Discussion on SocialV - Social Network Flutter App with BuddyPress (WordPress) Backend

Discussion on SocialV - Social Network Flutter App with BuddyPress (WordPress) Backend

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Hello. Hope that iqonic would make a service like cloud app building. I surrender to build this haha. I’m at limbo in tutorial and I admit I know little in coding.

Cloud building as a service for your app would make this more valuable. Wouldn’t mind paying it as you go. Or paying per built.

I have options for hiring someone but hesitant because it will bloat the overhead and what about update? Another payment. Ackkk.

Hoping you would consider this option in near future.

Sure, thanks for the suggestion. Will work on this.

Thanks. Gonna wait for this feature hope at affordable rate.


griv4u Purchased

Hello. This is doesn’t seem like it’s compatible with WP Media Convert. Is it compatible with another similar plugin to auto upload to amazon S3 or similar? The storage on servers can disappear quickly for social apps and its more expensive the S3 or digital ocean spaces. This is a must requirement please.

This plugin utilises media from

However, we haven’t been able to test whether it works or not.

Indeed, transferring files to a service like S3 can significantly enhance your storage space management efficiency.

For more detailed instructions, you can refer to the following steps:


griv4u Purchased

This reply reads robotic. Can you make it compatible? or something similar?

Yes, We can customize it for you. Please contact us on Skype:

still waiting on the documentation on how to configure the above .. there are literally no directions for them and unfortunately im not a mind reader ..

Paid Membership Pro(PMP) Integration Introduced in-app payments with Stripe and Razorpay Implemented adult content filter for posts, comments, and forums. WooCommerce latest version Support

Set Duration for Video Stories. Deletion of Video Stories Send Verification Request to User Introduced OTP Login Activation process for newly registered accounts with email Ability to search for posts Option to customize chat backgrounds Allowed blocking users in Chat Setting Users can now add Camera Videos to their stories.


We are working n the documentation of Paid Membership Pro(PMP) Integration and payment setups, till then if you will face any issue our team will help you.

You just have to update code and plugin for other change logs.


griv4u Purchased

Can users change their username? Not full name but username. I am having a difficulty finding a way for users to choose/updates their username. When signing via social auth there is a username set for them but cannot change it. Please advise.


griv4u Purchased

How about why each time you go to a page the whole page loads? There is no caching? This is very bad for performance and the user experience.


griv4u Purchased

I see from other comments that it’s been almost 1 years since a customer has mentioned this. Why is this not yet implemented? It is standard and makes the app feel poorly made.

Thank you for feedback.

Cache system is not added in app for now but it can be customized or you can make changes in code manually to add caching.

1- what server is this running on? I hope it’s very minimal because when I try to post video from iOS the entire app across different devices freezes up (I tried on android devices while video was uploading). Video stories on iOS simply do not work if they are over about 10 seconds.

2- any plans on mentioning user / tagging user in comment?

3- any plans on hashtags?

Thanks for getting back to me.

1. yes I saw that thanks (the video does skip on ios, you may want to check), however a lot of times it says ‘story published successfully’ but doesnt post, it would be really frustrating for a user to film a story and then it not post. But also, some times sections of the app take 45-70 seconds to load after a video is posted, so I was wondering if this is a server issue? Is this something with the api that we would be able to fix on our end with a more powerful server or is it app related?

2. How does the tag find the user? When I found one of my accounts with a google sign-in, it tagged the user but put a period in the username in their email and thus it did not notify the user because they have a – in their username. It also doesn’t find users with apple private email login. Is it by the users email address if they use apple or google login? I don’t think users on social want their email address to be listed publicly right there. Every single user who logs in through google or apple you can get their email address.

3. cool.

4. If a user goes to their own profile and clicks the (i) button next to their email, the ‘Personal information’ screen shows up but it’s empty. When I log in with the demo user ‘jerry’ it does show the info but not if you login with apple id or google.

Also, sorry for giving harsh comments, just trying to help you improve.

1) Thank you for your feedback, for now loading video stories is taking time, but we will try to improve the performance for large videos.

2) We send notification when user is mentioned. We will check mentioning and searching user registered using social login. You can code manually for hiding email address to be listed publicly or we can customize it for you.

4) You have to fill information from edit profile section, the you will be able to view Personal information on click of (i) button.

modii121 Purchased

1- why Can’t share photos and videos from other apps into the socialv app 2- media can’t be downloaded 3- there’s no cache for the app so everytime you open the app it’s redownloading the media, it consumes our user internet. 4- app doesn’t work offline like any app, if you open it without internet it’s not showing anything. 5- bbmessage websocket version have features like audio & video call it’s not there in the app. 6- friends suggested not working properly it’s showing all members not the members around the user. 7- course video iframe from hosted files doesn’t appear, it shows it like youtube video and not working, when add the video url direct it never showes the video. 8- notifications not properly working, try to add notifications by firebase directly. 9- video media not appearing fast even with cache plugin.

modii121 Purchased

all these results to a bad experience….

Hi modii121,

1) You can download photo or video you want to share and post them. Or you can post the the link of media too.

2) You have to code manually for adding this feature in app or we can customize it for you.

3, 4) Cache system is not added in app for now but it can be customized.

5) Adding video and audio call is in our planning we will try to add this feature in our future updates or we can customize it for you.

6, 7, 8. Please generate support ticket and share screenshots and videos of your issue our support agent will help you.

9) It may take time to load large video files.

I can add an LMS plugin to this app, since it works with WordPress.

Yes, LearnPress plugin is supported in the app.

I am following the steps and when I first run “flutter run” it crashes. This is the error and it’s annoying. Error: The argument type ‘BorderRadius?’ can’t be assigned to the parameter type ‘BorderRadiusGeometry’ because ‘BorderRadius?’ is nullable and ‘BorderRadiusGeometry’ isn’t.

Hi, please upgrade nb_utils library version to the latest and check again.

I am unable to pay. I am based in Nigeria. Help

Which payment doesn’t work in Nigeria?

Skrill, PayPal and credit card. Please add Flutterwave payment gateway.

We are not planning to add Flutterwave payment gateway as of now, but we can customize it for you.

is there any way to join group by link like telegram and Whatsapp groups

This feature is not available in app as of now, we can customize it for you.

How to disable this idiotic Membership, after registering and logging in the user can hardly do anything?

If you do not need the membership then you can disable the PMP plugin.


Comaa Purchased

When i try to send follow request i get errors like “invalid friendship ID” and ” your not allowed to perform this action” what need to do?

Hi, Please submit a support ticket at Our support agent will help you.


Comaa Purchased

How to make that every user can simple create account and log in without waiting to i accept this account in admin panel? is Ther rule that i need to set to this be automaticly accepted?

Hi Comaa,

You can disable “Acount Verification” from admin dashboard.

Steps: App Configuration -> BuddyPress -> Acount Verification.

please add a country picker to the social v and stop being greedy for customization payment .. I gave you the idea and the dependency and you use it on the otp and not the signup .. many other clients of yours need this and your clients shouldn’t have to pay you over and over to add it every update

Adding OTP Login was in our planning and for that we used country picker.

You want to add country picker in profile fields. Since our profile fields and data entry forms are dynamic, we are not adding this is in our app but we can customize it for you.

Hey, great product, is there a way to disable stories? The UI on the top of the home feed

Hi LiptonSwift,

Currently there is no way to remove Stories. You have to code manually for removing stories or we can customise it for you.

Okay so disabling story in the WebApp still enables it in the mobile app.

You have to remove it from home_fragment.dart by commenting &

// HomeStoryComponent(callback: () {
            //   LiveStream().emit(GetUserStories);
            // }),


// list.add(DrawerModel(image: ic_story, title: language.myStories, attachedScreen: UserStoryScreen()));

Incase anyone else is having this issue

Yes, you can comment Story code the manner you have shown.

Hoping to see the text formatting while adding post from app in this update. Its not been resolved. When can you do this part.

We will plan for it in the upcoming update.

When can one expect the next update. It was said it will be added in this update in last month.

Please submit a support ticket at Our support agent will help you.

whats the status on the update .. your behind the flutter version and thats kinda bad for business ..

i really hope youve updated all the old outdated dependencies you were using in v30

i cant update my flutter on my mac because if i do then my social v app wont work

please stay up to date..


We have rolled out the update on codecanyon today.

whats the status on the update .. your behind the flutter version and thats kinda bad for business ..

i really hope youve updated all the old outdated dependencies you were using in v30

i cant update my flutter on my mac because if i do then my social v app wont work

please stay up to date..


We have rolled out the update on codecanyon today.

pre buy question ;

Can users sell their products? Or can they create an classified ads?

Only Admin can sell products. SocialV App supports Google AdMob, but users cannot create ads.

pre sale question : Does this include the website? or do we have to purchase it separately?

No, this does not include Theme, you have to purchase Theme seperately.


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