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hello. can you change the landing page? its not attractive at all. is there another landing page that i can use in admin? when i buy can you change it for me?

Yes we can and it comes under custom work.

Hello! I’m sorry, but my English is not very good. The question is: If I create an event in London, can it be solved to see only those living in London living in a 30-kilometer zone?

I hope you understand

Did you have monetization features like promoted pages and posts? I was about to buy thinking its there but in demo it doesn’t.

The demo doesn’t respect paragraphs. Do you have admin demo available?

once you login to the demo, then click on username on the right and then in dropdown you will see admin.


miguel45g Purchased

Hello. When we send messages between users, the window doesnt updates.


miguel45g Purchased

I´m sorry, i had disabled the pusher settings. It works now!


shuvo2220 Purchased

Hi when will come next update with solve chat box issue??

we are trying for big release in which shop is the main feature added and planning to ship it in less than 3 weeks, but no promises

Hi, just uploaded all files on server and cannot install. It keeps giving me this error: (1/1) FatalErrorException syntax error, unexpected ’:’, expecting ’;’ or ‘{‘

in PusherServiceProvider.php (line 121)

I’ve tried PHP version 5.6.3, 5.7.0 and 5.7.1. and no luck.

Resolved. Had to reinstall Laravel.

I am very confused about the moderation functions. For example, on the ‘section’, you can set someone up as a member, editor, moderator or admin.

Firstly, what is the difference between these roles.

Secondly, where are the controls to let an admin or moderator edit or delete posts? I can see where you can edit/delete your own posts, but I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find the moderation controls.

Please can you tell me where to find them.

Also, I tried posting a link to a site with an expired SSL certificate and it killed the entire site for everybody. This is a worrying bug as people are going to post sites like this in future.

yes we have fixed this and going to update the live version soon. Thanks for reporting

Cool – do you know when the next version will be released?


I would like to purchase the script but with paid membership system, could you able to create it or even guide me with that, I suggest also to do it because I see it boos sales !

Hello, Thanks for your interest, we are working on it already and will update soon. I cannot promise the time but yes we are definitely going to add it.