Social Side Bar

Social Side Bar

What does this module do?

This thorough module allows you to add icons on a sidebar from social media so that your clients can connect to their online profiles on those social networks.

Easy configuration of the social networks, you just need to complete the links that you wish to show on your website.

Ready-made icon collection of various social medial to use on your webpage.

Why would you like this module?

You’ll like its easy configuration of the social networks. You only have to fill in the links of those social networks you wish to show.

Your clients will be able to share through their profiles on the most popular social media sites.

Just by inserting the links of the social networks on the configuration panel you can show the icons of said social media sites on a sidebar on your webpage

Each day more a more actions are shown on social media on the Internet which has also become one of the most important marketing strategies a website owner can develop.

This module will give you an attractive interface that enables you to make adjustments to those social media icons.

With this module you will offer your clients the tools to share your content, product details and other kind of information on their own profiles.

Completely customizable buttons

Completely responsive and well organized

Social Sidebar provides different types of icons

It all depends on your choice, they can be animated, rounded, square or any combination that you wish.

Allows you to add the following social medial icons to your website:

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Blog, Youtube, Vimeo…


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