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I would take it.. but these lacks stop me :(

- can’t @mention into comments (no users dropdown) - reply to comments - ban users (pages & groups) - only if like page you can comment (pages) - edit comment - when share post add personal message

Is it in the bottom right chat window or the messages page?

bottom right

It’s fixed. The fix has been applied in the demo and will be appended in the next update.

Thanks for reporting

Oh actually you know what would be super neat as far as push notifications go is OneSignal support.

Thanks for the reference. I’ll definitely check it out!

Good afternoon, unfortunately my support expired, I was waiting 6 months the new update did not give time. I’m having problems in the preview links. On the demo site it works, on my server unfortunately it gets blank screen.

You can send me an email with FTP details and I will look into the issue.

does this script has video calling feature

Not at the moment but it will be added very soon!

satın almak istiyorum.türkçe sorunu var mı?

No problem with Turkish language at all.

Üye kayıt olurken zorunlu alan yapabiliyormuyum

Yes, you can. You will need a bit of MySQL and PHP knowledge to do it. If you require, you can hire me for paid customization and I will do it for you.



Sadly my support has ran out, Possible to add a twitch api where it says beside the users name if they are live?

Twitch Login can be added. I didn’t get the part “where it says beside the users name if they are live”. Can you provide more insight into this?


SCSTUDIOS Purchased something like this

I see. I will study Twitch API and see if it’s possible to do this. If it is, I will surely add it.


_ddw Purchased

BUG: Mail notifications are very necessary, at events, for people to be invited.

Thank you for your feedback. I will add E-mail invitation for Events as soon as possible.


_ddw Purchased

BUG: Missing setlocale(LC_ALL,”es_ES”); To be able to translate dates into events in Spanish. How could I do it?

Example: January -> Enero or JAN -> ENE

Can you elaborate what you’re trying to achieve?