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Can they be resized so they are bigger?

At the moment with minimal knowledge of CSS – yes. And that’s good idea for an update. :)

PS. I’ll upload an update with such feature in about a week.

Nice Job . Good Lock With Your Sales

Thanks :)

Awesome work! Hope few updates

Thanks :) It’s great to hear you like it. There will be update(s), already got some new ideas.

Thanks for the wonderful plugin. I’ve searched through so many before finally finding this one! One small thing, when using Google Rich Snippet Tool in the Extracted Structure Section, I see that the plugin is populating itself in the ‘entry-content.’

hatom-feed hatom-entry: entry-content: FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestE-mail [then my actual entry content is here]

Don’t know if you can do anything about that? Thought I’d bring it to your attention. Thanks Again!

I was able to turn it off in the summary by unclicking, Display settings>>”List of Articles.” So, http://popworkouts.com/category/celebrities/ looks good now. Still can’t figure out why the buttons are populating in hatom-feed hatom-entry: entry-content though.

I thought about this problem and I have no idea why such problem could happen. I would need to see Socialuttons actually included (Now they are not). If you need some live help feel free to contant me @skype, my login is facebook:dczerwonski

No worries. Schema.org markup is just a headache. I’m over it for now. Next project-gonna work on trying to make the buttons bigger via css files.

Wish List-

Being able to use Metro style buttons for the main bar. Then, being able to use the circular buttons for the sidebar. I’d happily pay more for this as an addon.

Love the plugin, Thanks!

Thanks! Now I’m working on Wordpress version, but I’ll think about such option.

Some of the icons look terrible, especially the youtube one. I cant use this on my website thats for sure :(

Hi. What OS/Web browser causes this problem?

hi, just purchased your product. how does the generator work? What programme do Ineed to open php? I have a Wordpress.com hosted site. I can’t upload fonts. Is the item not suitable for me then?

thanks Twin

Hi, for use with Wordpress there is a WP plugin version of this item. If using plain html plugin version with WP you’ll need HTML skills. You don’t need any php. However you have to upload all the plugin files somewhere and link to the CSS’s in HTML head somehow. I’m not familiar with Wordpress.com, so I’m affraid I can’t help you with that.

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales


Hello -

I have been trying to install this plugin but it keeps failing when I upload it to the backend. Or when I open the plugin I have tried to upload all the files to a plugin within the plugin folder. Unfortunately, I had to name the plugin folder myself since it was not compacted into one folder already. I called the folder socialuttons-v1.0 (as it is called in the zip) however it is not showing up in the plugin list. Can you please explain steps to install the plugin please.

thank you – Carrie

Hey, You’ve purchased a plain HTML item – how do you want to install it as a plugin? :)

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team