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Is this for SocialStrap Script made by Interactive32, Inc.?

Yes, these were made specifically for SocialStrap. They work based on the SocialStrap Database structure. These are not generic API’s.

What we can achieve with this?

These are used to make calls back to the database to view, edit or insert data, such as when using a mobile app.

You could call these the “connectors” between a mobile / desktop app and the SocialStrap Script.

How do these API’s work?

It is rather simple really. You don’t want to have any direct access to your database which contains your site settings & configurations or access to your clients details. So you use these files as connectors to retrieve / modify / add the data.

Each .php file is specific to it’s function. Lets take ‘viewprofile.php’ as an example:

Lets say you develop a mobile app. Now you have a SocialStrap website and you have a Mobile app (Assuming you configured the app to work with the api’s already)

On your Mobile app you click on a ‘Members Profile’. That button will make a call to the api file ‘viewprofile.php’ with the ‘Members ID’ sequence number from the DB in the url it calls. It will look something like this:


Now, the ‘viewprofile.php’ file will retrieve the ‘Members’ info to the app for it to display.