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clever1 Purchased

Hi Could pages or groups be able to take their own payment plan and has their own limitation base on its own payment plan? Or does this script needs custom coding for this kind of thing?lmk

admincp not working ..its redirected to home link


sitastar Purchased

I have a problem with upload of files. The upload size of video, music, and document story is above 20 MB in my admin dashboard, but i can only upload this file types under 8 MB, not more. What is the problem? Thanks in advance!!

Happy 3rd Birthday on Envato CodeCanyon, SocialKit! =)


gjoni2064 Purchased

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Hi, Please refrain from threats as they will only get you banned. May I ask what I can help you with?


gjoni2064 Purchased

I write you a week and you do not answer me I have the ascent script And he does not do it to me licens


gjoni2064 Purchased

If you do not come back to me my pies do not wait and I’m wasting my time

Can reset my domain there my license ??? I’ll use another domain here!


Edema4 Purchased

Please I need someone to help me update my social kit and set up the app. I will pay for the service.

hi author you seem not reply anymore i hope you are not sick, please how can i add my own php code and display it in themes like this {{MY_CODE}}

Thank you for it license But please the Admin area not working You can look at it Thank you very much.. gjoni2064

I got a problem retrieving data from “notifications”. the json data is empty but the notification count reveal that there are notifications. The is empty. Triyng to call data directly with the result is undefined so I’ve changed the code “html(data.html)” to “html(data.responseText)” to get the status … I get “undefined” .. Where is the problem? Users can see notifications count but cannot read the notifications. Seems that nothing is read from Dbase.

... I got also another problem: Clicking the friends request users cannot accept it. The spinner icon run and the chrome consolle reveal this: request.php?t=user&a=accept_request 500 (Internal Server Error) – at this point of the script: $.post(‘', {follower_id: follower_id}, function(data) {

The website is

Regarding the notifications … obviously since the data is not defined nothing appear inside the modal div … either data.html or “ no_notifications ’”

Many thanks for the help