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I tried the LIVE PREVIEW. Is it just a button? Nothing happens after clicking.

we are sorry you face difficulty in live preview but our Live Preview is working fine, there must be some other problem . Go to and click on any social button . We are always ready to provide full support .

Hi there.. can your script support passing some info to create an account on my site which they can later fill in other finer details if not provided by their respective social network?

Hi , thanks for taking interest in my item . Yes my script supports this. Suppose email is not provided by Twitter , in that case just email variable will be blank , you can ask user to fill in detail or create an account without email and ask user to later fill in detail . Moreover we support our item , as of now we can customize it as per your need .

Hello codearsalan,

Will this plugin provided as dll form? Secondly can i use this on .net 4.0 webform application?

You can use it on .NET4.0 and you will get dll as well as full source code .

is it still effective? i bought but still didn’t tried :)

Hello codearsanal,

Is there any documation available before we buy. We want to integrate it in our system and want to know if we must do a lot of programming.


Hello , doc is only available to buyers. If you want know about social login you can ask question here.

Hello I bought SocialLogin, I gotta run the login Linkedin but Facebook gives error and does not work. I already sent an email to support you last week, but so far have not got a solution.

Best Regards

Sorry for this, we are working on the issue and i will provide update soon.

Please send me email , I want to talk to you on how to fix code.

My e-mail is alanjorge_am @ hotmail . com

Will this script work for Office 365 and Sharepoint Online?

Hi , this is more of API written in . You can use it if you know how to integrate it. Before purchasing I recommend you to tell me how can you integrate other .NET API . Based on your knowledge I can tell whether to purchase it or not.


I’m interested in the API but it seem that the demo site is a “park” domain for sale with no demo in it. Is the product still supported ?

Thank you

the link is not working ,

same thing i am facing,- do you have any alternative URL to view?

Selam, yard?m?n gerekli.

HI, I’ve a problem when I’ve updated Newtonsoft at 6.0. Your component wants only 4.5 version. Have you got a workaround ?

it’s very urgent thank you

Please it’s very urgent. I find that your component doesn’t work with updated version of newtonsoft. You have compiled your version for 5.0.4. Could you help me please?

Hello, I am planning to buy it. but I will not click on Buy button unless or until I may get a demo. Kindly share it with me. I am willing to buy it. But I want to know how it works

Hi I have purchased your SocialLogin+ for .NET script

as you know facebook now restrict email capture. how can i remove it from scope?


hello I cant login using social the page redirected to why?

awesome design