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Hi, the facebook feed stopped working. As far i can see only in Edge browser it is still working, in IE11 and Google Chrome a loading error. something with limit acces token. Any idea or solution?

I send you an email. Did you receive it?

i have not recived any mail. mail id :

Send again, can you take a look in your spamfolder?


We’ve just purchased your plugin and have been testing it but we have a problem with the Facebook feed.

Using a page name works perfectly, but it doesn’t seem to work with a user name to show their public posts, which is what we need.

The site is brand new, can you help us?


I like the look of your social carousel, but I’m curious if it has the option about showing all social networks mixed chronologically, rather than each social network separately (as your example shows). Thanks!

Am I missing something with the Facebook portion of this plugin?

Tried both the handle, and the full title of a page that I am trying to pull posts from, and it never loads. No error messages or anything in the console.


I reached out to you, and still nothing. What’s up?

@saragna … two weeks since I initially reached out to you with the details, and you have not responded. Will this issue be fixed? I notice throughout the comments that I am not the only person with this problem.

please check your mail.


kfvast Purchased


We´ve found PHP notices in the error log (see below). I guess we are not the only ones that get this. Is this anything that could be fixed? We are using version 1.3.

[13-Feb-2017 16:51:41 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: car_pagination in C:\inetpub\[]\wp-content\plugins\wps-social-stream\inc\social-feed-shortcode.php on line 13 on line 13 on line 13 on line 13 on line 13 on line 13 on line 13 on line 399

please debug mode off in wordpress.

wp-config.php file in debug mode false.