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castlist Purchased

For the next version, would you be able to implement an ‘invite-only’ option?

Sorry we can’t do that.

Thank you for all your help. The problem was solved very quickly, blessings …

Pleasure is mine :)

How to deactivate ‘affiliation’ system for the users? Or how to totally vanish the ‘affiliation’ system from the script? Also looking for video uploading feature.

You need to edit the code for that. anyways the affiliate code is optional during registration. Currently we have youtube video feature for post.


osmosiz Purchased

Great application,but it would be the best if real time notification using socket + nodejs instead of 3rd party,since it is social media with unlimited user. And post showing in real time too. Can’t wait for that update!

Yeah we are working on that update :) Well it does mean that, the available languages will be displayed in footer that option is ON and will be hidden if the option is OFF


osmosiz Purchased

I mean ENABLE LANGUAGES IN FOOTER is always ON even I changed to OFF.

Can you please place a support ticket regarding this issue?

It’s an error on demo site after login:

Client error: `GET` resulted in a `410 Gone` response (View: /home/forge/ (View: /home/forge/

Thanks for letting us know, its fixed :)


I would suggest please improve add member function in page.
It is great for page admin to engage more people on page but users will irritated, you can do one thing in this case, If page admin add any user to page then user will receive invitation and if accepted then it will added to page.


Sure we will add that to our list.