SocialLogin+ for .NET

SocialLogin+ for .NET

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Imagine your users are using their favourite social account like Facebook , Twitter to login into your websites . This is all possible through SocialLogin+ .
SocialLogin+ is a plugin or extension for a website which let user to login using their favourite social account .

Features :-

  • Login through top six social accounts – Facebook , Twitter , Google , Linkedin , Yahoo , Windows Live .
  • Easily get user data in the form of user object . No need to know details of complex OAuth implementation on which social login depends , just get data from user object .
  • Easy to use API – Use objects , properties and functions .
  • Fully customizable source code – request more information from networking website , get detail JSON data , get social networking website specific data .
  • Nice login screen .
  • Easy to implement .
  • Fast and secure API .

Advantages of SocialLogin+ :-

  • User dont need to create new account on your website .
  • User dont need to remember new user name and password to login .
  • Get more traffic , engage users .
  • Get genuine information of user from leading social networking websites .
  • User can choose any social account to login (Currently SocialLogin+ supports six social accounts – Facebook,Twitter,Google,Yahoo,Live,Linkedin)
  • Safe and Secure .