Socialsider - Universal Social Sidebar

Socialsider - Universal Social Sidebar

Socialsider – Universal Social Sidebar

62 social icons, 2.304 style combintations - Left top, left middle, left bottom, right top, right middle, right bottom positions - Fixed & absolute positions - 6 color styles - Half – hidden option - Edge radius on/off

It’s very simple to create – Generate your style with included generator – Link the CSS’s – and copy generated code to your website.

See also wordpress version here:


- Added "blur" option
- Added "disable on mobile" option
- Added icons: 8tracks, airbnb, alliance, amazon, amplement, android, angellist, appnet, baidu, bandcamp, battlenet, bebee, blizzard, chrome, curse, deezer, diablo, discord, douban, draugiem, drupal, ebay, ello, endomondo, etsy, filmweb, firefox, formulr, goodreads, googlescholar, googlegroups, googlephotos, googleplus, hackerrank, hearthstone, hellocoton, heroes, hitbox, horde, houzz, icq, imdb, issuu, istock, itunes, keybase, line, livejournal, lyft, macos, mail, medium, meetup, mixcloud, modelmayhem, mumble, nintendo, npm, odnoklassniki, openid, opera, overwatch, patreon, paypal, periscope, persona, player, playstation, pocket, qq, quora, raidcall, ravelry, renren, researchgate, residentadvisor, reverbnation, sharethis, smugmug, snapchat, songkick, stackexchange, stackoverflow, starcraft, stayfriends, storehouse, strava, streamjar, swarm, teamspeak, teamviewer, telegram, tripit, triplej, twitch, uber, ventrilo, viber, viewbug, warcraft, wechat, weibo, whatsapp, wykop, yammer, yandex, younow, zapie, zomato
- Minor fixes
- Fixed line-height issue
- Fixed overflow:hidden; issue with shadow option
- Socicon font updated to v3.5.2
- Removed icons: easid, netcodes, chimein

- Minor optimization

- First version