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Hi, is this app pre-configured or the user can set up his own social networks and users?It is not very clear on your video.

Ok, so you can just edit the links into a simple Dictionary into Configs.swift file as you wish, you can even put your own profile’s link, no problem.
About rejection, we have seen apps live on the app store that work like our app, like this one: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/social-media-all-in-one-app/id1035268461?mt=8

I will think about it, thank you!

You’re welcome!

if i change to

and rename folder in assets from Facebook to my page and the image from Facebook to my page the icon does not show in the app.

basically i could just resin and change url, but where do i change the name under the icon ? names like Facebook, twitter, vimeo and all that to my custom labels

codecanyod deleted some text in the above message for some reason, when i change labels under each icons the image disappears

Hi, if you renamed “Facebook” into “mypage”, that’s key-sensitive, so you have to rename the Facebook image name into Assets.xcassets folder into “mypage”, not “my page” (notice the space between the 2 words, which is what you wrote in your comment).

1. ["name":"mypage", "link":"http://mypage.com"]
2. go into Assets.xcassets folder, search for the Facebook icon in the list panel and just rename it exactly as 'mypage'

This code will not get approved, rejected 2 times on itunes

Hi, how can Apple have already reviewed your submission since this app template is available from only 5 days and usually Apple reviewers take 2 weeks to review an app on iTunes Connect?
If they rejected your app, please take a screenshot of the message they sent you in the Resolution Center on iTC and send it to us so we’ll see what to do. Thanks.

Before I buy can you explain how it works as far as the user goes like do you click on Facebook it loads your feed and things you can press back and then select for example Instagram and view that? Or is it all your social media in one like news feed that you scroll through

No, we’re only iOS developers

Good news, we’ll soon publish an Android version of this app, follow us on Twitter to stay updated!

When you go to post a picture or video for Facebook and Twitter it just refreshes the page back to your feed do you know why this would be happening?

I downloaded the latest file and ran it and tried to post an image on Facebook it does the same thing once you click the image to upload it just refreshed back to the main Facebook page, it still isn’t fixed.

No, the update of this app has not been approved yet by Envato reviewers, you should get an email from them when it’s available. We’re sorry, usually it takes 1 day to them to approve our items, so they’re a bit in late, don’t know why.

Check your email ;)

does this only work with social medias? could i possibly change the links to specific sites? or have it link to apis of different sources

yes, since it works with pure http links you can set any link you want in the app, not just links to social networks ;)

is it possible for me to implement a way that people can add/delete circles/links?

no, sorry, this app doesn’t have a login/sign up system nor a database storage system, you would have to rewite the whole app in a different way.

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In the IOS Universal Social list, I couldn’t find Snapchat Icon. Does this application support for Social Snapchat?

No, it doesn’t.