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any news ?? updates ??


Add a video chatroom for all members

Hello, This script it look like good. Could you say me if it is possible, to share youtube link, and watch them, and add web link. Thank you for your answer

A quand une mise à jour ? News updates ??

Hello, please help I, when I click in my profile to add or modify my image of coverage or profile that does not work

Why the site is not a video to share? ’’Vimeo & youtube’’. Where are sharing links??

This network could include a discussion area that would make a big difference to other similar sites. General Discussion!

No updates and no responses to questions. A shame, I thought this one was going to be a real star.

chat , is there any chat box like that one in facebook ?

can I ask some customization with extra ?

i think this is good script, and i seen the structure of this i can easily customize as per user specification, if u need please comment below, m not the author of this script ,,,,,

In an effort to understand this. Are you going to still be supporting this code? Are you planning to do some updates? Are you even on Envato still?

The site has a LOT of potential. Do not blow it by losing interest in your own code. Sales are lack luster as you are not doing updates or responding to others.

Hi there is there anyone who can help me a clean sql becouse the script dosn’t auto install regards Cees

The Demo Link Is Dead Please Provide


any news or updates in planning or made? Last i saw in 04.2014 so i want ask …

Do you have a Wordpress version at all?

My suggestion is to simply abandon the code and ask for a refund. It is obvious he has just went away.

Que paso con este código lo abandonaron

This script is not even LEGAL. Social Network “BOOK” has already been copyright by facebook. A few sites and authors were sued by FB already because their script contained BOOK. They will DMC your site so fast it won’t be funny:(

@cybohmoob actually they won’t DMCA your site this script is not the copyright of fb but infact the creator jaynike, the name book is as you say copyright to FB but if people create a social networking site with this script for example thebiggestsocialnetworkingsiteintheworld.com then there is no copyright and FB can’t do anything. actually you wrong in general the adult site FUCKBOOK.COM uses book :)

I would have really loved to get this script. but response rate to commnents here is poor. If purchased and gets stuck somewhere, how will i get help.

Your demo doesnt work