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dmtdev Purchased

Am I allowed to change the template to another one?

Many of problem and issue with this script you need to finish your work in it first then published it honestly and thats why you don’t get many sales

I didn’t know that I don’t have many sales :D and has many bugs, Thanks for getting to us, we will check and revert back to you soon.


Berthaliz Purchased

Hello i have sent an Email to support but have not gotten a reply yet so i will try my luck her.please i need help with the social login.Facebook to be precise. after adding the app id and secret key in the env file is there anything else i have to add?i have done all but when i press the button Facebook page opens and ask for a password but its returns an error that says ’’Whoops, looks like something went wrong’’.Need help with this.thanks


Berthaliz Purchased

Hello BootstrapGuru.i actually bought a support ticket plus my script so am surprised i cant get a reply within 24hrs.please can any of the support staff step in and help me out?this is delaying the actual launching of my website.thank you

what is your ticket number? also its weekend, we do support on week days and to we should serve according to their order. Let me know your ticket id, I will try helping you now since you said its urgent

Hi, can you add a “recent used smiley category” on the user activity feed? Maybe also add the smiley option to activity comments too? Thanks!

here is a link for recently used smiley category

Can you add privacy options when posting to status feed? eg. public, private, followers, @ usernames?

we have that in the list already

Hi there. We have our own Laravel project and we would like to add a “social wall” feature to it (a “wall” where people can post status updates).

Do you think we can “decouple” the “status update” feature from your script and use it in our own project ?

We need just that, we don’t need other features that you have implemented.

Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback !


n1smo Purchased

The script is ok, but it has way to many bugs like:

- Image upload on mobile devices is not working - event creation in groups not working

Just to name a few major ones.

Bugs are unavoidable and ok, as long as they are fixed. But the mobile image upload is broken for more than 6 weeks.

Support replies quickly most of the times, but not really helpful.


ontisme Purchased

Why I can not install, enter will appear “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”,. Env set is followed by instructions and no mistakes.


richievc Purchased

Hello Can you create an different template for this script I have purchased a theme from here and would like to move your script to that theme please let me know if you can do this and how much will it cost

Demo version is down. Can you make work again?