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i am trying to install this script on my root drive and am having difficulties, is it possible to install on a subdomain? could i send a screenshot in a private email?

Yeah please place a ticket to our support: and we provide FREE installation for our customers.

my site htttp:// hi i have installed your plugin but i cant add photos anywhere, whether on a status updated or on the admin settings: site logo or favicon or wallpaper. anywhere at all. it shows an error “whoops something went wrong” then i have to go back.

and can i modify my site like this

Well yes you can if you are a laravel developer or you can hire one :)

okay can you do that for me? you re the developer right. And please which file can i use to edit the homepage, the widgets and descriptions is too long

Sorry currently we aren’t available for custom work.


I have a pre-sale question.

Do you have the ability to invite or sign up by invitation only? Since I’m trying to make a site just for a specific group.


Currently we don’t have that option but you can customize it if you are a laravel developer or you can hire one.

Hi, Do you use 3rd party services for live chat and real-time notification? If yes, how much cost for those 3rd party. for additional cost consideration

We have used pusher for live chat and it is free for some basic number of connections. You can view the pricing here:

Real time notification also using pusher ? Can we change to something like Redis ?

Yes real time notifications are with pusher.


csgad Purchased

how i can make refund?

please send details on the ticket.

I have an idea where this script+apps can provide a good basis but I have few questions.

1 – Can we turn off some of the features. Like here is what I need from this.

- Social Login - User Profiles - Friends Connections - Notifications - API Calls

I do not need the user posting features. at least not at start. Chat I may do once I have enough users. But I need a clean interface with only above mentioned features. Would it be easy to turn modules off and clean the interface?

2 – How easy it is to add your own modules on web and app. For example I am going to add following stuff.

- A friend’s social invite process. (Not sure if you have a plugin for that or not.) - PBL (Points/Badges/Leaderboards) System. (2 point system for different set of activities) or may like to have it integrated with myCred if possible. - A custom activity module.

Do you think your software is the right choice to start with? Are you available for custom work?

Thanks for your reply.

1 – There is no option to turn off features but you can customize the code if you are aware of Laravel. 2 – It depends on how you are good with Laravel, it is an MVC architecture. 3 – Unfortunately, we aren’t available for custom work at present.


i cant upload photos on status on mobile but i can on desktop, pls how do i fix it

please place a refund request, I can explain over there to envato.

i have sent my ticket for days now at have not gotten any reply?

when are you making the refund

how can I disable left side message notifications (Green boxed)?

Well you can customise the code to disable them.

what version laravel? when will you update to 5.5? whoops is powerful feature that is needed. kindly advise please. thx

Another question, not sure you would tell me but does facebook have any patents on this material you have that is extremely similar? and how does yours differ – lol, other than NOT fb. please advise. thanks

nope it is far different from facebook unlike other scripts on codecanyon. did you find a friends system in our script? well that clarifies the statement of yours “extremely similar”.

very nice templates… nice job ! Be nice if u provide help you install on server…

You are welcome :)

I answer on support ... I give info what u need… thanks

Sure we will get back to you soon. We are working on a First Come First Serve order

Very Good morning :) Your ticket is answered

thanks.. I just send info

Sure we will get back to you soon. We are working on a First Come First Serve order


Could please confirm whether the project includes: 1. Targeted Ad Campaign feature usable by users: Each user can run Ad Campaign (like in Facebook) with option to targeted selective audience depending type/geo-location/etc. 2. Live Channel feature usable by user: Each user can create his live session broadcast-ed to his friends(like in Facebook)

Please respond at your earliest convenience as I need to use this project immediately.


In future yes:)

That’s good. How much will be additional costing & duration required?

we are not available at the moment, but laravel community is huge and you can find many to hire.


I have a pre-sale question.
1) Can I see on page timeline the user posts who have @ mentioned the page?
eg A user post ” This is a nice page @xyz”. Can I see the same post on xyz page.

2) Is there a way to bulk upload pages?


1. no mentions are just linked, and others posts cannot be shown on the timeline. 2. No


You have mentioned Android & iOS App in the screenshot image of your project. Can Users install Socialite App on their mobile?


yes its just a webview of the cordova app. which means you can upload the apps to the stores and they can install it.

Can you provide some assurance that after conversion into Android App(& iOS App) all functionalities will work. Has it ever been tested by your team?

App requirement is crucial for me.

image upload is known issue, we will let you know once we update it.

Yea I ask you to install and you promise .. and now what happen ? You just upload to ftp .. I think this template is wrong and cant be install and you lie about it …. I need my refund

did you place a ticket? if yes can you provide me that? I also sent you a message to your email, did you check that? I have given you a solution. If this template cant be install, the demo you check is fake? how do you think that we have that demo working? we are not really responsible for the installation, but we are doing a help by doing it for free. Hope you get that.


Is there a Cross Posting facility? i.e, facility to link the Socialite with Twitter & FB, so that when I post in Twitter/FB, it also gets posted in Socialite & vice-versa.

nope, not yet.

I am not familiar with Laravel. Could a regular guy like me install this on a VPS Linux server? I am purchasing a number of social scripts for clients to determine the best for their use. Also, can this be monetized? Thank you for any response.

yes its straight forward installation like laravel. if you are already familiar with laravel installation, its easy or you can follow our documentation to install using the UI

Hello, when you are releasing the Next Update?

we don’t have any fixed date, but we will soon

Hi,I know this is dumb question but still want to ask. After purchasing this script can I use this for my commercial purpose?

You will need to purchase extended license to use for commercial purpose.

By commercial purpose i mean that can i create a my own social networking website? Just mine and not selling it to the client and also can I make changes to it as per my need?

If you would like to charge your customers for signing up or using your service, then you need to purchase commercial license or else normal license is fine.

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lol its you again :D Trust me man, when you say this script is built of free laravel tutorials, I really can’t help myself. I am not blaming you but its really funny.