the top right for the demo link to load properly or you can check the demo here



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demo not working…

Please check the live demo directly here


Hi. Is it possible create a MultiCity shop based on your plugin? So each vendor will be qual one city.

This Plugin doesn’t have such an option.


can shipping plugins be used so that each product shipping cost is calculated by its vendor origin and customer destination? Other than 1 flat rate per product, can other calculations be made with shipping, or can other advanced shipping calculator add-ons be used with your plugin? Can I use a non-paypal payment processor as long as they are woocommerce compatible?


It is hard to say without checking with the corresponding shipping plugin. Please reach our support at for testing with shipping plugin.

You can use any WooCommerce compatible Payment gateways as the vendor commission can be paid manually by the site admin.


Hi, just like to check if this works on a multisite environment?

If you are referring to managing vendors and products across multi site then it is not possible. Thanks.

Not managing vendor and products across multi-site, just being able to use it on a standalone subsite. I tried a few plugins, but the commission and order feature for vendors can’t seem to work. So wondering if this plugin is able to active and work properly on a subsite?

It won’t work with network activation but will work for individual sub site activation if that helps. Feel free to reach our support at if you want to check something else.


Hello, i have presale question. I have a site with WooCommerce and want to have resellers that can sell my products. Allocating a tax on each reseller user so you can sell different price. To access the site, the purchaser must enter the code reseller to see products with the price differential assigned to that reseller. The purchase must be related to the reseller but the products are always the same, just change the price according to the reseller. How can i do that? is this plugin close to what i want? or you can tell me if there is another plugin to make this. Thanks

This Plugin is not for the same product to be sold by multiple vendors/resellers. Our other Plugin – Muven Multi Vendor does that.


I am very interested this plugin but I have certain queries.

I did not find as the same product can be sold by 2 other sellers.

Would need a lot of vendors can sell the same products.

If the seller is logged in, he can view his products and who bought it. And if not logged only to see the profile of this seller with their products.

So each vendor has a own private section to change the information, products and image, and receives a report of products sold.

When a purchase is made, he get a notice to the seller? Where can he control this?


If you want the feature of the same product to be sold by multiple sellers and the user should choose from which seller to buy then please check our other Plugin –

Please check the admin/vendor login for more details.


demo not working, removed the frame, still not loading

ok, i finally got in, but when I test the CSV export, it doesnt load? I would like to check the csv reports before purchase

Please contact our support at


Instead of a commission, is it possible to set up a listing fee for a certain period of time? EG 30$ for listing the product 30 days. No purchase based commission.


This kind of feature is not available. Thanks.


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I have a WP/Woo site selling artworks for artists and designers. Rather than creating every product myself I would like to provide artists with the ability to create/edit/delete their own products.

I would initially create a new category for each artist (upon accepting their application), would they then be able to create/edit/delete products within this category but have no access to any other category?

How do product variations work? If an artist wishes to sell a small print, a large print and a canvas of the same image, how can they create this type of product? At the moment admin creates all variations, but it could be too complicated for a new author. Could I produce variations which they can choose to apply to each of their products?

All sales payments are taken by admin who will then print, pack and post the work directly to customers. Once costs are deducted, the remaining funds from a sale are passed to the artist (whose work was purchased). Will this plugin continue this handling of sales?

Thanks for your time and kind attention,


The vendors will be able to edit/delete only products which they created.



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Hi Team,

I purchased and would like to ask a question. Is it possible for admin to manually input a vendor’s commission on a ‘per sale’ basis?


1) Vendor creates product and sets price. 2) Customer buys product. 3) Admin calculates commission for vendor after costs deducted. 4) Admin inputs this figure instead of commission % for this sale. 5) Vendor sees this figure on dashboard as “Total Vendor Earned Commission” or “Vendor Due Commission”.

Instead of commission I actually need to use this plugin to display ‘profit after deductions’. Commission as a % is less useful in this instance. I would prefer to:

1) Manually input the amounts for “Total Vendor Earned Commission” or “Vendor Due Commission”.

2) Create a cost database that can deduct costs from gross sale of a product and then use this figure for “Total Vendor Earned Commission” or “Vendor Due Commission”.

Is this possible?

Thank you.


There is no option to set the vendor commission manually for each sale as you are asking for. Please contact our support at regarding the creation of cost database and our support should be able to provide more info.


Can’t checkout your demo because the logins/passwords are not working

Please check it now and it should work. Please make sure you close the iframe by clicking the Remove iFrame button at the top right.


this plugin is not working with my site, i wasted money on this plugin, it never shows vendor application at my account page

You will have to use the shortcode [mv_vendor_application] to display the vendor application. If you face any problem, you can contact our support at


We noticed you already created a support ticket and our support team has replied to it last. Please login and check the reply.


Hi there,

Live Preview brings to nowhere, do you have a live demo?




It is a problem with the iFrame. If you close the iFrame by clicking the Remove Frame button on the top right it will work. You can also access the demo page directly here


I have a presale question:

I buyer buys a product from a vendor. Can the buyer leave a review for that vendor? Not on his product but to rate the vendor as shop?

please let me know


This feature is not available in Socio Multi Vendor but it is available in Muven Multi Vendor.


Ok. Thank you for the reply

Hi, your plugin looks good. I’m setting up a woocommerce multi-vendor wp site, using my current WPMU/WPMS website. I found that Woocommerce also has a PayPal adaptive payments plugin plus a multi-vendor plugin, but it’s much more than your one! 1. Does yours compare well with that Woocommerce plugin?

2. I’m also looking for the best multi-vendor plugin to use with Woocommerce. They have their own: But there are several other multi-vendor plugins. Does your woo commerce multi-vendor plugin that work well with Buddypress, and WPMU/WPMS ?


We suggest you compare and decide which one fits your needs as it is hard for us to know your need fully. Also we have our own Muven Multi Vendor which has inbuilt PayPal Adaptive Split payment gateway in case that helps.

For more details, please contact our support at



Please let us know whether your plugin can do this:

1. For our commissions from each vendor’s sale, we want to set prices by groups. For example, if we want to group CDs, and charge 10% commission for each sale by vendors, then group clothing and charge 5% commission etc, is this possible with this multi-vendor plugin?

2. Can we give vendors 2 options during sign up to our store? For example, we want them to choose to sign up and sell products by paying monthly or yearly subscription charges, and also offer a second option where vendors can choose to sell and pay us commission only after they have made a sale.


These features are not available. Thanks.

Hello, Do you have feature like that; Every vendor’s products have own limit about minimum shopping cart price, and different shipping prices?

Sorry, these features are not available. Thanks.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Can i know is it allow vendor to have shipping method ship by vendor or ship by admin ?

This kind of option isn’t available. Thanks.

Okays … thanks for reply .. One more question , can i know did it have shortcode for display vendor product into page/post ? Example [vendor_pro_id = 1] into page will display all the vendor id 1 product at page ?

Sorry, this is not available. Thanks.