wiimedia does not currently provide support for this item.

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Vk.com videolar? çal??mas? için bir eklenti var m??

do not have facebook video emble?

oh my god… wiimedia is die!

No there is not Facebook video embed

hey u should add upload videos from computer. video streaming for mp4, flv, mov, etc.. more people will buy it. plus the name wii you using is a trademark name u copyrighting from. by the way great work.

Are there any more plugins I can get for this?

How can I fix this:

Not Found

The requested URL /login was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Reupload qa-include files

sql dosyas? yüklenmiyor hata veriyor

sgl dosyas? bozuk yard?mc? olurmusunuz bozuk dosyay? sizden sat?n ald?m

Does this plugin support video SEO and also a third-party comments plugin for WordPress like https://wordpress.org/plugins/disqus-comment-system/. Also I see it has not been updated in a while are you still updating it and do you know if there are any plans for future to have a description that can added for video submit to help with building a little more content for the video page. Also is it possible to do a single video in a single post.

Satin aldi?im dosyayi ftp yükledim sql dosyas? hata veriyor bunun kurulumunu siz yapsan?z. Yardimci olun lütfen

yard?mc? olmuyorsunuz hani yard?mc? olacakt?n?z.

10 gün oldu destek olmad?n?z bu theme bozuk bozuk theme koydunuz. Sat?n al????m theme bozuk hey kimse yokmuuuuu

te?ekkürler hizmetiniz güzel :)

http://videortam.com/ hata bu ?ekilde sq dosyas?n? yükleyemedim

deste?iniz sf?r be? para etmez bir hizmetiniz var insanlar? kand?r?yorsunuz. Param? iade edin.

Do you have a service that does not support zero five people money? Are you kidding return my money.

there is no support for this product you can see here


destek yoksa hatal? yaz?l?m? neden sat?yorsunuz yasalara uygunsuz i? yapmay?n. param? iade edin.


1.) How can I change Video title length? I want to increase the text title 2.) How do I remove Popular Tags from root? I already tried to remove it from admin settings but still shown from template red.


1- admin > lists

2- admin> layout

Hi there, I have purchase a social video share theme on 27/4/2016. I have downloaded all files & documentations zip file. When I upload this zip file to WP theme.. it shows style.css missing error. I have also seen your Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet error article and gone thru installation documents.

There is no WP installable zip file in main zip file. I have taken this issue with my hosting support. They also tried to install this theme for me but no success.

Please help me.

Thanking you!

This is not the wordpress theme

@santmali this ain’t wp theme/plugin! its php script dude

ya karde?im tam ekran olmuyor “wii” temas?nda. ne yapcaM?


hjanjua Purchased

Dailymotion videos don’t work any more ?

Hi There,
Pre purchaser here
I don’t understand if the user can actually create their own video out of other videos and then share the outcome? Here I mean, I’ll upload 3 images – make it a GIF, or upload many videos and combine into one :) or maybe apply some fancy filters to make it sweet and beautiful? :)
Or it’s more like a social network for sharing videos?

How to make money with this?

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e.g www.mediak.ch/vdx