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No is possible add ads?

Hi renatokeuller36,
Yes, it’s possible to add advertisement codes. In the Admin Area, there’s a section called “Manage Advertisements” where you can add your ad codes to display ads on the website.



flashtype Purchased

Hi, I have to say Great script and a SuperSupport Rehan Adil gives a super service and very much effort only to recommend.

Class would be if the pictures are released when I upload 10 pictures that he 1 big 3 small and 6+ again. Furthermore messages such as eg. Peron X is now friends with person Y or person X has joined group X. Person X participates in the event, which is posted in the Timeline

Furthermore, I noticed that in the profile info still a lot of information missing Like relationship status, profession, where did you go to school ect.

Then the fields like cover change and repositioning is out of place should be positioned with mouse over in the cover itself.

And under the cover the fields like Facebook zb: Chronik Info Friends Photos More Positioning.

Thank you for the nice feedback!

I will surely take them under consideration and add more features with each new upcoming update.



wbrenner Purchased

Hi! I’ve purchased Socialkit a long time ago and at the time it was not compatible with my server which is WP Engine. Do you know if it is compatible now, after so many updates, maybe? Can you help me to try it again?

Hi wbrenner,
Sure, we should give it a try. Email me via the Support tab: with FTP&MySQL details (or cPanel) and I will see if I can install it on a Wordpress engine.



evohans Purchased

Hello, do you have a 2.5 changelog? I customized a lot of the script and need to correct functions

Hi evohans,
You can find the changelog for v2.5 here:

Just scroll down to the bottom and look for “Updates | Changelog”.



evohans Purchased


I know in the past you uploaded a changelog.txt file (similar to this, is that a possibility at all? I found it very helpful as i just added my custom functions to those pages.

Cheers, thanks for quick support :)

The Update Instructions for v2.5 comes with a folder called “Update Script” that contains all the files that have changed since the last version. You can apply your changes to these files and upload it to your server.

Cheers! :grin:

Hello Rehan, thanks for the good work, i intend to re-write this script to python programming language (django), i want to know how possible that is? :) sorry for disturbing…

Hi vricote,
I’m not sure if that’s possible. May I ask why do you want to rewrite it to python?


flashtype Purchased

Hello, When a post has been written and another member writes a comment on this post It would be possible to let the fold up One sees only hard to the number of the comment which are then hinged


flashtype Purchased

It would be better to see them directly

Hi flashtype,
So from what I understand, you’d like the comment section to be expanded by default?


flashtype Purchased

Yes, it remains open so that you can see the comments

Hey :D I wanna buy a license for SocialKit but i have one Question : Is there an installation script included? Or how to install at a normal webspace? Thank You


There is an installation script included, with a 4-step installation process. It’s super simple and easy to use! No technical knowledge needed.

Cheers! :grin:

Thank You :D

Hello There, quick bug :) If you insert a long description into your profile, the description text (when you view your profile) does not fit in to the “about” box, it is displayed in one line, somehow “behind” the timeline

Hi Sorkado,
Bug noted! Although this happens when there’s no spacing between words, but I will work around it by the next update (within a month).



CFFT Purchased

Hi rehan how do you get to the admin page? I have not had chance to try new update yet. I have checked demo on my iPhone but when I try and click admin area the browser buttons pop up and hides the link button. I have also try /admin but error404

After logging in the demo, go to

You will find the new Admin Panel

Cheers! :grin:

Do you have a portuguese translation?

Hi sevagas,
Portuguse translation is included in the script, although it still needs some improvisation. If you’re familiar with Portuguese langauge, you can translate them yourself very easily!


I really like your script, i tried to test as many features of it as i could get my hands on, and i am planing to buy it, – not going to lie to you, am am comparing it with other scripts, but so far yours is on top. The biggest problem i have is the video downloading, or any media downloading. I want to concentrate myself upon the videos.

You said in your previous comments that videos are rendered by the browser. So, this means that the video downloading can be prohibited from your script for the users who use chrome with css (kind of a makeshift solution)

My Question is now, if you are available for hire, and if you are willing to implement an external video player ?

Beside this i have some suggestions:

It would be really nice if you could add a html widget to the sidebar, so we can add the custom code.

It would be nice if we could add a description (caption) to pictures and videos & allow hashtags to be placed in the description.

You can try my website ( – ADULT ORIETATED) – and see the how pictures are uploaded and handled there, something like that is what i have in mind.

Right and left sidebar should stick to their position.

It would be nice if we could sell individual promoted posts. This post should remain promoted until an X number of views has been reached. As a different option, this post could stay promoted for a fixed period of time, or a x number of clicks.

And a last question:

What is your status towards 3-rd party plugins ? are there some of them you recommend ?

I know neither the suggestions nor the request is doable over night, and i am aware that you have your own plan, what i want to know is if, in the future you are going to implement these, or you are willing to code it for a fee.

Hi Sorkado,
Your css solution seems to work as it hides the download button from the player.

Can you provide me a link to the external video player that you’d like to use?

It’s possible to add html widget to the sidebar using Ad Codes.

The lightbox (photo viewer) will be improved within the next 1 or 2 updates!

Right and left sidebar can have fixed positioning but the right sidebar has content that overflows your screen height. Making the sidebar fixed will hide the overflowed content as it will no longer be scrollable.

I do have an idea to add something more to the promotion feature.

What type of 3rd-party plugins are you referring to? For video purposes?

At the moment, I’m occupied with developing native Android apps for SocialKit but I’ll be adding more features and improvising the current ones with each new update!


I really do not have any special video player in mind, i just don’t want to make it easy for my user to download the videos…

As for the plugins – just search “socialkit” here on codecanyon and you will find some of them.

Kindly for API are for all features inside script like ( Featured Users , People You May Know…) or some of them ??

Hi ramiiissa,
The API for SocialKit is being improvised, and I will be adding more options to it with each new update. A new API system will be released along with the Android app very soon.


Do you have list of this API? Kindly I want to know it before buy it

А как назначить себя админом ?

newest update, front page has too much going on – too busy – prefer plain front/landing page for log-in, not so much ajax and flying text

So I noticed in the admin area I can neither lock a member nor can I delete it In the language Admin -> Languages, a search field is required in the language of the country. I spend hours searching for a field

-Admin area User lock and delete Groups Lock or Delete Page Delete or lock Event Lock or Delete These are important functions

When comes the profile field extensions such as relationship status, occupation, school and so on?