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do you already know when it will release the plugin fixes?

Thank you.

Hello Pedro, The fixes already done two months ago, we already sent email for all of our buyers, Please make sure you have the latest version and let us know if you need any help.


hey guys, insert new buttons styles? i have suggest it and you said, in the next update? to change the size from buttons, too… is this happen?

Hello nina, Yes we will do this very soon, Thanks for your valuable suggestion ;)


Do we have any forecast when you will fix the plugin? It is not working properly.

Hello Pedro, Sorry for this but, We have replied twice before that we can’t reach you properly!

So please send a temporary login to your dashboard so we can see what’s wrong there, Send to:



unfortunately I can not send the login and password of the site in production. I think the problem is already known, because on their example page the bookmarks are wrong for: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

I do the whole procedure correctly as it is in the manual.

Thank you.


Could you please send the log you have in the debug list of the plugin, so we can see the records!


hello, i have uodatet the plugin and ive got the issue like i have the last time… the youtube channel isnt show, because it is again and it have to be .. you would fixed then issue with the next update… now i havbe updatet end it shows the error… pls can u fix and change /c/ with /channel/ , now thne user clik on it and theres no channel.

Nina, We deleted your previous comment because you added the password in the comment’s and this area is public!

Please make sure that you deleted the user you provided, and send another one to:

Please be careful in the next time :)


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ah shit, i was confused, sry, ive sent via mail <3 thx for reporting me

hello, pls dotn forge to fix, atm tehres no channel, if i click the youtube button left… see

hello, did you get my mail?nothign happen, and can i hide the buttons on mobile?

Hi, we’ve submitted previous requests requesting a fix to the Facebook and Instagram counter because we’re unable to reliably show Instagram followers. Has this been fixed yet? You responded that you’re aware of the issue and will send a fix when it is ready but we have not received any updates just yet. We have 4 months left on our support and would like this fixed before our support expires. Please provide an update. See previous thread from us. Thanks.

Hello azence, We believe we have announced that the fix was already done!

you just can use the same tool in the documentation ( that we updated ) ..

Then every thing should work with you just fine!

Let us know then!


Dear developers,

Today I’ve added my Twitter page into Social Fans Counter plugin and all stats went to zero including my Facebook page. Could you please tell me why? Thank you very much in advance.

My Purchase code: 2d126590-2f56-4aa4-9d5f-508c2b122421

My url is:

Looking forward to hear from you

Hello bentleygrey, Please update your version to the latest one released!

you can download it from the downloads tab.

Let us know how every thing went with you then!



ninanina Purchased

hello, dont you get my mail with the login data to fix the issue, pls?

hi i’m unable to retrive followers from google plus, also the followers from instagram are not correct. The last thing, i’m unable to retrive the linkedin id your documentation is not updated

Hello lchiavegato, Thanks for purchasing the plugin, We will cover all your points, Just send a temporary login to your dashboard so we can fix it,

Send to:


Hi, I can not update the plugin in WP. And when I download it, it says that the file is already excisting. Can you please help?

Hello juliaflynn, Sure we can help you :)

You can update the plugin via FTP, first you want to make sure what version you have already, and to do that go to plugins and see what version number beside socialfans counter plugin!

then if it’s less than 4.7 which is the currently the latest version on the market, then you need to download and upload the socialfans-counter folder to -> wp-content/plugins

we provide one on one support to do that via skype if you want ..

and here is how to use FTP: If you don’t want to do all of this, we can do it for you just email us with your ftp account ( ask your server provider ), send to:

Please let us know the result :)


I just moved to Socialfans V 4.7. But I do not understand why the Facebook Page Counter does display! Twitter and Vimeo work well. Looking at the debug list here is the last error message received:

Api Error: {error validating application. Cannot get application info due to a system error.”,type“}}

what should I do?

Thank you

Hello godigitalagency, the error message means that there is a down in the api service it self, let us follow this with you, please send your site url to this email:

and we will solve it whatever it was the problem ;)



neodan Purchased

Hello, can I use shortcode to modify the channels urls or twitter username? I am using custom fields for certain people and would love each person have their own follow count. But not sure if that is possible via shortcode to update social source.

Hello neodan, Shortcode just records the view options that you did, but the base options of adding social networks and its data is being done for all the plugin and can’t be made specifically each for widget or short-code.

But we will add this to our to do list in the future update.