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Hey there! I just purchased your Social Sprites Icon Plugin and I must say, it looks awesome! I added the widget to both my sidebar and my footer but this little arrow is in front of them. I don’t know if it comes from the theme, could you take a look? https://fluentcamp.com

There’s this little arrow, also my footer doesn’t take the background color. I applied it to be white #FFFFF and nothing. Can you take a look and see if it’s the plugin or the theme? Maybe some custom css?

Thank you very much. My purchase code is: 7f12f94e-f9b4-430c-a4c6-6febfc3f66c3

Hi, thank you for purchasing one of our products. After reviewing your theme’s code, I found that the theme adds a :before call for all li tags in the stylesheet that adds the arrows. To remove, simply add the following to either the stylesheet of this plugin, or just to WordPress custom style option:

.ss li:before { display: none !important; }

It worked! Thank you so much

demo broken

hi, I just purchased your plugin, how can I make the icons white? + how can I make a custom order of icons?

Hi Jezza,

For you to add custom icons, you will have to manually change the sprite file. To use the white icons, please extract the zip file. There you will see a collection of image files. Rename the socialsprites_wht.png to socialsprites.png and socialsprites_mini_wht.png to spcialsprites_mini.png. Then upload those files to the wordpress plugins directory.

Is it possible to use the gray icons in one area of a site and then specify the white icons in another part of the site?

For example, my sidebar area has a white background. So, the default (gray) icons are gray. But I would also like to use the icons in my header and footer which have a dark blue background. So, I need to use the white icons.

I have no problem creating separate white icon sprites. But I don’t know how to go about using those.

Is this possible? (I’d be happy to renew my support if you’re able to help with this.) Or maybe it’s simple and I’m just overlooking something?

Either way, thanks in advance.

Please disregard. I created a quick workaround.

Thanks for an excellent product!