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Looks amazing, is this for Social Strap script? The one alcalbg made? What we can achieve with this? I heard about API’s but never tried and I don’t know the details what can be done with API’s. Please can you explain for me. Then I would love to buy it without any second thought !


Thank you for your inquiry.

Is this for Social Strap script? The one alcalbg made? - Yes, these were made specifically for SocialStrap. They work based on the SocialStrap Database structure. These are not generic API’s.

What we can achieve with this? - These are used to make calls back to the database to view, edit or insert data, such as when using a mobile app. You could call these the “connectors” between a mobile or desktop app and the SocialStrap Application.


Great Job ;)

Thank you much. Hope you get some good mileage out of it.

Will I direct this on the addons folder ?

Hey beautyconceptinc, thank you for purchasing. If you mean should you Create this directory in the “Addons” folder, then the answer would be:

You can create a directory for these files anywhere within your webspace. You can place it at the root or within the “Addons” folder.

Because you are making calls to these files, it only matters that the proper call is made to where the file(s) is located.

Example, if you want to add the directory within the “Addons” directory, the call would be “”. If you place it on the root then it would be “”.

Essentially it is your choice where you feel the files are best situated and there is no limitation as to where they should be. Hope this answers your question. Please feel free to let me know if there is any more information I can help with.

Thank you

Great Work! this is so powerful…

Thank you much. Hope it helps take your site to the next level.

How about giving the “API-Is-A-Big-Mystery”-folks a simple and good working example of what can be achieved with this and you will probably get a lot more sales.

That’s a great idea! I will try to set up a demo site. I do see what you mean though, the description could use a bit more detail as well. Thank you for your input.

I have added another FAQ with a quick summary of how the API’s work in general. I will try to get a demo out soon. Thanks again.

recently i purchase the script there is any demo or how to use ,

thanks man, I dont have knowledge about social strap

can you suggest me how to do ?

Check out That is the developers live site.

okey thanks man

I read everything I could find here… but I’m still not sure, are these REST APIs supporting GET, POST, etc? How are REQUESTS /RESPONSES managed??

These are JSON API’s. Basic connector to DB, nothing extreme. You type in a url sttring or apply a url string within your application and it will return the data.

Why don’t you use the defaut socialstrap config.php file? What is the point to have its own config.php?

You can redirect to the default config.php file is you would like to modify it that way. Once you purchase, you can freely modify as needed to fit your SocialStrap installation.

These API’s were originally built as their own entity that would work within it’s own config structure. The mentality behind this was taking into account any future modifications from client or script. Any changes that would need to be made would not have any dependencies to the original SocialStrap files as the script is always expanding and evolving.

SocialStrap appears to hash the passwords – is there any way to get the API to do the same while passing parameters? It’s not a big deal to pull hashed passwords from the database, I just want to make sure I’m using the API properly.

The API’s did not have hashing integrated into them. You could however modify the coding to hash the same as the application.

I’ve noticed in the submitpost file, there appears to be image support. Was this implemented, and do you have documentation on how to perform this?

Unfortunately I never went that far. Shortly after this API I gave up on Socialstrap and never continued with enhancements to the API’s.

Awesome! GLWS