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Do you have an HTML version of this theme?

Yes we do. You can get this HTML version by clicking here.

Do you provide installation service?

Installation service is not included with your purchase. It is however it is a very simple install. Simply follow the instructions provided in the “Thank You.pdf” file. If you wish for us to provide you with installation service or additional service for an extra fee, send us an email.

Can I use this on a theme I want to sell?

Yes you can! However, you must first purchase an extended license before you do. Remember that one extended license per theme. If you wish to purchase extra, drop us an email.

Can I suggest an icon?

Yes you can. Tell us what icon you would like to see by leaving a comment in the comment section or drop us an email.

How do I add custom icon?

It’s very simple. Go to Social Sprites Icons Widgets settings in Appearance > Widgets. At the very bottom you will now have a few extra fields. First is for the sprite image, and the second is the link. Add your image sprites URL to the Custom 1 Sprite URL (make sure you upload it first to your server). Then add a link to the Custom 1 URL field. If both of these fields are not filled, the image will not work.

Sprite specifications

For the standard icons, make sure your total image is 40px in width and 80px in height. The top image is normal state (top 40px), and the bottom is hover state of the icons (40-80px).

For the mini icons, the sizes are: 30px in width and 60px in height.

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