Nexthon does not currently provide support for this item.

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this script lot of problem, im trying to keep on asking error free updates which is not happens any luck ?


yelihu Purchased

This is why i dont buy more script from codecanyon: The creator of this script has decided to no longer offer support for this item. So basically it’s trash now.

So let think, so this used to be a “Last Week Best Seller”, had a Five Star rating, and now the devs don’t give a single fuck about it’s clients?

I was really thinking about buying this, but I have my doubts after reading the comments.

I’ve left a ticket 2 days ago, to see if I ever would get a reply, but no luck. Ticket ID: #1075249

I think that it’s funny that to all other projects you have, you give out support via Ticket, but in here, it’s disabled. But still have a option on the ticket page.

Like last person here, I wanted to buy this script but.. last update long ago and now pretty much silence from the authors. Not looking to good :/

Is product dead? when next update been while.. thanks

Demo doesn’t work, I wish code canyon would start deleting the dead beats.

i install social buzz butt its not working this massage is appear

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500


gpadir Purchased

Please refund my money this script no working correctly

great demo Hello! socialbuzz 1.0 Is Not Installed Please Run Installer First For More Information Read Documentation.

Amazing script! will buy very soon… can i ask are you still developing script?


gpadir Purchased

update script pls ?

Is there any plugin to import the wordpress post?

update script pls ?

i think that CODECANYON should refund money !!!!!!!!!!!

Hello can i use it on windows .. please reply


haQQo Purchased

This script does not work well. This vendor is a fraud. Return the money!

this is user based content, i prefer if you can add some security on posted page, add minimum text length and limit how many link/backlink from posted content to prevent user abuse.

awesome script.. any plans to make a subscription plugin for protected contents?

need update