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Hi guys! Great plugin. But, there is some mistake in getting friends count in In VK there are Friends and Subscribers (who are not in Friedns list yet) The plugin is getting only Subscribers, but what we need to do if we need real friends count. Pleasevisit my site, and vk page with more than 600 friends, but counter shows only 60, subscribers

Hello, I wrote many times about chinese characters:

Here is the site:

Today I updated the theme to a newest version and once again there are chinese characters.

Can you please share what I have to change in order to do it by myself instead than writing here each time? You also wrote that it was “permanently fixed”, however it’s not.

Today I also retried to upload all the files and overwrite, but didn’t help.

Thanks in advance

Your plugin is 1 validation HTML error –

I ask her to fix it as soon as possible. Premium plugin should not have html errors

Hello seowind, Thanks for reporting this, We will fix it in the next version,


Plugin author appear at all here?

Hello seowind,

Sorry for the delay we had re-teaming ourselves and now we are here. Sorry again.



seowind Purchased

It is waiting for an update. Observe attention please html validation.

Why does your plugin is available for all? I see that the license code is not necessary to enter anywhere. And in fact, you can use plug-in for free and receive updates too.

P.S. Personally, I bought a license

Hello, Thanks for buying a license of the plugin, However it’s not free but it’s being there in the sites that steel everything else, but no one using the free or ( stolen ) version will be able to update because we don’t self-update the plugin, the user have to be a buyer here in codecanyon so he can download the updates.

For your point of HTML Validation, Yes sure we wrote down it in the to-do-list of the next update that will be available very soon in the next few days,

Thanks again very much to share your technical points with us, your points really help to enhance the plugin.


It seems ‘Elvis has left te building’. I have the problem that I cannot get the latest version of the plugin somehow and also my facebook page followers + linkedin followers do not update anymore. I’ve given the author a temporary login to have a look at the problem, but after that, I haven’t heard from them since. I’m so frustrated that I’m thinking of ditching this plugin from my site.

Hello christiaanvanos Sorry for all disappointment, we had re-teaming ourselves, but we are here now to solve any thing you face and please forgive us for that,

Here is the thing, if your wordpress telling you that you have version 4.4.1 of the plugin and you are sure that you have the latest copy, don’t be worry it’s a thing we will solve in the next update and this is not effective for the plugin work flow .. but you now facing some problem with some social network, So let us help you in that, Please provide us with a temporary login to your dashboard so we can see what’s going on there,


Hi, Glad to see you guys are back in the game. I renewed the app for facebook and now my facebook page count is accurate again, so no further help is needed. Regards, Christiaan

Hello Christiaanvanos, We are happy to know that you have solved it, But we want to assure you that we will not be late again next time you need us, Sorry for that again.


Hello, I’m experiencing troubles with Facebook counting: the plugin counts less fans than the page. Into Debug section I found this alert:

Api Error: {error) fan_count field requires version v2.6 or higher”,type“}}

I’m using version 4.4.1: I’ve tried to download 4.5 from ThemeForest but the package downloaded today contains still the 4.4.1 version.

Can you help me, please? Thanks!

Hello Don’t worry for what it says that you have 4.4.1, it’s a file in our own and we will fix it in the next update in the few days, So don’t worry if you updated the plugin from the latest version you downloaded from your account,

For the facebook issue, you will need to re-new your key,

just to re-make a new App that will be version 2.6 to just fit the new updates with th API of the Facebook Please see this video tut for how to make it done,

Please give us a feedback when you are done with it.


Hello, after installing your plugin we have problems to the CPU memory and RAM memory used. We used the default cache time is 1 hour, but also 6 hour, but the problem persists. We had to remove the plugin to return to normal. What can be done?

Hello, this is the first time we got any feedback about the memory .. But we will re-test this part before we release the next update it will be 4.6 and you will be notified with an email.

Thanks for reporting this,


Hello. On your “Item Details” page, it says version 4.5 of your plugin is available. However, when I download the plugin file from CodeCanyon and install it on my WordPress site, my WordPress dashboard says that I just installed version version 4.4.1 of the plugin.

Please can you let me know how to download version 4.5 of the plugin?

Hello, No wrong here. It’s an issue with a XML files in our own, and we will change it in the next update, so don’t worry :)


Ok great. Thank you :).

Hello, I have a problem with the facebook fan page count. The number of fans has been frozen for weeks. In the debug I get the following error:

Api Error: {error OAuth access token.”,type“}}

This is my site :

Thanks for the support

Hello aristofennes, Here is how to solve it: 1- Make sure you have the latest version of the plugin. 2- If your access token is old, so renew it and re-inter the new one in the plugin settings ( facebook settings ) 3- if the problem is still there? So please provide us a temporary login to your dashboard.



MauriceW Purchased

I still have huge problems with YouTube. The subscriber count does not work and when I click the icon, I am redirected to an old style (non working) URL:

instead of:

I opened your source files and saw that you hardcoded this old style url. So I changed it to

Now that works. This error has been here for a long time. This is not a recent change. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR FILES!

Then the YouTube COUNT doesn’t work too. I am getting API errors. But I only see these API error in your logging. YouTube doesn’t show these errors.

Your Error log says: Api Error: { “kind”: “youtube#channelListResponse”, “etag”: ”\”uQc-MPTsstrHkQcRXL3IWLmeNsM/hirftF6HU1SlcHf-VOY2bsqIoJA\””, “pageInfo”: { “totalResults”: 0, “resultsPerPage”: 0 }, “items”: [] }



MauriceW Purchased

Forget the second issue. it has been solved. But PLEASE FIX the first issue by changing the /c to /channel part in the YouTube URL.

Hello MauriceW, Thanks for sharing this point to us, We are updating the plugin right now and your point is considered :)



sukesu2 Purchased

Hello, I just bought your social counter plugin. Great Plugin. I saw this before i bought this plugin “unlimited choices to create your own skin” but to my astonishment, i am only left with one skin option. Am i installing it wrong? I cant seem to find other options. Kindly assist. Regards, Olasunkanmi

Hello sukesu2, Thanks for purchasing our plugin,

We just want to see something of what you mean, So if you just could provide us a screenshot or something that let us figure out about this skin and we will reply how to do it :)



seowind Purchased


Whether it is to abandon the use admin-ajax.php ?

var SfcounterObject =admin-ajax.php”};

Hello, this has nothing to do with the self-update, however “SfcounterObject” is handle the lazy load of the plugin, the version indecator in the plugin is just reading a json file in our server to tell the user that if he have to manual update or not,

I hope i got you in your point.



i just purchased and installed it. all my needs are working except google+ followers. do you consider anything about to fix it?

Hello, Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Yes sure we will help you in that, Would you please send a temporary login to your dashboard to figure out what’s going on there. Send to:



John2k Purchased

Hello Google+ Dont work again please fix it!


As we don’t ave permission so we couldn’t go forward than this: We see that this is a cach issue, so if you are using a cach plugin just deactivate it or clear the cach, for now and re test with reload the page ( Ctr + f5 )

here it may be cause the problem:

Let me know if it works with you.



John2k Purchased

Nope i have this Plugin Long time and no Problem! Google+ Stop working from one day to other!

I have already testet deactivade the Plugin but not work!

Hello. We have fixed it, now check your inbox for a file attached.


When are you going to add twitch to the counter?

Hello, We will add it in the next update at the version 4.6.1 that will be released within two weeks.



ninanina Purchased

hello, i have install and dont look like in yout demo, and the networks wont shown… only the counter.. how can i send log in data, then you can see?pls_-(

where can i changethe url from youtube from ? In which file, can i find the string? i tryit on my own, only with the c, it wont work..

Hello Nina, We are about to do it for you with in 15 min, Make sure we still have the access.


youhave, i have sent logindata a few days ago… thx a lot. get its overwoirtten by updating the plugin?

Unable to get Instagram Access Token even after followed instructions. After authorization at sandbox page returned error. Please help.

{“error_type”: “OAuthException”, “code”: 400, “error_message”: “Invalid Client ID”} This is the error code returned at

Hello! Simple question – how do I upgrade the plugin after I download the new version? Thanks!

Hi quick question. Can I use this plugin to display my stats for my multiple instagram profiles etc. (I have about 6 profiles on each social media website). Or am I limited to one profile per social media?