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The user needs to be logged or it will work with no logged user too?

it’s work both

Ok. purchased

Okay Thank you for Purchases

Hello ,i want to purchase this script ,may you explain to how does this work,or give me a demo link.

May i have a demo link?

check screenshot.

What is the different btn Social share for Socialkit and Group Delete For Socialkit ?

What is the different btn Social share for Socialkit and Group Delete For Socialkit ?

Social share

“Share your post across all in the social network. Or enable user to share our / your post in the social network.”

But Group delete

“Group delete lets you erase your group you own and remove all your information together with other factors such as facebook.”

Share your post across all in the social network is it intergated with website or is independent script?

This is for Socialkit</script> script.

Its independent script.

How this script works ,are posts shared manually,or it is automatically like networkedblog?

Posts shared manually my friend.

For more help contact with me

check screenshot please.

I wish I could try it to see if it works properly, not worth me with a screenshot. Like me, there are more users interested in trying the pluggins before buying. It will increase your sales. Thank you.

I am currently the largest project I prepare my marketing so I beg you to look screenhot and if you have a problem will help.

But plug works just as well as you are watched in the screenshot.

It’s okay. As a suggestion it should share the text of the post and photo if available.

BUG: When more posts are loaded stops working.

Okay contact with me via profile for more help.

Thanks, but you should solve the problem for everyone.

Okay thank you too and your welcome.

Hi Bikenge, can you only apply the share icons for photos and page posts or does these social icons appear under every post ?

thanks and also is it compatible with the latest version of social kit?

it appear under every post. And it work with latest version.

is it possible to exclude linkedin icon and just have the other 3 ?

i purchase this script but idont no how to update it on my site pls help

what your SK version you use.

i see you do alot of social kit plugin , if i want you to make Link preview like facebook , how much would that cost me ? ( like when you write a link a small preview of the link get attached to the link )

Contact with me

Doesn’t work you need to show how to install and setup. When I install it takes all of my posts down and just shows the twitter symbol going straight down the wall

The information you sent is not how to install the file all you sent was a snap shot of a picture of how you support the file. I dont have time to waiste all you have to do is provide a way to install the file properly for it to work.

Check your email

You have not sent any information there isnt anything in my email