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Demo nie dziala…?

“Demo nie dzia?a… ?” = “Demo not working”

Something went wrong with the link… Here’s correct one:

Edit: Link is fixed now

does it only support square / rounded buttons? looking for rectangular buttons

Hi, It’s square/rounded/circle only. As shown on demo page.

Hi, Where do I go to change the coding so I can give the ‘dark background’ a specific hex humber? Also how to add padding between each icon – they touch currently – thanks

Very nice. Good luck

As a webdeveloper I have to say ‘this is the Ultimate!! very clever solution to satisfy every client. It works fine.

Thank you!

Hi, I’m pretty new to this so I’d appreciate your help with this product. I can’t find any documentation of how to launch the sharing function. For example, when someone clicks on the Facebook logo, how can they post the page to Facebook when no code is included.

I realise something is supposed to go between the href tag but what exactly I’m not sure as when I paste in Facebook or Twitter’s sharing code it strips some of the code out.


Hi, Try for most popular social websites.

Thank you, a great help!

Client says they are seeing b j a instead of fb linked in and twitter for icons . I have tested on multiple computers and browsers and am not able to replicate. any idea?

Problem is resolved… The client’s firewall was blocking the fonts that are using the script. Thanks for the help.

Just noticed that if a client visits it will work fine but if they visit which is same site then it will show b j a for icons instead of actual icons… Possible bug

Hey, Please provide a link – we’ll check it.

Best, Boom Apps Team

is this compatibile with Visual Composer?

Hey, This isn’t made for VC – shortcode only. However, the shortcodes are really simple: [socialuttons social=”{ICON}” href=”{LINK}”] and there is also a “Add” button in WYSIWYG editor.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hello, a pre-sale question – can icons be displayed horizontallly – ie 2 or more to a row? Thanks!

Hey, Unfortunatelly this is not possible. All options are displayed in generator/demo.

Best, Boom Apps Team


I write to you because I don´t know how to install the files. Do you have a documentation guide or something? I understand you don’t offer installation services, but can you tell me the steps please?

Hey! You install the plugin the same way you install a any other Wordpress plugins. Please refer to:

“Install a Plugin using the WordPress Admin Plugin Upload” is what you are looking for.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team