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this this work for latest version of socialkit?

Yes it support 100%

No demo I do not buy .. please always teach demo, no catch, thanks.

Don’t worry check screenshot.

hi on safari, the icons display correctly . But on firefox browser they appear messy and not in line. Please can you provide a fix for this as it don’t show like your demo on firefox browsers

Yes I can help. Please allow me a screenshot of the picture how your problem is.

Also show do I pick and choose what icons display ?

Yes I can help.

Please allow me a screenshot of the picture how your problem is.

hi when sharing a status on Facebook, the name of website and user profile pic is only displayed. Why is the Facebook status not displaying title of socialkit status?

It does not appear because socialkit does not “seo”.

ah damn , this is pretty pointless then. I have wasted money if just links to site title. No point of sharing. Will have to pay for customisation. You should make this clear before you sell this plugin. Not very useful at all as it just puts a link to site on Facebook rather than the post information.

Read again better description of the product and you will understand. But it right, you can share link of your post only.

this does not work – “Share the link and text post on social network”

Only the text of the website main site appears, not the post.

This is what I’m trying to explain to you. Also the image of the post does not appear either if a post was a photo.

I will practice working on the next version. but for now I can help you.


you can help me? thank you… email fix to my email address. I sent you email yesterday

Okay thank you.

I bought plug-in but I am unable. Can you help me with this ?

Yes, I can help you. Tell me what part you need help.

yes i have email you about this and sent you screenshots please reply:

your plugin social pro does not share the post image or title

when sharing it displays the profile pic and is very blurry and distorted

this is how it appears on Facebook but when you click share Facebook icon on socialkit it seems ok but result is the below and transfers wrong image and not the post image

sorry! this plug it share post text and link not image link if you need to show image of post add facebook tag before </head> in your template>layout>container.phtml.

Conclusion: This plug work well but socialkit script have not facebook image tag and my plug it work well…

no you don’t understand.

Your share plugin shares text and an unwanted distorted image. Your plugin pulls Facebook profile which is very low quality.

I want to remove this. This is why I wanted Facebook code to change it.

It is a bug with your plugin and not out of your job. You need to fix this please?

i will never give you control panel access… never! You will destroy the script and i have other databases on my server.

your plugin does not share correctly…. every time a share on facebook is clicked the story on facebook just displays name of site and a poorly distorted profile pic of the user. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE when sharing on facebook.

How many times do i have to god damn explain to you. You need to provide a fix.

Okay, but if you need my help is that which put off.

I have no other support to help more of the same.