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Hey Man, There is no use of great coding if you dont provide support on issues. For small small answers we just have to wait for a week. Please try take half n hour a day to answer on comments. Thanks.

sorry for the late reply, I totally understand.


ckycrew Purchased

I just tried to install our script. Followed all of the directions, but I get the following error: “The requested URL /public/install was not found on this server.” install script not found

please place a ticket here, we can help you with the installation

Do I get an app source also with the instructions of how to install and also how to generate the APK?

we provide web view app, and yes source code is provided with it. You need to point it out to your url.

for generating APK, you can check this link

1) You will get complete source code (Its a web view app)
2) Documentation has all the instruction how to give your website URL in source..
3) APK generation instruction is not mention in documention

Note: You can you google it..

Thanks for the help :)

When you have done the update followers on profiles + badge certification or it should be so I will buy. In the week the update will be released?

I waited 10 days to get an answer, can I get a promotional code? (15%).

Can we change the certified sign? (In )

thank you

we said we will let you know once it is done. then you can purchase. If you have less time please try to find other solution. Once again I am sorry for the late update


hakawe Purchased

Hi, I want you to install the script please


hakawe Purchased

Hi.. where I can find the script installation guide please


I have saw your theme Socialite and it looks amazing. So just wanted to know

1)what you guys deliver with the package?. 2) Can we customize the source code as per our need. Basically we are developing a Betting website where we want to use script for social networking (specially News Feed, Follow, Notification ) so I found your theme quite suitable to my need, just wanted to know if it can be customized fully as per the need. 3) Will you deliver Un-encrypted code ? 4) How will we install the script? ( Any guide is provided with package?) 5) Can we create custom pages (not related to social networking)as per our need? because we need to add some menu bars at left side by removing the current contents and add Betting, Portfolio, watchlist etc similar to

Looking forward to hear from at earliest.

Hey Protos, Yes it is completely customisable, Source code is provided without any encryption. If you are a laravel developer or hire one, it will be easy for them to customise. You can add custom pages. Yes documentation is included for the installation of the script, if you find any problem during installation, we are happy to help you with it or install it for you for free of cost.


Can we change the certified sign? (In ) .

Best regards

No its not possible to change the certified badge

What is Affiliate system work here ? just commission for invite a friend, purchase or tobe verified account?

we are trying to improving that feature, we will update in the next release


grupogw Purchased

Hello, I bought your script but I can not install it, it seems to be missing files. Can you help me?

Request #445


please reply on the ticket, we have replied. Sorry for delay


hakawe Purchased

Hi.. where I can find the script installation guide please

please check the download folder, you will have installation documentation. if you are unable to install it, then let us know on the below link

shaan207 Purchased

Hello @bootstrapguru,

Social Logins are not working. I’ve created facebook app, and put the FACEBOOK_CLIENT_ID= FACEBOOK_CLIENT_SECRET= in .env file. But it’s not working. On call back its showing error. Whoops, looks like something went wrong. Like this.

Please keep posting updates. Atleast post a single update in a month as taking a that much time for update doesn’t make any sense as people who using ur script for making their project will loose their confidence. Its Almost 4 month and no update. Plus you dont give a support. more than 90% of users wont be able to even install your script on the server for which you install the script for them. It is really Bad. If you’re not willing to give some dedication to this script and users then dont offer your product & Support. It i totally useless.

I totally agree we need to update regularly and yes its been long time without update, sorry for that. and you are wrong with 90% of the customers are not able to install the script , because out of 250+ sales of our item, we hardly got 100 installation requests, if you read the documentation its pretty straight forward but still we are happy to help so we . are providing free installation that we don’t need to

Hello @shaan207

As I understand you have problem with callback URL

-> For that you have to put your live site URL in facebook app.

When you create new app they are asking “Enter Website URL” put you website url there.
Mukti Trust

Waiting from past 4 days by creating support ticket for Installation. Kindly assist.

can you provide the support ticket, we are back from something else and we are providing continous support now.

Its done now. Please upload a video link of Installation. It could help a lot of customers. Thank You.

yeah sure, we are planning to do video on the installation for vps and also using cpanel

Regards, any notification about when the new update will come out? I would like to know if you are going to update your theme since it took several months stopped my project because they must correct several things and you told me to wait for the next update. I thank you for your response beyond saying that you have no estimate. I appreciate all your effort and dedication with this subject but in my opinion, it would be a pity that such a good item will be lost if it does not work for me and then I should say that I lost my money in something that is not useful to my needs.

we have updated it and it should be out today/tomorrow. we are waiting for the code canyon approval. Please be patient for 1 more days. Thanks

Thanks! very good!

Hope you will love the update :)

I have gone through the demo and the product looks impressive. You seem to have done a great job. I am planning to purchase it. I am aware of Laravel at intermediate level. However I have a few basic questions. Helpful if you can clarify them. 1) How to create Android app out of this site? 2) what are the hosting requirements? What type of hosting it requires? Can I use Digital Ocean? If so, can you help me in installing it on Digital Ocean.

Thanks in advance.

1) We have provided basic template for the webview, you can edit the file according to docs and then refer about building the app for ionic framework

2) You can use the digital ocean and yes I can install it for you for free on digital ocean.

Hi thanks for your reply. I have one final question. This app allows users to share posts to external apps like Whatsapp and Facebook? if not, can we customize it easily? Thank you.

Well you can share posts on Facebook and Twitter directly . There is an embed post option which helps to share the post in any social network


conex Purchased

Hi Script you wrote is multilingual, but I don’t see any switch to change lang on front. This site is in one of multi lang right? Not multi lingual at the same time?

we have uploaded and its being reviewed by Code Canyon team, it should be out today/tomorrow. Please be patient :)


conex Purchased

Ok thank you but still you don’t write me answer about switch lang on front. You will add this one in next update?

Currently we don’t have switching language on frontend, but yeah in next update we will think about it.