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Great plugin ! GLWS

Thanks! :)

Hey guys, the youtube and vimeo subscribe buttons are missing! :)

Can I include numbers of shares, likes and subscribers with the side floater social links?

Thanks! :)

Hi Torelly,

The Youtube and Vimeo buttons weren’t there at all…cause this is theme pack for a plugin that handle shares and you can not share on YT or Vim your page content. :)

Is not clear for me the second question. But keep in mind, the main plugin ( handle the share feature and the share counts, not the number of likes and subscribers.

Thanks, Indeed

When I downloaded this file after purchasing I did not get the plugin. Did I buy the wrong thing?

Hi bipedalist,

As the name and the description of the item says, this item is an AddOn for Indeed Social Share&Locker Pro plugin including additional themes. So, this item need to be used with the main plugin and not separately.

Thanks, Indeed

Hello (google translation – sorry if bad translation)

I achetté Plugin Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin + Social Share & Locker Pro Theme Pack (W&B).

I did not encounter any problems when installing Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin, but not impossible to install against Social Share & Locker Pro Theme Pack (W&B).

When I télélcharge the plugin, there is no installable file.

Can you tell me why there is no installable file for the plugin Social Share & Locker Pro Theme Pack (W&B)? How can I get the installable file?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hi Kader26,

This item is actually a Pack to the main Social Share plugin, including new additionally themes. So it can not be installed as a plugin. Please, follow the documentation to see how can you add the Pack to the main Plugin.

Thanks, Indeed

Wow – this has finally appeared but instead of it being an update for the existing plugin – it’s being sold as an addon? Where is the Dark theme / template in the initial plugin for dark layout websites???

Very disappointed :(

Quickly gone from being a plugin developer I would look out for to not buying from you again! No support for dark layouts unless you pay a premium.

Hi anisjolly,

This item was categorized, described and sold as an AddOn, an extension on the main plugin. Are hundreds of AddOns on the marketplace built by many authors, especially by the biggest. Is not something unusual. Please, feel free to find out what AddOn means and why they are treated separately. The Item includes the White and Dark Themes Pack together.

My downloaded plugin can not be installed! My “Item Purchase Code” is not valid and i can not sent question for support. :( to this time I can not say something good :(


Please,follow the Documentation information to find out how can you install this Theme Pack. Keep in mind that is an Addon that represent a theme pack for the main item. So is not a usually wp plugin to be installed from the Dashboard.

Thanks, Indeed

The preview of buttons does not work.

BTW. If i will by it, could you send me the css styles and images of this buttons? Reason: I will use it in

Hi itslot,

The demo is working very fine. Please, check the Live Preview link:

Thanks, Indeed

Is Instagram not supported ?

Hi headnet,

No, Instagram is not supported ‘cause the Instagram API doesn’t support the share action, meaning the upload via API. We waiting that to be changed by Instagram for a while. When it will provide this feature officially we will implement them into our list very soon. :)

Thanks, Indeed

Hi i am intrested to buy but want to know full list of supported social locker services.

I see… but i need Vkontakte also, as i know they support callback function

Hi GSMtricks,

We will take a look and if now is possible we will implement it asap. Still, as I know that may be valid for a Like action but nothing about Sharing.

Thanks, Indeed


Can you please advise why your plugin ‘Testimonials Showcase Wordpress Plugin’ has been removed from Envato and will you still be supporting it in any way?

Thank You MrWebsite

Hi MrWebsite,

The plugin was set on hold based on am misunderstood. We hoping that it will be back soon.

Thanks, Indeed

do you have facebook/twitter “follow” buttons in this theme? can I see them? I dont like the native buttons. how can follow buttons be integrated visually on the site with share buttons?

is this plugin compatible with optimizepress 2.0?

Hi, is there a way to buy to whole collection T

Hi taiger,

Thanks for your interest.

Unfortunately no, an entire collection is not available, only one by one.

Thanks, Indeed

For some reason the tweet share gets the title consistently wrong, but only on the home page.

This is happening on two sites (multisite):

The parent site ( will tweet: “Consistent Unit Conversions @chejunkie”.

While the sub-site ( will tweet “Download: VBA Units Converter @chejunkie”.

I’ve tried resolving the issue with the setting options, but cannot fix it. Help please.

Hi bjsatola,

First, be sure that you have bought our plugin to be sure that you have the last official update. If the plugin was bought with another envato account, share your comment with that one. We’re not responsible by other an-official versions installed on your stage.

Thanks, Indeed

Okay this doesn’t work for me! You guys didn’t provide any details at ALL on how to FTP these files. In a text file of “Instructions” it says just copy “template” folder to “template” folder on FTP – I did that and it doesn’t work. Maybe it didn’t work because you guys didn’t provide instructions on what to do with other folders like “js” and “css” and “img” and “images”. I tried many times. Maybe my SFTP is preventing it? I don’t know, but I wasted $8 and 2 hours of work and I don’t feel like spending more time on these templates. However I did buy your other plugin “Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin” and it works wonders! Great job guys! So… Can I ask you for a refund for AddON of Themes for $8? I really have no patience or desire to FTP stuff again and look for the right folder. If you want I can provide access to my WP site – you guys can fix it or refund $8 for AddON. I’m keeping my “Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin” soo don’t confuse these two. Plugin is amazing! AddON doesn’t work or maybe your lack of description didn’t navigate me where I should of went to complete this process. Either way, I am still happy with your work!


This item, being an AddOn for Social Share&Locker can not be installed without the main plugin where the templates folder is available.

Indeed Team

Are you for real right now? Did you even read my message right now? THIS IS IT!!! I am contacting Envato and Requesting Refund through them! This is ridiculous! Plus leaving you one star review on both products! THANK YOU FOR READING MY MESSAGE!


Have you read the Documentation where is explained very clear how to install the AddOn? Have you read the AddOn Description Page?

Upload the templates via FTP Go to Plguins Folder: /wp-content/plugins

Inside the folder plugin “indeed-social-media” upload and rewrite the “templates” folder included into this item

After uploading is completed you will see the new templates into the DropDown Templates box.

Providing fake Reviews, copied for one place to another, it will just ends up into a displayed account.

Indeed Team