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Your demo page doesn’t work, is there another page I can view this plugin on?

I am making some technical enhancement, demo page and new version of the plugin will be available by tomorrow.

Demo Page is live again, you can have a look now.

Hello, how add another Tabs in tabs Included ?


Read the plugin files (most of things are commented there), you need to add New Tabs as “li” tag under ‘wpSlideOutTabs’ ul tag. and then define images for the tabs in the css file. Try, If feel any problem let me know what Tabs you want to add, I will provide more specific support.

Hello, like putting the plugin on a single page, not all the site?

thank you

You can do so, by using ‘is_single’ function of wordpress. Read wordpress codex for more details.

Hello, like putting the plugin on a single page, not all the site?

thank you

Hello ?

Hi, If you wish to show the widget only on single pages, then simply insert the main widget code in the plugin file with in is_single() function. Read wordpress codex for more details, http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/is_single

Read the plugin files, everything is commented there, if need any help let me know?

Hey great plug in

I’m a beginner and would like to know what code do i add and where to make the menu only show up when a user logs in.


Hello, You need to enter the main widget code inside

<?php if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { ..code here.. } ?> conditional tag.

Read more at WordPress Codex http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/is_user_logged_in

presale question.

can i put link to other sites instead of social? so change social icons with other sites icons?

i need also to hide this menu under 767 screen size.

Yes, you can add. You can also hide the menu just by adding media screen size queries. Let us know for getting customized copy as per your need?

i sent you an email, but no answer.. can you help me customize bar?

Sure we will, please send your email again at support@wpkraft.com

looks like the live demo link is dead – do you have another?

We are reinstalling demos, it will be available very soon.

your demo page still isn’t working.

Thanks for letting us know, It will be fixed soon.

I have activated Mailchimp but no people are added to my list…. I added API and the list.

BTW: I can not register at your website as the registration mail does not get to my mailbox

Demo site not working.

Thank you for letting us know, We are fixing.

Fixed, You can have a look :)

Over 2 years and still no demo page. Guess you don’t give a crap so neither will I.

We apologize for that.

Seriously dude, how difficult is it to make a demo page? Your lack of caring speaks volumes about how much you really care about the quality of your plugin. Just sayin’.