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Hi! Just tried to install the new version of socialfans but when I upload the wordpress file and trie to install, it says the destination folder already excists. What am I doing wrong?

Hello, Could you please tell us how you upload it, by what application? in any case you just need to replace all the files inside “socialfans-counter” folder by overwrite, this folder is located inside /wp-content/plugins

Let me know if every thing is good with then! Regards,

The link on our LinkedIn button gives visitors a ‘This profile is not available’ error. I’ve verified the ID is correct.

Also, our buttons don’t have a follow function or hover, shouldn’t they?

I have the hover function working, that was my error. However the LinkedIn button still gives me an error. I noticed the format of the link when I hover is but in your demo it’s

Okay, the issue was that I had the Profile type set to Profile instead of Company. This is now resolved.

Hello, We have read all your comments and it seems that you have getting every thing up and running, that great, enjoy the plugin and don’t hesitate to ask us for any help.



kcmojoe Purchased

When I activate the plugin I get a 500 error. Please help.

Hello, Could you please send a temporary login to your dashboard so we can fix it! send to: Regards,


kcmojoe Purchased


Hello, please check your inbox. Regards,

Hello – I’m considering this plugin for my directory focused site built on Listify/Wordpress. The question I have is as follows:

Ideally, I’d like to have social stats show up for each listing specifically. You’ll see that the site i run is focused on marketing agencies. I think it would be valuable and pretty cool to be able to show how many followers each agency has right on their profile. You can take a look at the site here:

Thanks, Scott

Hello, You mean to have multi states for facebook and so on! we are about to do this in a future update, but right now it’s not supported for multi stats for the same social media.


Hi, it looks like Facebook and GooglePlus are broken, counter has reset to zero. I tried regenerating the token on Facebook with a new AppID, but it didn’t help. Any clues? Version 3.1.

Hello, version 3.1 is very old now it’s version 5 and every thing has been changed so yes it wont work!

and it seems that you didn’t purchased the plugin so you can’t download the latest version!


I’ve taken over support from someone else. The plugin does not report an available update, I’m amazed it’s so outdated. It was purchased way back when, but I’ll be switching to a different plugin, thanks.

Hello, As i mentioned version 3.1 is very old, I really want to help in this but we can’t afford support to none – licensed ..

Thanks for your consideration.


mrdenn1s Purchased

Guys, I’ve purchased the latest version after initially buying in 2015. The instagram never works. When I try “authorise”, i always get an error. How do I fix this?

Hello there, we have updated the documentation with another tool works well with instagram, please download the latest version and follow the steps, then every thing should work fine, if not, we are here always ready to help you.



AArciere Purchased

I am trying to activate the Mail Chimp subscribers portion. It does not show anything in the Mail Chimp box, except a zero. Could you please help?

Hello, Please send a temporary login to your dashboard and if you can send for mail chimp either ..

send to: