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Hi I want to upload it to Google Play where I put com.q46D.waycloudlive and where I put the version

Do as you wish. I email I have not received it. Greetings

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I sent email

I how can I do it on my own site ?

By following the simple guide that you can find inside the script. For any help you can contact me.

Hi. Is this app still supported and updated?

Yes, there will be between the new version a few days

Hi! I’ve made some changes and new features additions on my website. The content that is displayed in the app is the same displayed when I access via the web (browser) or I’ll have to redo again in the app?

Android 4.4 version of the API were excluded upload from webview.

How do I contact you? What is your email?

Hello, I want to test the app but it seems the link is broken. Pls can you provide a new link for the v.5?

Now it works, test. Thank you

Downloaded. Thanks

Hello i cant download demo, and this one has ios too ?

thank you very much :) i was tried but i cant see vibration ?

Paste this link in a post. Then click to reach a demo page vibrations http://blogs.sitepointstatic.com/examples/tech/vibration-api/index.html :)

hi i use android studio 2.2 and i cant build this app i getting Error:A problem occurred configuring project ’:app’. > failed to find target with hash string ‘android-18’ in: C:\Users\Coder\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk Install missing platform(s) and sync project this one and i cant image asset “Icon Name Must Be Set” and i cant change package name

Yes that includes these features. But if your script does not … it does not work the app ..

last question :) i lock my screen on phone and someone write me on website but my phone screen continue black and noting notification or someting else ? what can i do for this ?

This can not be expected to solve .. Android APP webview that when the screen is locked there are no notifications from APP webview .. sorry.

Hello, App is great, I find a script in your app to give some message or else to user when there is no internet acces, is that available ? or can you make it for me

sorry for my bad english, thanks for your response.

I have email you via codecanyon 3 days ago, but didn’t get any reply, do you receive my email ?


anyone ?

Does this provide any advantage to the user over using Chrome Web Browser on a mobile device to access SocialKit? Does this work with SocialKit 2.4+? Do you know of an existing use of this in the Google App Store?

The advantage is they do not have to type the link every time. It makes you more professional service (APP Android).

hi admin, if your application now supports the latest version socialkit today. If yes, please give me a demo apk. apk demo link that you provide the status of 404

Pre purchase question: does this support the latest version of socialkit, and do you offer support if needed within 24hours?

It is compatible with the latest version and for those who buy the support is 24 / 24h

this app still working ?

The link to the demo android app is hacked.


Whaup Purchased

The installation documentation doesn’t match the content in the download folder. Can you please provide an update to the installation instructions and/or installation video?


Whaup Purchased

3 days and no response.