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How will Social Traffic Pop effect my search engine rankings AKA SEO?

Social Traffic Pop does not modify or hide your pages content from spiders. It will have NO negative effects on your rankings as the spiders will still be able to see everything.

In fact Social Traffic Pop helps boost your search engine rankings by creating tons of backlinks from social media sites, and all the Google +’s your content will receive will also help its rankings in Google SERPS.

Can I use XXXX URLs or Facebook Fan Page URLs with the Like Button?

Yes! You can use any URL you want as long as it is valid and does not return a header error. (It must return 200 OK)

This Includes:
  • Facebook Fan Page URLs
  • Twitter Profile URLs
  • WordPress URLs
  • Google + URLs
  • Pretty much any URL…

Can I change the button size of the Google + and Facebook Like buttons and also change whether or not they should display the count?

Yes! All of these features can be easily tweaked! If you need help doing so don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail and ask!

I have followed the instructions and enabled Social Traffic Pop but its not showing up, whats wrong?!

There are a lot of plugins and themes for WordPress that do not correctly load the jQuery and Facebook libraries.

Before assuming the plugin is broken and give negative reviews and comments I ask you send an email to further look into the problem.

Usually these types of issues are the root of the problem:

- People with cache plugins do not rebuild the cache after setting up the plugin.

- Multiple instances of jQuery being loaded due to poor coding standards in a plugin on your site. People who run a lot of plugins are usually in this boat.

- Plugins load / use jQuery with using noConflict mode. When you have multiple instances and code that does not use noConflict, one error can throw off any plugins and code that run after it.

- Missing settings, if you forget to set a required option the plugin can fail to run.

Please check over your installation before buying Social Traffic Pop and ensure any jQuery and Facebook based plugins you use correctly load the javascript libraries, and that the Facebook plugins you use correctly parse the callback data for the like button.

Facebook does not allow you to specify a callback function and instead uses event listeners to track the Like button so if you have multiple Like buttons on a page and one of those plugins does not correctly parse the data returned, it may break STP.

When trying to install the plugin I get this error: “The plugin does not have a valid header.”

Please unzip the download package from CodeCanyon and follow the documentation instructions to install STP. The download package is not meant to be uploaded via the WordPress plugin installer as there are other resources in the package.

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