SocialBot - Instagram and Twitter Bot

SocialBot - Instagram and Twitter Bot

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SocialBot – Instagram and Twitter Bot is the perfect automation tool if you want to increase your followers and your popularity, also perfect for Instagram and Twitter Marketers.
This application will automatically create activity on your account, like follow/unfollow people from specific hashtags, also like and comment pictures! It is really easy to use, you will start to increase your number of followers just few minutes after installation.
You can start using this application with few clicks without any knowledge, but you can also configure this automation tool to boost your followers and following faster if you know what you are doing.

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  • Easy to use, easy login, easy to configure
  • Work headless
  • Multi-Session (you can use it with multiple accounts at the same time)
  • Multi-Platform (Windows 10, Mac OSX, Linux, Raspberry PI 3)
  • 2FA (bad location and SMS pin enabled)
  • Error Management (bad PIN, bad password)
  • Save your configuration automatically, you don’t need to change it all the time
  • Debug mode where you can see what’s happening on the browser
  • Screenshots and verbose logs
  • Automatically stops when you reached the limit you set
  • Real time logs (you know what the bot is doing)
  • Instagram modes:
    • Random Likes (Realistic): Like 10-12 photos of a random hashtag from your hashtags list, sleep 15-20 minutes, then repeat.
    • Random Likes (Classic): Like 1 photo of a random hashtag from your hashtags list, then repeat.
    • Random Likes (Advanced): Like X (configurable) random photos of a random user from your hashtags list, do this for 10 users, sleep 15-20 minutes, then repeat.
    • Random Likes (Targeted): Like 10-12 photos of the followers of the targeted account, sleep 15-20 minutes, then repeat
    • Comments (Classic): Comment random photos from your hashtags list with your comments.
    • Follow/Unfollow (Classic): Follow X users (configurable) from your hashtags list, then unfollow an user for every new user you follow. This method is not detected by SocialBlade.
    • Follow (Targeted): Follow X users (configurable) from the account of your choice, wait 1-2 minutes between each follow request. (Send me an email to get this version, it’s not uploaded on Codecanyon yet).
  • Twitter modes:
    • Random Likes (Realistic): Like ~20 tweets, sleep 15-20 minutes, then repeat.
    • Random Retweets (Realistic): Retweet ~20 tweets, sleep 15-20 minutes, then repeat.


Watch “Video Preview”, but if you prefer text explanations:

  • Start SocialBot app, choose the bot: Instagram Bot or Twitter Bot
  • Enter your username and password, choose the mode you want, then set the values
  • Then click on “START”! Click on “LOGS” if you want to check the status of the bot.
Then you can enjoy the show! Easy right? You can change all the settings, but be careful with Instagram and Twitter limits, follow the recommendations.


  • Windows: No installation needed, just launch the .exe file
  • Mac: Install the .dmg file and launch the app
  • Linux: Install the .deb file and launch the app


  • The source code of the application (Electron framework) and the executable Windows file, so feel free to edit and change all the deep settings you want.


Please read the documentation first.
Send me a message HERE for any support request after your purchase.
For other enquiries, you can just post a comment on the item’s page.
If a feature doesn’t work, I will fix it as soon as possible.
Let us know by email/message if you have any problem, or even any improvement suggestion.


  • This application is not associated with Instagram or Twitter,
  • I’m not responsible of the use you make of this extension, if you get banned, it is your own responsibility.
  • You are free to change all the settings but I advice you to not follow the recommendations. The SocialBot v1 is based on an open source code (authors: Massimo, Gaetano, Patryk Rzucidło and Francesco Gaudenzi, under License AGPLv3) but the code is improved, bugs are fixed, then it is supported for at least 6 months. The v2 has its own source code, is more efficient, faster and more options are configurable, you will get the update for free if you already purchased the v1.
  • Any major modification of Instagram or Twitter website platform may affect the application features, I will try to fix those as fast as possible.